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Using the Vanilla Courier Quest

There are numerous ways to do this but this is the one that worked the best for me   1. Make Plugin 2. Make Quest     Give Editor ID     Give Quest Name     Prority 90     Side Quest     Uncheck Start Game Enable     Exit Quest and SAVE 3. Make Quest Stages     Stage 0 Check Start Up, Make Journal Entry and in Papyrus add ; Quest Start     Stage 10     Stage 20     Stage 100 Journal Entry and check Complete Quest     Exit Quest and SAVE 4. Ma

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485 in Skyrim

The Xbox Issue

As people may know I got banned off Bethesda Net AGAIN for even more heinous lackluster bullshit reason than before   I had some two bit knockoff Chumley appear on my Youtube Channel talking smack because he... she.. it... was mad because I had been posting mods and telling people to go watch the video. You know because it couldn't be bothered in the depths of its Chihuahua Puppy meth Addiction  to watch a 7 min video and wanted a long, detailed description (which 85% do not actually r

New Announcement!

Posted by: Schaken New Features! We have connected out website to a CDN! over the next week you may see some issues, If you do, feel free to report them. as time goes on you will experience much faster page loads, and downloads! Thank you for being here with us as we grow!



How to: BYONPC

This is an Informational Video on how to properly use the BYONPC mod. If you dont understand something or have questions, or recommendations, please scroll to the bottom and you will find a few links on where to reach me at. 00:00 Introduction 02:31 Getting Started - What to do with your Racemenu Exported Head 03:00 Your Resource Folder 04:19 Using NifOptimizer 05:00


Schaken in Video Tutorials

NEW Youtube Channel!

If you are subscribed to my Youtube Channel T.A.P. Gaming, please go and subscribe to the Back Up Channel as I am having trouble with the Main Channel at this time. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpERRrnH6uaPoPLuyDozQg I will be starting working on the channel in the New Year, and I need to get to 1K subs and 4K watch time so I get that channel partnered. Thank You

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485 in Youtube

Storm Song Manor 2022

Sometimes... the Song doesn't remain the same...   The new Storm Song Manor is almost done. Just have a couple of things to place, do navmesh on interior and then do exterior placement and navmesh. It's going to come in 3 versions House no Followers (95% complete) CBBE w/ 6 to 8 followers 3BA w/ 6 to 8 followers. I'll be placing it somewhere else as well. Plus 2 player horses Putting it over on the other side of Whiterun where I used to have the old Photo Studio South

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485 in Skyrim

Skyrim NPC Appearance Overhaul

I've begun working on a new project   This will be a total overhaul of every NPC in the game (including followers and hirelings)   Each NPC will have a high poly head and high poly brows   I am also going to replace vanilla hairstyles with styles from KS Hair and Apachii Hair as well as some added hair styles to expand the variety of the NPCs   This mod will not be compatible with Warmaidens nor KS Hair for NPCs   This mod will not require any ot

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485 in Skyrim

Don't be an Asshole bc I don't play that shit

I work very hard on my mods. I test them extensively and have them tested by other people before release. I work very hard on my videos to make them informative about my mods and I work very hard on my tutorials. The fact they help people is a bonus. I have been told I am nice guy but I am more like an old Grizzly Bear. Everything is good as long as you don't go poking with a stick. What really burns my ass is when someone starts spouting off on my videos about what they think my mod does

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485 in Youtube

Mods in the ShadowWorks

I am currently working on several mods that I will be releasing exclusively on Schaken mods only. One is a major workshop mod with a lot of new items in it an custom made assets, a couple of player homes, A Memorial Mod for River/Dogmeat, and a few smaller ones. I am always up for making custom mods for players if I can or Game Tweaks to make it easier or much harder survival mode.


Shadowzhar77 in Fallout 4

Information about Houlden Hills and MCS Workshop

Some of you guys might have noticed I took down MCS Workshop and Houlden Hills from the site. There were some issues with the meshes I had to fix. Plus I am going to add a few things to it.   There were some serious issues with Houlden Hills as I forgot to do a lot of things that needed to be done to make it a fully functional settlement. So I rebuilt the mod from the ground up. Its somewhat smaller than the original as adding one of the cells to the location popped some errors wi

Storm-Song Manor Ultimate Edition

These are screenshots of Storm-Song Ultimate and Final Edition. I re-made the mod entirely from scratch. It will be a smaller download as I made it.... 99% vanilla compatible. Which means it will use whichever textures & mesh replacers you use for NPCs, Armor, Weapons, and Architecture. There some custom meshes in the mod. There will be TWO versions of the mod.  One without NPCs will be a publicly available and one with NPCs AND an added Breezehome home basement will be the Guild v

The Mighty Nine#9485

The Mighty Nine#9485

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