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  2. I work very hard on my mods. I test them extensively and have them tested by other people before release. I work very hard on my videos to make them informative about my mods and I work very hard on my tutorials. The fact they help people is a bonus. I have been told I am nice guy but I am more like an old Grizzly Bear. Everything is good as long as you don't go poking with a stick. What really burns my ass is when someone starts spouting off on my videos about what they think my mod does and how it will conflict with other stuff. Most people know I make my stuff and I don't care if it conflicts with every obscure mod out there. if I started making my stuff like that couple of things would happen. I would never get any work done My load order would fill up so fast it would be crazy My careful crafting of my mod list would be in the toilet So when I get comments like this on my videos I get real mean. This is NOT constructive criticism. This is a toxic Nexus type person that is looking to kill my mod. These are the type of people who talk shit on the comments of Nexus mods. I will not have it on my Youtube. It is NOT their platform. It is Mine. This comment appears on my Mighty Tweaks & Fixes 2 video.
  3. Some of you guys might have noticed I took down MCS Workshop and Houlden Hills from the site. There were some issues with the meshes I had to fix. Plus I am going to add a few things to it. There were some serious issues with Houlden Hills as I forgot to do a lot of things that needed to be done to make it a fully functional settlement. So I rebuilt the mod from the ground up. Its somewhat smaller than the original as adding one of the cells to the location popped some errors with the Random Encounter Trigger near the destroyed tank. It covers only one cell now, and has a fully functional workshop border that is not hanging out in the air. Also I changed the Power Armor to T-60 to make it more-lore friendly. Testing on my system doesn't revel any problems but I am gonna wait till I have some other people test the new version before I release it publicly. If you have the old version of Houlden Hills please remove it as the settlement is pretty broken. If you guys would like to be a tester for my new mods, hit me up on Discord. Either DM me or tag me in Schaken's Group.
  4. These are screenshots of Storm-Song Ultimate and Final Edition. I re-made the mod entirely from scratch. It will be a smaller download as I made it.... 99% vanilla compatible. Which means it will use whichever textures & mesh replacers you use for NPCs, Armor, Weapons, and Architecture. There some custom meshes in the mod. There will be TWO versions of the mod. One without NPCs will be a publicly available and one with NPCs AND an added Breezehome home basement will be the Guild version. here are the screenshots of just the house I have so far
  5. Yeah he really does need a life or should just die for all the crimes he commited it is a wonder they even let him out of the pin. He thinks he is safe sitting behind a computer sad to say if we really wanted to push it to a legal case he is done for. For one you don't piss off someone that worked years in major cyber crime investigations that has a network of law enforcement thru out the world. Especially if you don't want your past to come to light. On top of that i am not the only one that can get that kind of info in this community. He was warned once I for one wont be as nice next time. He honestly better run and hide cause i am also about to snap and it wont be pretty when I do for him. though with his net worth at a mere 25K for a 50 year old. it is not worth the effort of a legal case cause he cant even pay.
  6. "He".... he needs to get a life. Its 1 little old man that has spend 20 years in prison for rape of a 16 year old, and can not even legally leave the state anymore, so now all he does is sit at him living off his family. Anyone he does not like, he calls a pedophile and makes YouTube videos and twitter posts of it all damn day long. T.A.P. Gaming here here is a for real victim of online harassment. He gets online and plays skyrim and FO4 and shares the feed with friends on youtube, kinda like going to the bar with your friends, but the Covid 2020 version of that, lol. Every time Daniel Bustard (Asherz Mods) makes a video of TAP, he simply fires back with a meme and goes on with his day.
  7. Dang bruh, for 5 FRKIN YEEARSSS!!! They've been on your ass? They need to get a life for god's sake.
  8. Well I could go into the whole long, stupid, and shitty story of the mental insanity of the Far Left Domestic Terrorist who we will refer to only as Subject #1 We are just gonna forego that because Subject #1 doesn't need validation for his mental insanity. We are just going to meme about him because its funny when he makes half baked videos from the basement of his mother Florence's home in Florida which he attempts to claim victim status. He ain't a victim that is just what he wants people to believe He started all this shit nearly 5 yrs ago and because he IS mentally insane he continues it so these memes are for you Subject #1
  9. I been working lately on an update to my Thana Storm-Song follower. Like most projects we do, one thing leads to another, and what was to be just an enlargement of her house ended up being being a total re-design of the house and grounds, and the addition of 3 extra NPC followers. It is an expansion of her backstory as well. The NPCs added are twin sister Alma and her twin brother Jacob. Thana still looks like she did but you can tell her apart from Alma as Alma does not have the tattoos. The other is the Cook Bree-ela who is a tall blonde Nord woman. Bree is a combat assassin class dual wield who wears Forsworn armor. Here's a shot of the Triplets And some shots of the interior and exterior of the house. The exterior work isn't finished as of yet however Now the interior/exterior textures of the building are modded in my game otehrwise it will be just vanilla. However if you want this same look you will need to download and install my Mighty Fresh Skyrim mod available right on Schaken Mods.
