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  • Mods of the month!

    • Love 3

    Northgirl Armor 3BA Bodyslide Files

    In Armor


    Ok guys no video for this one obviously This is the 3BA Bodyslide I made for the Northgirl Armor   This ABSOLUTELY requires the Northgirl Armor linked here

    75  1258  9.1 MB 
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    • Sexy 2

    Mighty THICK body Preset

    In Body, Face, Hair


    Hey guys thanks for checking out my mod! This is the Mighty THICK body preset I have been talking about on My Youtube Channel quite often and recently showcased on my Livestreams with the introduction of the new Esmerelda Follower. This is NOT a fat girl body preset but rather more like an ultra curvy girl. Obviously if you use this preset you will need to modify your armor mods to cure clipping (which can be a real chore as we all know) Luckily I can help you with that as well!

    33  1159  815 B 
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    • Floof 1

    M'rissi HPH Replacer (Redressed)

    In Followers


    Everyones Favorite kitty character M'rissi! just a superficial appearance update for her. I do have plans at a later update to update her outfits but for nowi repathed the meshes to use default textures on the couple spots skin was exposed so their will be an easier time of compatibility. Default mesh and textures and she has SMP Hair, ears and Tail, I am considering having an optional download for a hair patch if the replacer is too resource heavy. lease let me know ^^     EDIT:

    102  974  941.92 MB 

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