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About This Club

A little area for people to post content and such.

Special Note:

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Welcome to FreshModds.

Feel free to look around and post some screenshots of your favorite characters.


I strive for the most enjoyable experience

at the least amount of cost. As do most.ย 



So i ask you to join me, and all of us here at SCHAKEN-MODS

and let's make an extremely enjoyable experience




Feel free to join me for Live Streams

of Mod Makingย 



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  1. What's new in this club
  2. These are a collection of my own screen shots of characters I've made. This will show the progress of my "Learning to take screenshots using poses and such." - JFresh401
  3. Hey everyone! Just wanted to make the announcement that I will be coming back to modding on weekends very soon! I am a bit rusty so bear with me. Hope to see you all soon! Keep watch for stream announcements on the discord and make sure to subscribe on Youtube to get your front row seat!
  4. just download a different mod. would solve the issue
  5. I would like the faces and head shapes of the non-player-characters in the Dolls mod to be changed. More like how the faces and head of the girls in Woo Children look, but with both genders.
  6. reshade setup clear with structure
  7. This sounds like a fun idea, especially if done right
  8. This idea comes in from a person on Reddit named u/the_Roose_616 And I quote, "So hereโ€™s my idea. You buy a house maybe rumored to be haunted similar to Benirus Manor from Oblivion. Said house has a decent armory in the basement with all weapon racks and armor mannequins, so naturally youโ€™ll want to display your spoils of war down there. After displaying all sorts of ordinance in the basement and the passage of a few in game days you go down there to hang up your latest Daedric artifact and you see that something is terribly wrong. One of you armor mannequins is gone, nowhere to be seen. Also missing is whatever the most powerful weapon you had down there happened to be. You go back to the ground floor to see the butler that came with the home murdered on the floor and bloody footprints leading out the door. What follows will be a detective style chase across Skyrim as you track your murderous mannequin through a trail of bodies it leaves in its wake. Youโ€™ll have to find a connection between victims and then way to set yourself up as the next one to fight it. It could be possessed by a ghost, but I find the idea of a demon much more interesting, perhaps killing all the members of a cult to reclaim pieces of an artifact once used to banish it so it could reassemble them and restore the demonโ€™s physical form. Then you have the choice to either rebanish the demon and keep the artifact or let it walk free and receive an alternative reward from the demon. I think this could be a fun quest and freshen up the gameplay with some detective elements. Let me know what you think." I absolutely love the idea! This guy hit the nail on the head! If anyone is interested in adding or even aiding in the creation of this mod please let me know. For this will probably be my first quest related creation. Link to Original Reddit Post if anyone is interested in commenting!
  9. Wanna take a sec to show u all my content count. How random! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. I've decided to donate my earnings from the paid mods downloads and give back to the community. I've purchased 2 copies of Skyrim Special Edition for Steam PC and indicated to Schaken that I would like to donate them for the next contest! I am also trying to break the bond that so many people have with with Legendary Edition modding. It is a thing of the past and I think everyone should move forward. I, amongst others, would like to see people concentrate more on creating Special Edition Mods. So, I've made this decision on my own to donate them. If your interested, Schaken will be making an announcement of the next contest. I wish you all luck! And I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  11. Congrats to all that participated! Payouts are as follows... Let's see who does well next month!
  12. So I'm thinking... A mod that adds a clever area surrounded by creeks.(streams,rivers,etc.) Call it Schitt's Creek. An area where, when you enter a certain boundarie, you are attacked by a swarm of enemies from all directions. This will make it nearly impossible for a player to enter without followers of the best skills. Upon clearing this area a said number of times, the player is then given the choice to build his\her own home on the property. Ofcourse, this is just an idea that I had and I will be adding to it. If you read this, thank you for your interest. And...
  13. This is where you'll post your submissions for the contest ending February 1, 2022. Post your preset screenshot here.
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