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Armors for both NPC and non-NPC

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  1. Xen's Overpowered Laser Pistol and Supply Caches

    UPDATE! :  This update includes another shoulder piece, one laser gatling gun, and a minigun. And yes....they're all angry 😃
    This mod includes overpowered laser guns and a cache of settlement building supplies. 
    I made this after I lost several hours of gameplay due to a music bug. For now, it looks like a standard institute laser pistol, however it has 10,000 base damage. I wanted to retrace my steps quickly. If anyone would like to change how it looks, let me know, I have a couple of ideas of what I'd like it to be. Enjoy your murder spree. The weapon is located in the security building outside Vault 111. A nearby crate has a a LOT of ammo and tons of resources. Located on top of the crate is a piece of armor with ridiculous defense values. (I made it to help my son just play for fun.)
    What it is:
    1 ) 1 ridiculously powered laser (blue beam)
    2 ) 1 ridiculously powered laser (red beam, Liberty Prime effect)
    3 ) Each does 10,000 base damage. Can 1 shot a death claw 😃
    4 ) 2 massive drops of settlement supplies (one at the vault, next to the guns. The other at the concord water tower.)
    5 ) 2 shoulder piece  with extremely high defense (Matt's shoulders)
    6 ) 1 Laser Gatling Gun. It uses 10mm ammo and still does energy damage. (10,000 energy damage and bonus crit!)
    7 ) 1 Minigun that uses 5mm ammo with extended range. (10,000 damage and bonus crit!).
    8 ) Started adding lore behind the guns.
    Note: if upgrading from a previous version, unequip Matt's Right Shoulder and discard it before upgrading.


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