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Devourment mods

Mods for Devourment

7 files

  1. Devourment Mod

    The Devourment Mod, SSE only
    This mod adds a new element to the game for your desire to EAT any enemy or NPC (not dragons)
    I did not make this mod
    I modified the mod to work with Teens and Dolls
    I tried with Hipoly Teens and works fine.
    FNIS, SKSE, SKYUI, XP32 skeleton
    I have put together the whole mod from LL into one mod
    Important to do, uncheck RND weights in your load order, it must be left in your load order.
    I use MO2 (unzip and install) 
    After install run FNIS
    When you start a new game save and reload to get the spells that are available for a new game.
    Most spells work with the shout key.
    Other Items can be bought inside Winterhold College, in the library (she may have a black face) 
    MCM option are available choose how you want to play.
    Use G when you have prey in your stomach to talk to them or when you are the prey.
    Many option to get eaten, all of it is in the dialog when talking to an NPC.
    Have high speech and you are able to convince other NPC to get in your belly, then other option open up.
    Warning: You can be killed when swallowed by an enemy.  (Playing in god mode is not recommended).
    When killed by an enemy or NPC pressing Z to take over that NPC as the Dragonborn.  If eaten by an enemy NPC your faction changes to that faction.
    When taking over as an NPC or enemy you have a choice in MCM to use Racemenu.
    Careful when using Alternate Actors, you can eat your self but when you die you go into limbo and will need to load a previous save.
    Once in a while the game may crash so save often just in case, (I have played for hours with no problems).
    The prey in your belly may malfunction once in a while and your prey will be expelled. 
    Taking over with different species may have weird outcomes, so for warned.
    The person who put this mod on LL gave permission to do what ever with the mod, it's on the first post.


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  2. Devourment Approach

    This is an addon for Devourment Male and Female 1.2.7
    Gives NPCs the ability to dynamically approach the player and initiate various vore dialogue scenarios with settings configurable via MCM.
    Document for dialogue scenario suggestions HERE.
    No requirements beyond DFaM 1.2.7 and its requirements, found HERE.


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  3. Devourment Remastered Beta 2

    Devourment Remastered
    BETA 2 
    remastered by Schaken
    Edited and uploaded By Seetruck-2000
    Pic done by Theodor

    Devourment Remastered Beta 2 is ready for testing
    For all Beta 2 issues please post them on the Discord
    Devourment Discord use the Beta 2 testing channel for issues you have
    Compatible Add On 
    Scat mod
    Working now
    Lethal Swallow
    Swallow Corps
    some dialog (not everything)
    Morphs work in MCM (separate Belly disabled)
    NPC Vore works
    Needs testing
    (non) Lethal Swallow
    Creature Vore
    Currently not working
    Multi Vore does not work yet
    Cock Vore
    Breast Vore
    Dialog does not work yet (there are some dialog but not everything)

    Not Compatible
    Not compatible with DFAM 1.2.7 or any other devourment mod
    Creators needed
    New add on need to be made for it
    Beta 2 
    All beta 2 issues please use the discord channel Beta 2 testing

    Not a requirement But if you want creatures not crashing
    (for the creatures I use playable creatures and monster crash fix
    but that's if you are wanting creatures If not then disable creature in MCM)
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton


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  4. Devourment Enhanced Burps and Gurgles

    This is an addon for Devourment Male and Female 1.2.7
    Adds a multitude of features related to burping and belly audio:
    Periodic digestion burps during dead prey digestion periodic belly gurgle audio during dead prey digestion Pred will burp up prey equipment after they die during digestion Added "item burp" prey fate option (items representative of prey race (i.e. various bones for humanoids) will be burped up after digestion finishes. These items will contain the prey's inventory.)  
    No requirements beyond DFaM 1.2.7 and its requirements, found HERE.


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  5. Beta Devourment Remastered

    Devourment Remastered Beta
    Converted By Schaken
    Uploaded by Seetruck-2000

    Devourment Remastered Beta

    Devourment Remastered has a patch which is an additional download
    Add the Esp to the mod when installed and delete the scanner.esp





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  6. Scat mod

    Scat Mod 
    Made By Seetruck-2000

    The Scat mod for both 1.2.7 and remastered

    Has three options in the FOMOD to choose from.
    Bloody Bones
    Plain Bones
    No Bones (Small Scat)





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  7. Devourment Male And Female V 1.2.7

    For SE only
    No LE version of 1.2.7
    Uploaded by Seetruck-2000
    I did not create this mod.

    Original creator of devourment mod is Vegan

    The Devourment Male And Female V 1.2.7 SE Only are: 
    Seetruck-2000 for help with Bodyslide

    If you have contributed to this mod please say so in the comments so you can be added to the list.

    SE only
    There is no FOMOD for this SE version should be able to install normally through a Organizer.

    The Devourment Male and Female Mod 1.2.7 mod where one can eat anybody and be eaten by anything
    More dialog and more options in this SE version

    Be fore warned have a playable race is going to be a handy mod other useful mods Below 👇

    Playing as a male will require a different skeleton than the XP32 on Nexus will provide.
    The skeleton for the male side of things as a separate download in the Devourment Link Below. 👇

    SE only
    Body Slide is a must if you want the Bellies to work, MUST USE THE DEVOURMENT BODY Provided in the mod.
    If you want custom armors to work for the Belly there is a video on the Devourment discord LINK Below 👇
    There are a lot more dialog and options in this version
    IMPORTANT: if playing as a male you will need to have the Skeleton provided in the Download section for the refactor work for the male side of things.
    This mod is not for everyone, just gives a unique way to play Skyrim SE in a different light.
    If you want all the creatures to be able to eat you or NPC's, you will need creature mods from Lovers Lab and all dependencies
    This version is for SE only.
    There are some bugs if you happen on a problem that you might find, please do say something in the Devourment Discord link below. 👇
    ----------> After All is Installed and Bodyslide is done ensure to run Fnis  <---------

    SE Only

    Link Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer CBBE Link

    Link Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Link
    FNIS Behavior SE For creatures add the creature package
    SKYUI 5-2 SE
    Fuz Ro D'oh
    Engine Fixes part one and two
    Address Library
    Optional: useful mods
    Recommended: Male Skeleton found in the Devourment Discord link Below. 👇
    play as a dragon mod and it's requirments (Nexus)
    Animal Crash Fix Mod and it's requirments (Nexus)
    Devourment_Approach_DMAF found on Devourment Discord link below. 👇
    Skyrim Devourment Remastered Framework found in below link 
    👇 Here For Help 👇
    ------->Click here for link to Devourment Discord<------




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