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Using the Vanilla Courier Quest

The Ninedalorian



There are numerous ways to do this but this is the one that worked the best for me


1. Make Plugin

2. Make Quest

    Give Editor ID
    Give Quest Name
    Prority 90
    Side Quest
    Uncheck Start Game Enable
    Exit Quest and SAVE

3. Make Quest Stages

    Stage 0 Check Start Up, Make Journal Entry and in Papyrus add ; Quest Start
    Stage 10
    Stage 20
    Stage 100 Journal Entry and check Complete Quest
    Exit Quest and SAVE

4. Make Note Reference Alias

    Name Alias as Note
    Flags are Optional, Stores Text, Quest and uses Stored Text
    Specific Reference leave blank
    Add 2 Scripts -- DefaultOnReadSetQuestStage & DefaultSetStageOnPlayerAcquireItem
    Set Properties on DefaultOnReadSetQuestStage to your Quest & the stage should be 20
    Set Properties on DefaultSetStageOnPlayerAcquireItem
    Properties are Set to your Quest, and Stage to Set should be 10
    Exit Quest and SAVE

5. Make Book (use a note)

    Duplicate Note and give it a unique ID

6. Return to Quest Stages

    Stage 0
    Erase ; Quest Start
    add the following script fragment
    (WICourier as wicourierscript).AddAliasToContainer(Alias_Note)
     Click on Properties
    Add new property
    Type is Book
    Name is MyNote
    Set MyNote to your note object
    Add another Property
    Type is Quest
    Name is WICourier - should autofill with WICourier as the value
    Push compile
    Exit Quest and SAVE

7. Return to Quest Stages for Scripting

    Stage 10
    Make Journal Entry
    In Papyrus input:



    Stage 20
    Make Journal Entry
    In Papyrus input:



    Stage 100
    In Papyrus input:



8. Go to Quest Objectives

    In Objective Index make a new objective
    Index is 10
    Display text should be Read <Alias=Note>

9. Enable Quest Script

    In Filter input MQ00
    Go to Scripts Tab
    Make a new script which extends Quest
    In this example I will call it M9QuestScript

Scriptname M9QuestStartScript extends Quest  

Quest Property myQuest  Auto

function OnInit()


    Set Properties
    Set it for your Quest

10. Save Your Plugin 



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