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  1. Far Harbor Shack

    Mod adds a highly detailed, lore-friendly living area inside the small shack in the middle of Far Harbor (the town, not The Island)

    I know this shack has been modded by others before me. I made this for myself.
    Just you know, don't install two mods that both edit the same building, it's not rocket science 😉


    Far Harbor DLC, duh?

    :: FEATURES ::

    - I linked all Far Harbor workbenches in the same cloud so they share resources
    - Vim! display shelf (above the bed)
    - Bed gives Well Rested bonus (or Lover's Embrace)
    - Tons of custom clutter and furniture
    - Day and night cycle 

    Navmeshed and cleaned with xEdit

    :: GENERAL INFO ::

    • The workbenches in Far Harbor have been linked so they share materials, I needed this for crafting easier in the Harbour since I am on survival mode etc.
    • If you decide to destroy the town (YOU MONSTER!!?), the shack should still remain. If you've already destroyed the town upon installing this mod there might be missing walls etc.
    • There is a quest coming for acquiring the house as reward for helping the harbour, for now though, just make up your own headcanon
    • Yes the house is dark. Far Harbour is dark. That's just how I wanted it 😄
    • Key is outside the Harbour on one of the billboard islands. Be ready to fight for it though >:)


    • Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio and "ThingForEli.exe"  ♥
    • jonwd7 for Nifskope ♥
    • My Discord fam for always helping out with my modding


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