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Paid Mods - An Opinion

There is a fairly new feature here on Schaken mods which is Paid Mods. This literally means a Mod Author can upload their work, charge a fee for Users to download it, and the Mod Author gets paid through the Website (minus a Site Fee of 15% - i think that's number). I have absolutely zero problems with this as Mod Authors deserve to be compensated for their work.   Those Clown Shoe Jabroni over on that other site claim they are "compensating" Mod Authors with their Donation Points Scam

The Ninedalorian

The Ninedalorian in Opinion

Mod Commissions

ATTENTION: I don't how it came to be that people seem to think I do Skyrim Commission Work for FREE but I am gonna have to nip that in the bud. I do not work for free.  Before my channel got demonetized, I was a bit more receptive to the idea of making someone a mod for free, as I was still going to make some cash on the back end through the Youtube videos. That has all changed now. If someone is under the impression that my skills come at no cost, then I am going to disabuse them of

Mod Organizer 2 Folder Set Up Tutorial

If you are installing Mod Organizer 2 for the first time, it is a good idea to re-direct where your mods are stored and installed. The default location for Mod Organizer 2 is pointed at a location in the C:\Users\(your name)\AppData which can be hard to find or you may not have enough space on that particular drive.     Step 1: Go to the drive where you intend on storing your mods (usually a good idea to choose one with the most available space) Make a new Folder named Mod Org

The Ninedalorian

The Ninedalorian in Tutorials

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