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Outfits for both NPC and non-NPC

5 files

  1. massachusetts national guard

    edit the army uniform to look like the massachusetts national guard uniforms from the old days

    1 download

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  2. Mighty Power Armor Paints - Green Lives Matter

    Watch the video.
    Everything you need to know is explained in the video.
    Requires Fallout 4 Base Game and ALL of the DLCs


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  3. Mighty Power Armor Paints

    Watch the video.
    No, seriously watch the video. It will tell you everything you need to know.
    Ok fine, its a standalone Power Armor Paint in the Schaken Mods website theme. Its Hazmat Orange and white. Comes in two versions. Fresh Paint and Post War. Its a legendary Paint which boosts your Charisma.
    The plugin is ESL flagged 
    It requires ALL of the DLCs. 
    Why? Because plugin limit is a real thing for me and because I want it to require all the DLCs. There will not be a version that doesn't require the DLCs.
    This is for T-51 Power Armor only. Depending on if people like it, I may work up textures for the other sets. So if you like it, let me know by endorsing the mod.


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  4. Mighty Attire & Supplies

    Watch the video. That's what I made it for. I realize it is about 5 minutes longer than most people's attention spans but I have faith in you.
    Simply by watching the video in its entirety any questions you may have should be answered.
    Before Installing:
    Be aware that this is a rebuild of my prior Mighty Attire Plus mod. If you have that installed remove it before installing this mod as the plugin is named the same.
    How to get:
    Just go to your Chembench
    There will be a new Category "Mighty Attire"
    You would know this if you watched the video... you did watch the video didn't you?
    Uses a custom body type based off CBBE I called Poderoso atómico (Atomico for short) 
    ALL outfits come with a Female and Male version.
    Tactical outfits come with pre-made armor and cannot have other Armor placed over them.
    Stealth Suits and Vault suits are underarmor to you can wear whatever armor you wish.
    Certain Equipment and Supplies require certain materials and perks to craft.
    If something is grey out in the menu then most likely you do not have the materials or perks needed.
    Many of the outfits can have armor lining applied to them.
    ALL outfits can have Ballistic Weave applied.
    Active Camo effects while sneaking remain in effect even while moving.
    ESP is flagged as an ESL to save on plugin space
    Mod has been cleaned with FO4Edit QuickClean
    This mod requires Nuka World and Far Harbor (hard requirement)
    Note 1:
    Bodyslide Files are offered as an OPTIONAL "experimental" WIP download. 
    I just recently figured out you can use Outfit Studio to pack projects.
    I need some feedback on the success of these files.
    If they do not work just saying they don't work then throwing a hissy fit about it does not impress me. I didn't intentional make them to break your game. Note the word "experimental"
    If they do work fine then I need to know that ASAP.


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  5. Xen's Overpowered Laser Pistol and Supply Caches

    UPDATE! :  This update includes another shoulder piece, one laser gatling gun, and a minigun. And yes....they're all angry 😃
    This mod includes overpowered laser guns and a cache of settlement building supplies. 
    I made this after I lost several hours of gameplay due to a music bug. For now, it looks like a standard institute laser pistol, however it has 10,000 base damage. I wanted to retrace my steps quickly. If anyone would like to change how it looks, let me know, I have a couple of ideas of what I'd like it to be. Enjoy your murder spree. The weapon is located in the security building outside Vault 111. A nearby crate has a a LOT of ammo and tons of resources. Located on top of the crate is a piece of armor with ridiculous defense values. (I made it to help my son just play for fun.)
    What it is:
    1 ) 1 ridiculously powered laser (blue beam)
    2 ) 1 ridiculously powered laser (red beam, Liberty Prime effect)
    3 ) Each does 10,000 base damage. Can 1 shot a death claw 😃
    4 ) 2 massive drops of settlement supplies (one at the vault, next to the guns. The other at the concord water tower.)
    5 ) 2 shoulder piece  with extremely high defense (Matt's shoulders)
    6 ) 1 Laser Gatling Gun. It uses 10mm ammo and still does energy damage. (10,000 energy damage and bonus crit!)
    7 ) 1 Minigun that uses 5mm ammo with extended range. (10,000 damage and bonus crit!).
    8 ) Started adding lore behind the guns.
    Note: if upgrading from a previous version, unequip Matt's Right Shoulder and discard it before upgrading.


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