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Buildings - Player Homes - ect.

4 files

  1. Storm-Song Manor Ultimate Edition w/ NPCs

    Watch the Video. That is what I made it for.

    Location: Whiterun
    1 Animal Follower
    1 Player horse
    Adoption: NO
    Spouse Friendly: YES
    Features: Refreshing supplies containers (clearly marked not Safe storage), Junk Barrels (get rid of those prisoner outfits), skill increase and stats increase buttons, Custom Enchanter Shrine, 7 Armor mannequins, Staff Enchanter, Full Crafting, custom music. Working shower. 
    Livestock, Refreshing Beehives. Custom Bookshelves for 108 Books. Massive amounts of sage storage and weapons racks. Auto Close doors. 3 Traveling merchant Followers
    Compatibility: This mod is NOT compatible with any previous version of Storm-Song Manor or Thana Storm-Song mod which comes with her house. It is NOT compatible with Bathing Beauties and Beefcakes. It is NOT compatible with any mod which changes the area across the road from Battle-Born Farm.
    This mod uses vanilla textures mainly so any mod which changes the textures of Whiterun and Orc Furniture will work just fine with this mod and any body/weapon/armor replacers you use.
    Load Order: Shouldn't be a problem
    IF you have comments or find a bug with the mod, PLEASE use the comments section on the Youtube as the notifications of comments on this mod page are notoriously bad.
    Remember to if you would to support the work of The Mighty Nine, use the options listed in the video description of the Youtube video or join as a Channel member.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  2. Storm-Song Manor + Followers

    Watch the video that is what I made it for
    Most if not all of your questions will be answered in the video
    (Watch the video all the way to the end for a Subject #1 meme drop)
    This mod REQUIRES the CBBE body and textures
    Storm-Song Manor is located just past Battle-Born Farm
    It has full crafting with lots of safe storage.
    Just watch the video to find out more.
    I should mention that the arrows both of the twins carry are VERY dangerous. If you are get smacked by the poison explosion it will hurt you as well as the Spider Bombs it leaves behind. If you want to solve this issue simply take the arrows from them and give them any arrows of your choice.
    If you have to ask: "Is it compatible with..." then no it probably isn't. I do not make my mods to be compatible with other player home mods. If I did I would go crazy trying to make patches. I am 100% certain this is NOT compatible with Bathing Beauties, nor is it compatible with my original Thana Storm-Song mod (the first one with the house)
    During testing, Amazing Follower Tweaks caused problems with my mod. If you use AFT, it may glitch my mod and only let you get one of the followers. I no longer use AFT on the PC because of the broken state it is in and I use Neether's Follower Framework. So PLEASE, do not report glitches with this mod if you are using AFT. I will NOT fix or attempt to fix a problem in my mod which is caused by other mods.
    I do not make patches on request, so please do not ask.
    This is obviously a large download as it has many specialty textures and meshes.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  3. The River Run Inn

    The River Run Inn

    What is this mod?
    River Run Inn is a custom Inn located west of Riften. Right off a main road. River Run Inn house's four custom Npc's. The mother Meredith, her brother uncle Glenn, and her two kids Mary Beth and Thomas. Meredith has a cbbe body and uses The pure skin. She has a COTR 2 high ploy head. Glenn uses base game body to be compatible with SOS. He has a COTR 2 high poly head. Mary Beth and Thomas both use HPL heads and custom never nude bodies. All Npc's have custom armor using resources from a few mods. The Inn has all your blacksmithing needs as well as a enchantment and alchemy table.There is custom music inside the Inn. There is a oven and cooking pot. All Npc's have custom AI packs and will do some farming and work on the smithing stations. Uncle Glenn will leave to walk around the area during the day to hunt.
    Why a hunting lodge?
    Ever play hunterborn? It is a great mod that plays well with campfire and frost fall. I love the mod and I love to just play as a hunter. I build this mod for me but wanted to share it. Skyrim can be a very beautiful world and the quest line doesn't ever have to be done. Because of that we can play who we want and create our own destiny. This mod to me is the reason I love modding because it lets you make your own game. So this mod is for those of us who either want another Inn to stop in, have a drink and sleep. Also for those who wish to settle down with Meredith and have a nice family and do some hunting and fishing.
    Can I marry Meredith?
    Are any of the Npc's Followers?
    Yes Uncle Glenn is.
    Can I buy furs/meat?
    Yes Uncle Glenn is a Merchant and so is Meredith.
    Is there a quest?
    Sadly not at this time. I'm still learning and would love to make a quest around the missing father and make that a requirement for marrying Meredith. Which if I learn I may one day bring that to the mod...and being able to adopt the two kids to open more dialogue for them.
    What are the scripts for? The lights outside will go off during the day and come on at sunset. Very lite script was used.
    What is the name of that song?
    If you like the custom music it is by: Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens called Skyrim.
    I don't like (your complaint), will you change it?
    Most likely not. If it's a bug, error or something really wrong then yes. Also if enough people ask I most likely will do it.
    Where do I report errors?
    Discord or to me through DM on this site. Please report error to me as Schaken has enough on his plate already.
     Like what you see?
    Please Support my work by joining my discord and letting me know what you think. 


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  4. House In A Jar - A Portable Player Home Mod

    "House In A Jar" is a portable player home... IN A JAR! You can carry it with you on your adventure and travel there anytime by simply trying to DROP the jar out of your inventory. There are ALL NEW custom models, purchasable upgrades, and a secret chest that spawns gold each day for you. And it stacks up if you don't collect it!! SO NO WORRIES! For the exact location, please watch the short video...    --VIDEO HERE--       Thanks Again!  


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