  10. Such a shit storm over my Kekistan Power Armor Paint for the T-51! But it hasn't stopped me and it never will. I'm upping my game with a Kekistan Paint for the X-01. To get the X-01 paint you will need to fight your way through the Boston Public Library (Lots of Super Mutants!) to find a special magazine. (See pics)
  11. I'm working on Power Armor Paints for various sets of vanilla Power Armor. Lots of T-51 paints already done and I just finished an Abraxo Paint for X01 Each one will be a separate mod (esl flagged) which will be posted in the free section and also will be available on Xbox. When I am all done, there will be an All in One version which will also include my Schaken Paint as well as the banned everywhere (EXCEPT on Schaken Mods!) Kekistan Paint
  12. Because SJW Marxist Shitbags don't know what Sarcasm or a Joke is The Cancel Culture crowd came for me because I DARED to think differently! Because I dared to question them, mock them and call out their hypocrisy. My mods will all be available on Schaken Mods as I move my library over there. For the time being my mods are also still available on Bethesda Net as well for Xbox 1
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I didn't make this mod, I just loaded it here for "posterity" This are bodyslide files for Fallout 4 Males.
  14. First I need to get the Masterfile done with all the resources. Then I need to get Waystations rebuilt.
  15. I will most definitely help you make Valhalla!!! I've been anxiously waiting for you to restart making it!
  16. So I started building my newest project which is an overhaul of Rorikstead. I'm adding a Blacksmith, a General Merchant, and an Alchemist. Not sure what else I should add. I know I do not want to add a player home as I will be putting one of the Waystations nearby. Not real sure I am going to use custom NPCs I may just make vanilla ones as I have had problems trying to upload the NPCs to Xbox. I may try to add custom hair from KS hairdos, as I can do that all in the CK and keep the file size smaller.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    I did not make this mod. It used to be on the Nexus but the mod author Jimtownirish took his mods down and left the building some time ago. I am making it available again for those that want it As I use this in my own game quite often for my characters, followers, NPCs, and presets I figured it should be out there.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    I did not make this mod. This is an old mod that was on the Nexus but worked so wonderfully I kept it. The mod author Jimtownirish has since left the building a long time ago. I use this consistently with a lot of my characters, followers and NPCs that I make. I am making it available again for those that want it
  19. A DLC sized project The Hold of Valhalla is an independent Kingdom in the mountains of The Reach north of Markarth and South of the Falmer Valley. It is not in any way associated with the honored Land of the Warrior Heroes from Norse Mythology although I've borrowed heavily from that. The Hold is ruled over by Jarl Thor the Elder of Clan Thundercock (get your mind out of the gutter!) The Hold worldspace consists of 4 main provinces with a major city in each. Redemption, Conviction, Determination, and Fortification. Each province has it own Ruling Thane of the Crown, and each has it's own part in the economy of Valhalla. , Each major city will be its own Worldspace. Each province will have 2 additional small towns, and various settlements. The mod will have numerous Quests for the player to do, and various player homes. What I am shooting for is 200 hours of gameplay experience I fully realize the size of this project is too large to do all on my own. Also I can't voice every NPC. And my Quest making skills aren't top shelf. That being said I am looking for someone to join me in this project. I need: Male and female voice actors - Being able to voice with a Nord accent is a plus, also Khajiit 3D modelers - clothes, armors, and other various projects Quest builders and Script authors for custom scripting Quality Testers - Just playing the mod to test it doesn't cut it. Highly observant and OCD about things that even look out of place is required
  20. Well Mighty Fresh Skyrim is finally complete and will be released soonish for SE and LE I re-did my road textures entirely. It took me quite some amount of time to sit down and make the PSP files for the roads because I am such a damn perfectionist with graphics stuff. I literally cut every stone off the vanilla texture after re-sizing them to 4096. I replaced the base road texture with the new modified landscape texture for that area. The mod will include all the textures for the landscape, all the City textures I have done and the textures for the Dwemer Ruins. The Dragonborn DLC Dwemer ruins are included in the set. Also included will be the textures for the Dawnguard Castle. This took a lot of work and I am 99.99% happy with the results. There's a few things I would like to do with the mod in the future as soon as I become proficient with 3DS max, but that is in the future.
  21. These road textures are literally the vanilla textures. I took them into Photoshop and played around with them until I got the look I wanted. These are 2K textures with modified normal maps. Stretched over the port of Real Roads I did they look pretty good. The image without my character in it is to show the contrast between these new road textures and the new rock/mountain textures I have also done (see previous entry about those)
  22. Would you believe me if I told you that these rock/mountain textures are 2K textures? I nearly broke Photoshop making these. The original was so big that I literally could only do one at a time. The PSD file was 1.45 GB. The end result are textures half the size of vanilla SE textures with twice the quality.
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