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This is an Informational Video on how to properly use the BYONPC mod. If you dont understand something or have questions, or recommendations, please scroll to the bottom and you will find a few links on where to reach me at.

00:00 Introduction
02:31 Getting Started - What to do with your Racemenu Exported Head
03:00 Your Resource Folder
04:19 Using NifOptimizer
05:00 Using Nif Merge
08:00 How to put this head into Bodyslide
08:50 Making Touch-up Adjustments
12:50 Import your Sliders, Save, Done!

Sassy Teen Dolls by Schaken-Mods Team
Bodyslide by Ousnius
NifOptimizer (Included) by Ousnius
NifMerge (Included) by Turulo

Markarth Gate - You will be able to locate your Puella Follower within the Markarth gate. From outside, walk right up to the gate, and take a right turn going upstairs.
== OR ==
Simply use the MCM I designed and call for her. 

If you have any questions, Comments, Or Recommendations, Please contact us at:
Discord == Steam == Schaken-ModsChat



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  • Administrators
15 hours ago, ilkhan8 said:

YOU......are a freakin' hero!   Thank you for this!  I had no idea we could do that.

That because it has never been done before, by anyone. 

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  • members

Holy butt-nuggets, Batman!  Hard to believe this is real!  Heh.  I've been working on an overhaul of a follower I like (one that the original modder released with wide-open permissions) that did not come with RaceMenu files. I was faced with trying to basically painstakingly recreate the face to get something I could edit, but now I can just import the original head and make it look better (it has some issues like a "weak" chin, etc.)  Thanks for doing this.  I knew in theory this was possible (I've seen on LL that someone is at least in the beta stages of a male-body-editing set of BodySlide sliders), but didn't think it was really a practical thing to hope for.


Maybe a dumb question: does this work on Citrus Head, Charmers of the Reach, and other high-poly heads?  I don't know if what you're doing on the back end hooks into specific vertices of the RaceMenu heads, or will carefully deform whatever mesh it is told to work on.

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  • Administrators



Using the files provided right now it only works on citrus head. I made this for the teen mod of mine simply because it's easiest. Right now I'm working on making a version for all races. I have successfully finished the files for all known hipoly heads. I will soon release that version.


Also the "male bodyslide" version coming soon on nexus and Lovers Lab was stolen from us. It's a crappy version of "SMMB" (Schaken-mods male bodyslide)" you can search it here and find a very well, fully made maly bodyslide with conversion files, and all vanilla outfits remade to hipoly using that body.

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  • members

Now't I think of it, I'm not certain I saw it on LL in the first place.  I was browsing around here the same week and on LL a lot, so I may have seen your SMMB and forgot which site I saw it on.


Dumb quession no. 2:  I'm working on a kilt mod, but don't know enough about male body mods to know if special stuff has to be done for it to work on Schlongs of Skyrim, Body Atlas, and other such works.  Do they all have vanilla waist proportions?  I mean, before SMMB?  I could theoretically make a BodySlide for it in SMMB, but for just getting to the beta phase I would want it to work on vanilla men and probably SoS, since that's the most-used males.  I have yet to work out how to convert stuff to "traditional" BodySlide for females so far (I have downloaded tutorials on it, but not got around to it yet. I have too many partially finished mods ...).

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  • Administrators

I have a page full of tutorials my self. Explaining things on "How to" without a video would be easier that writing a Novel that would solve world peace. To go to my page of tutorials, simply click on "Shortcuts" on the floating menu bar on the top of this page, and go to "Tutorial Modding Videos."

The SMMB and the BYONPC is only here at this site. My friend @Jobobby04 Discovered how to create it, and he spent WEEKS on making it happen. he went as far as taking the vanilla clothes, making them all HiPoly, rigging them in 3DS MAX and letting gravity take to them for a more real look and everything. Its by far a high Quality mod. That mod compared to this BYONPC mod are both in the bodyslide, but so much different. my mod will require alot more know how which is why i include a video, and his, is very well plug and play, alot better for a Novice bodyslide user. 

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