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Fallout 4 (Guild Mods)

Sub Category  

Fallout 4

This is for All Fallout 4 Guild mods
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No files in this category yet.

Files From Subcategories

  1. Mighty Main Menu Music Replacer

    Watch the video to preview the music. That's what I made it for!
    Small mod developed for Youtube Streamers and Youtube Channel Partners.
    Copyright Free Music by Kevin O'Sullivan (used with permission)
    Why do I need this mod?
    If you are a streamer with a monetized Youtube Channel you might have noticed that the default main menu music may catch you copyright claims causing your video to share the monetization. Which is absolute BS! Sure you can dispute it under Fair Use and the money the video earns goes into Escrow, but that is a huge hassle. The Crooks who claim the music are just trying to get into your pocket! the worst part is these "music publishers" who are entirely shady KNOW this is happening. So does Youtube. Another bad thing is Youtube lets the people who make the claim be the sole arbiters to decide if the claim is valid or not. The only recourse after a denied dispute is to take them to court which is expensive. I don't about you but I don't Bill Richards the Half Asian Lawyer in my back pocket to fight these bogus claims.
    Also if you aren't a Streamer, the music is just Epic and is very lore-friendly.
    This DOES NOT replace radio stations like Diamond City Radio or any other radio station. This ONLY replaces the main menu music and the music that plays when you push the button to exit Vault 111 the first time.


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  2. Maintain Radio Silence

    This is a simple mod. It has only one purpose.
    It turns off the radios that play copyrighted music in the game all the time. This is a must if you live stream or make video on Youtube or Twitch to avoid Copyright Claims.
    It does not however cover the radios you build in the workshop. It turns off the radio playing in the background during Character creation.
    I think I got all the others but if you find one DM me on Discord The Mighty Nine#9485 with the exact location of the offending radio (screenshot is helpful too)
    This mod is an ESL flagged ESP because True Modding Jedi Masters have hundreds of mods
    This should be placed at the very bottom of your Load Order.


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  3. Schaken Mod Guild Member Power Armor Paint

    Please watch the video in its entirety for all the details about the armor and where to find the magazine
    There's not much else to say except to explain the enchantment which is on the paint.
    Its all the same except for the carry weight for all the classes of Power Armor
    It starts at T-45 with +250 Carry Weight then increased another +250 as you go up the classes ending in the X-01 with +1000 (see image)
    The Stealth field is activated when you sneak and maintains even in movement (unlike the Stealth Boy effect from Power Armor Modifications or a Stealth Boy itself)


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  4. Power Armors Redone

    This mod is a texture replacer for all of the power armors in the game.
    These textures were made by Nukanist
    Feel free to use them in your own mods.


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  5. Mighty Fallout 4 Texture Pack

    What this mod does:
    Covers a huge range of textures in the game. It is a combination of Vivid Landscapes, Vivid Roads and Bridges, and about 7 other re-textures, plus some textures of my own (Snactuary Road and sidewalks for example)
    These textures all have been re-optimized with game performance in mind. Most are 2K textures enhanced and optimized from 4K textures.
    I did not make all of the textures included in this mod but I have modified most of them to be more performance friendly.
    This will LITERALLY change the look of your game.
    Install with a Mod Manager -  Mod Organizer 2 is the BEST. Vortex and NMM are utter hot garbage.
    There is not an ESP included as this is just textures so be aware other texture mods may overwrite this mod if installed after this


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  6. Mighty Scrap Button

    What this mod does:
    This mod lets the player scrap items in the game world without having to haul them back to the settlement to recycle them.
    Simply put your cursor on the misc object and push the key that displays on screen to scrap.
    I did not make this mod originally, it was on the Nexus but only had support for objects in the base game.. and then for whatever reason it was deleted.
    So I took the version I had and added support for DLCs
    Now its Mighty Scrap Button.
    The scrap goes into your Junk menu as its components allowing you to carry more.
    Making Scrapping Great Again! 


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