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The Xbox Issue

The Ninedalorian


As people may know I got banned off Bethesda Net AGAIN for even more heinous lackluster bullshit reason than before


I had some two bit knockoff Chumley appear on my Youtube Channel talking smack because he... she.. it... was mad because I had been posting mods and telling people to go watch the video. You know because it couldn't be bothered in the depths of its Chihuahua Puppy meth Addiction  to watch a 7 min video and wanted a long, detailed description (which 85% do not actually read). It was being very Rude, and I'm really the wrong guy to be Rude too. I know how to be an asshole. I'm good at it.


So because my reply caused more Butthurt than Elon Musk buying Twitter, this dipshat runs back to Bethesda Net and reports all my mods. What a vindictive little Daycare Baby! 

So my work won't appear on Xbox for quite a while now until it all blows over and Hater loses interest. Unless... there is someone who is willing to port my mods to Xbox for me.
If you don't know how that is alright. That skill can be taught fairly easily. I did make a tutorial for Ashtoreth to port mainly armors
For porting followers it involves a few more steps which I can also teach easily though I haven't made a tutorial on it but will if people show enough interest

Here's the porting Tutorial


If anyone wants to take up the Xbox Porting duties the only requirement I have is to post the videos I make for the mod with it in the gallery, and mention the video by name in the Description. Everything else is up to you. Feel free to use the screen shots from my mods to post there too.

If you are interested in doing this hit me up in Discord either in Schaken Mods Discord, my own Discord, or just DM me
The Ninedalorian#9485



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