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Child NPC

Children under the age of 18, Non-Player Charector

1 file

  1. WIP Dolls LE - FOMOD

    Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks Kids? Well we have found a way to solve this. Every city, town, village will now have  boys and girls, mostly custom armors, custom body's, custom textures, Custom outfits to fit the new body's. While traveling you will find a total of 120 Dolls, a few will love to accompany you on quests, some are Friendly and some are not! Obviously, my initial intention was to expand "Dolls" as we all watched that mod disappear. but after messing with everything, I had realized, nothing of the original mod was left, so this was greatly inspired by the long gone mod. 


       - Dolls all have Full immersive AI.
       - Many variations of sizes and looks, even has new races!
       - Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.

    Please, if you have any questions, comments, bugs, go to my Discord page where my team is there to help. 


    There is Three steps to this FOMOD

    Step 1.
     - This will basically install the framework, no options are given

    Step 2.
     - This will install ANY of the 4 Dolls, Options are as follows:
         -Dolls - Children Overhaul.esp
         -Dolls - Four Elves.esp
         -Dolls - Housecarls.esp
         -Dolls - Serana and Valerica.esp

    Step 3.
     - This will give you 4 Different Patches, Install all that apply:
            - Dolls - Sassy Teen Dolls Patch
            - Dolls - Better Vampires Patch (BV)
            - Dolls - Better Vampires Patch (BV) And Sassy Teen Dolls Patch
            - Dolls - AllHairsAndEyes (Allows you to use KS hairs and ect)

    After installing the mod, the following general load order needs to be followed:

    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp


    (All your other crazy mods)

    Dolls - Children Overhaul.esp
               OR / And
    Dolls - Four Elves.esp
               OR / And           
    Dolls - Housecarls.esp
               OR / And   
    Dolls - Serana and Valerica.esp
    (All your extra Dolls go here)

    (This is where the Patches will go, at the end!)

    Dolls - TeenDolls Patch.esp (Sassy Teen Dolls mod)
    Dolls - BV Patch.esp (Better Vampires Mod)
    Dolls - TeenDolls and BV Patch.esp (Both of the Above)

    (These are your Add-on patches)

    Dolls - Use all hair and eyes.esp (KS Hairs, ect..)

    (Any other mods that alter the Follower Interface, Like AFT for example)

    For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use LOOT. It will provide you a solid starting point for everything that you can then tweak as needed.


    The Lewd files all inside my club here on the site. Feel Free to join the club and get them.

         I wanted to make sure I gave credit where its due, i feel that without the help of Ezra, none of my mods would be possible. Even though I made, sculpted and put everything together, he went through every single NPC and made sure every one of them were unique in every way. he picked out which one wore what armor, what they had in their inventory. Again Ezra, this mod feels like its just as much you as me.


       (4 reviews)



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