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Player Homes

Player homes, Castles, houses, ect

10 files

  1. Storm-Song Manor Ultimate Edition - No NPCs

    Location: Whiterun
    Beds for 4 Followers (use my Hone is Your Home or a follower framework which allows you to set Follower's homes)
    Adoption: NO
    Spouse Friendly: YES
    Features: Refreshing supplies containers (clearly marked not Safe storage), Junk Barrels (get rid of those prisoner outfits), skill increase and stats increase buttons, Custom Enchanter Shrine, 7 Armor mannequins, Staff Enchanter, Full Crafting, custom music. Working shower. Player Horse (marked as essential)
    Livestock, Refreshing Beehives. Custom Bookshelves for 108 Books. Massive amounts of sage storage and weapons racks. Auto Close doors.
    Compatibility: This mod is NOT compatible with any previous version of Storm-Song Manor or Thana Storm-Song mod which comes with her house. It is NOT compatible with Bathing Beauties and Beefcakes. It is NOT compatible with any mod which changes the area across the road from Battle-Born Farm.
    This mod uses vanilla textures mainly so any mod which changes the textures of Whiterun and Orc Furniture will work just fine with this mod
    Load Order: Shouldn't be a problem
    IF you find a bug with the mod, PLEASE contact on Discord The Mighty Nine#9485
    Remember to if you would to support the work of The Mighty Nine, use the options listed in the video description of the Youtube video or join as a Channel member.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  2. Honeystrand Meadery

    Original Creator of this was Funkonaut on LE - Was broken and people had to fix it on their own
    Unauthorized SSE Port was done by Wilmil1219 on SE - Still broken after porting and offered no fix, so people fixed it from the instructions on the LE & SE versions.
    So I took the time and fixed it for you and brought it here.
    The location is outside of Iverstead. The meadery is quite dark at night (outside), I may go into CK and add torches at a later date.
    I DID NOT create this, I only fixed the issue with the 2nd Bottle Rack not being referenced to the 2nd Brew Tank.
    The following is from the original LE version:

    Become a master brewer in Skyrim! Construct, furnish, and run your own meadery in the world of Tamriel. Utilize an enhanced crafting system to create dozens of new consumables. Save them for yourself, or sell them in cities where market trends change over time!

    Please note: Hearthfire required.
    -New crafting game-play – mixing, brewing, aging; simulates real life brewing process
    -Dozens of new drinkable items (potions) and crafting ingredients
    -Build additions and furnishings for the meadery over time
    -Sell your brews in cities all around Skyrim and earn gold!
    -Market trends change over time
    -Dialogue and other key text changes dynamically based on player decisions
    -Fully voiced NPCs
    -Auto start quest when mod loads for the first time

    Compatibility: This is primarily a crafting mod, so compatibility with other crafting mods may be an issue, but is one I did my best to minimize. I did not alter any of the vanilla game’s crafting systems, but rather added my own onto it using custom furniture and containers. Of course let me know if you think there is an issue.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  3. Evil Lair of the Hydra SSE

    SSE port of the Evil Lair of the Hydra by hydralisk77
    Full function player home to store, sell, craft, enchant etc Arena, bathing suite, mannequin room, club, storage & more 67 beauties living inside bathing, dancing, waiting for you in bed... Watch half-naked amazons fight each other, or fight them yourself 62 exquisite Lydia-clone mannequins for armor display Optional dungeon to imprison, torture and execute victims  
    No other options have been ported, this is the main file only.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  4. Linnhome for SE

    One of my favorite house mods back in 2013.  I got permissions for back in 2015 as the author abandoned it i do plan to do some nice extra customization to it at a later date.  
    Screenshots are from the original for LE but all my recent screenshots have been taken in this house. Picture in Description (aka: here) is mine from SE


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  5. Ship Anastasia SE - English Fix

    I am in the process of fully converting the Japanese text to English. I think I'm about 80% finished. 
    What I would like help with is finding additional Japanese Text I may have missed, corrections to English names, and any bugs you find.
    What is this mod?
    Well, first off....it's a boat and it's a home. But this player home is mobile. You can chose where to go from the deck of the ship and move to several different locations. You can also attach the boat to a special wagon and move it around to other areas. 
    From the original page:
    [ShipAnastasia] Adds
    a small movable ship [Anastasia] that can be used as a home in the suburbs of Solitude.
    By manipulating the rudder on the deck, you can move to various places (13 places in total) in Skyrim and Solusseim.

    ◆ movable location
    - the ghost of the sea -
    Solitude of the pier (initial position) Hidden land of knights (entrance submarine just below the Anastasia issue)
    Dawn Star
    Wind Helm
    - Sorususeimu Island -
    Raven Rock
    Squall village
    North Coast landing site
    - Irinaruta Lake -
    Lake View House
    Miko's stone monument
    Brittle Singh-
    Honrich Lake-
    Golden Forest open-air bath
    Heartwood Factory

    ◆ Ship equipment
    -Deck- Various necessary minimum production equipment on
    the throne
    stern for the player-
    Onboard -
    nine of the shield cabinet, three of the weapons cabinet
    display shelf of various items
    Dragon Claw, Dragon Priest Mask, Daidra Hallows, Star Frost Book, Black Book, Isgramor, Magnus Wand, Kyujin Amulet, Paragon, White Small Bottle, Pelagius Hipbone, Skull Key, Rookie Jug, Drawknife, Ariel's bow and shield, Nightingale's bow and sword, Bradskull's sword, Kolbyorn cemetery skull, Goldle amulet, necromancer amulet, articulation amulet, Argonian priestess, etc
    bed, cooking utensils, Storage shelf, bath with NPC automatic undressing function (with ON / OFF switch), toilets are provided

    The key is in the safe (Raven Rock) immediately after getting off the Northern Maiden. Only items acquired above can be displayed.


