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About This Club

A club for anyone interested in the story of Rune and her world in Skyrim, specifically DarkPoint and all related content.

Special Note:

There is also a discord for the project, link on my profile.


DarkPoint is a DLC++ size mod that has currently nearly 3 times the landmass of Skyrim covering 15 seperate linked worldspaces.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Rune Fanblade from https://schaken-mods.com/file/fanblade-addon
  3. If I knew what in the Nine Hells a flying glitter kitten was, I might consider it.
  4. I think DP needs flying glitter kittens. I think they would pair up exceptionally with skid mark unicorns. However, I am serious flying draconic glitter kittens. Pet quest reward.
  5. WIP creating wolf variants
  6. WIP creating wolf variants
  7. Love that shield, can't wait to add it to DarkPoint
  8. creating and testing outfits for Dark Point
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