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  6. TTLL Ship SSE

    This mod was downloaded from ATF web site
    TTLL ship location just across the river from Riverwood
    This mod adds a ship shop to skyrim

    Downloaded from ATF by Seetruck-2000 I did not make this mod.
    The TTL ship mod, all credit for the mod goest to @irinotecan

    Dimonized UNP female body by dimon99
    FemFeet by Phygit
    Feminine Hands CBBE by Sunspot2
    Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
    Asian Doll Face by Luminous
    The eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
    Enhanced Character Edit by tktk
    XP#@ Maximum Skeleton-XPMS by xp32

    This mod will conflict with anything that alter the area of the sign of TTLL ship
    Jk's Skyrim SE, the sign is behind the building same location.

    Skyrim SE


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  7. Helens Outfitters

    Helens Outfitter

    This will open a New shop just outside of whiterun called "Helens Outfitters" this has many major armor packs that have been converted into the teen body, with each having its own Teen Merchant. 

    Armor packs include:
        - Book of UUNP Iron And Steel
        - Inpou SSE CBBE
        - Legendary Armors
        - Remodeled Armor
        - Shino Bikini Pack SSE
        - TERA Armors SSE



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  8. My Own Prison - Player Home w/ custom music

    Welcome to your new home within a home. Your cozy new home resides within the estate of a powerful mage. 
    This idea originally went along with a story I was working on. The actual player house is a fully functional home with all the standard amenities. The home is not designed with children in mind, but that will change. The version on this site will have an added wing for children.
    The house includes: 2 mannequins, 4 weapon plaques, a chest, alchemy and enchanting tables, a cold storage room, and a teleport spell to bring you to the house. The spell is located in Dragonsreach on one of the bookshelves in front of the dining area. A snow globe in the house can be used to teleport  to the hot springs near Riften. It is fully navmeshed and works with followers. The outer section is not navmeshed, followers should (and probably will) wait inside.
    To find the house, go to Dragonsreach and find the spell tome on one of the bookshelves. The spell will send you to your new home. When you want to leave, just touch the snowglobe, and to return home, find the doll or use the return spell (which will be a bear or doll depending on your mods). 
    More changes will come and I welcome suggestions.  
    Update: Found the Giant Lady bug in Dawnstar. Removed the Giant Lady. Please download the newest version 😃


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    • Legendary Edition Compatible
  9. Skyrim Community College SE

    One thing I hated about going Legendary was running all over Skyrim, trying to find trainers to advance my skills back up to a level to use all the perks I had just redeemed. Worse, the fate of my character being tied to the vile monster, Hermaeus Mora, stemming from my use of the Oghma Infinium stuck in my craw. A Dragonborn's destiny is not to serve the Daedra. 
    Thus I resolved to create a mod that would let me level-up my character as much as I wanted, so long as I had the money, with no need of ever acquire the Oghma Infinium, nor give into the temptation to take a lore-based shortcut that would damn my soul to a Daedra. 
    Thus I give you the Skyrim Community College! 
    This new location is East of Whiterun, near Shimmer Mist Cave. 
    There is a fast-travel option built in, that does not require you to go searching for the location, so you can fast-travel to the college right out of Helgen.
    There are 18 master-level trainers, encompassing every player skill in the game. Each trainer can help the player level-up to a skill of 90. Additionally, every training book in the game is ALSO available at the Skyrim Community College. 
    There are also 10 brand new training books for Pickpocketing, only available at the Skyrim Community College. If players hold off on using these books, found in the Community College basement or for sale by Unar, you can level from 90 to 100 in pickpocket without EVER committing a crime! 
    For the sake of lore, all the trainers found at the Skyrim Community College are veterans, i.e. they are all very, very old. Orcs who were deposed from their strongholds, who were not looking for a 'good death'. Nords, Breton, and Imperial elders who have long since retired but have a great deal of knowledge left to share with the world. Age, however, does not mean weak, each trainer being a level 180 character. 
    12 of the trainers are also merchants, 2 of them being fences that do NOT require Thieves Guild membership to deal with you, selling everything from spell tomes, weapons, robes, ordinary clothes and stuff for your child. 
    Alchemy and Enchanting tables are also available, along with a horde of leveled items that are free for the player to take with them. Don't worry about feeling guilty, they'll make that money back by charging you for training. There is even a bedroll and a player-safe chest on the top floor, near the large mead barrels, should you need to stay the night. 
    I also HIGHLY recommend that you use this mod in conjunction with a more training mod so you can train as many times as you want with no ''5x level cap'', provided you have the gold to do it - an encouragement to actually use the vast fortune high-level players often find themselves sitting on. 


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  10. The Hillside Cottage

    Come get restored and setup after the Attack on Helgen before going out into the wilds of skyrim! 
    First of all, we do not give permission to post this on any other sites what so ever. We do not allow these mods to be ported to any other games. I already have the LE version and it is linked at the top. If your wanting your player Turned into a Follower, please contact either Schaken, or Ezra. All the sources in these mods I do not give permission to use, share, or upload to another site. Feel free to contact us for special permissions, questions, or suggestions. Also for those that panic and sweat at the thought that something might upset them, This holds the name "Dolls" Simply because my first mod is "Dolls SE" and I wanted it to blend with what I already have. 



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