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  2. NOTICE- The files exceeds the limit. Added a link to media fire. Stay tuned the main project is coming this month. HOW TO START? Watch the video, go to the Solitude Dock Area, go to the Red Wave, Cleopatra a minion for Namira will confront you. Then walk up to the wheel to travel to the Island. Intro Just a small teaser of what to expect in the Forbidden Island DLC Description: The Forbidden Island Prologue is the start of the upcoming DLC the Forbidden Island for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Travel to the sea of pearls, participate in new ques
  3. Today
  4. The Jiggly Room Strip Club If you are looking for a small, modern and full of fun just for adults sims, you are in the right place. The Jiggle Room offer music, strippers and a lower level fully equiped for the most exciting moments. This is my first build, so I hope you like it. As you can see, I've used a lot CC on my build so, I decided to include a link to the content of all the amazing cc creators who did a great job to make my build possible. Required Mods: - Wicked Whims - Basemental Drugs - AEP Pornography Credi
  5. Overview This is my try to implement a Heavy Stalhrim Shield Variant into the Game. The Shield is mostly a Deformed Variant of the Normal Shield. I got a bit inspired by the Ice Shield from Morrowind, with a big touch of the Shield already existing. There are 3 Variants, The Normal Shield, a Variant with Refraction and one with Transparency. The Refracting and Transparent Variants does not contain any Textures or anything else, only models. If you want to use them, you will need a modification like "Refracting Stalhrim Armours and Weapons", wh
  6. Yesterday
  7. Version 1.2


    Fomod installer with compressed BSAs. 3BA files have been reorganized.
  8. Version 1.2


    Fomod installer with compressed BSAs. 3BA files have been reorganized.
  9. please make a separate download for the loading screen thanks :)
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Fomod installer with compressed BSAs. 3BA files have been reorganized.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Insane Texture Overhaul By Suhg I did not create this Mod I only uploaded it. This Mod is a High resolution texture overhaul of Skyrim Look Lower end Video cards will have a hard time with this texture overhaul The Pic's above is only the tip of what is done with the overhaul BONUS Included in this mod is a NSFW Loading Screens A WIP mod (point the way) you may find things out of place just bare in mind that it's a
  12. I forgot to mention that I verified my local data, which was fine, and there were no errors in my latest save. So, apparently, the mod itself has somehow been corrupted.
  13. >>It should be clean already, if not then go ahead, i apologize, i usually clean before releasing. I'm asking because I somehow got two copies of Hidar. I enslaved the spare to get rid of her (she was from "SuW", whatever that is), and the original disappeared as well. Then, I found my new slave was carrying over a hundred staffs of chain lightning, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the original mod. I don't know where this error came from or what to do about it, but the Creation Kit is reporting a number of other errors, and I'm afraid to change anything for fea
    I have always been a fan of Egyptian goddesses. Hopefully this is an indicator of more to come. I really like the texture choices. The 3BA is awesome. I ran around in this for a few days when I first downloaded it and has made into my follower wardrobes. Thank you for the mod!
  14. Is there any plans to update this to 3BAv2? Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried doing just personal conversions on some of the outfits I want to use for the time being but some like Vin Death Wind wont seem to update (when I try to update that one to v2 the chest just falls through the ground).
  15. I really loved this top so I made it slightly transparent (Opacity 80) so that nipple "tattoos" and other skin features would show up through it in a subtle way. I tried opacity 50 but that was way too obvious. I have play tested it and it works and looks good. There are all 12 colors. I must admit, I'm pleased at how it turned out, You will need "City Living" pack to use it. View here!
  16. This is the best replacer i've seen. As others have said the proportions are very wrong. Needs fixing.
  17. Thanks for answer. I will try to reinstall everything and change the order of the mods.
  18. WickedWhims - Turkish Translation View File Ana Mod Sayfası | Original Mod Link Hakkında AEP Pornography Modu, 'Adult Entertainment Production' isimli Pornografik Film Stüdyosu adlı bir kariyer ve bu kariyeri iki dalla birlikte oyuna ekler; Prodüksiyon ve Oyunculuk. Webcam Modeli olarak başladığınız işte, Yetişkin Endüstrisinin merdivenlerini tırmanıyorsunuz. Kariyerinizi resmi olarak oluşturma veya sadece bağımsız bir kamera kızı olma ve paranızı evde yayın yaprak kazanma fırsatına sahip olacaksınız. Ayrıca seks videoları çekebilir ve Simternet'e y
  19. ----------------------------------------------------------- Zarina's Suit Adds Zarina's suit from Dead By Daylight. ----------------------------------------------------------- Installation is simple. >Drop files into the data folder. >Build in Outfitstudio >Enable the mod in manager of choice. >Craft at any chemistry station > utility ----------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Behaviour Interactive: for making the game. ----------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server. https://discord.g
  20. i dont own VR, but i dont know anyone to have that issue either.
  21. Sorry to bother you again. I have Skyrim VR SSE and I have intalled CBBE Caliente and after Sassy Teens but the game crush with the logo of Bethesda and don't load. When I disabled Sassy Teens the game load without problem. I don't know what is wrong or how to fix this. Any sugestion? Thank you so much.
  22. It should be clean already, if not then go ahead, i apologize, i usually clean before releasing. All my mods are compatible with all mod managers. This is the SSE version, and they all use a CBBE stand-alone version.
  23. Hi ! Thank you for your amazing work, these armors are wonderful ! But, i have a question : are these armors forgeable or do they require a third party mod such as "additem menu" in order to be obtained ?
  24. Gorgeous little black dress! Another fantastic outfit - many thanks!
  25. 2021/07/26- SummerFunTrait SummerFunTrait With this trait it nothing to speacial its a summer trait with the abiltity to have a trait buff that has a summer theme to it wanted to make a summer trait for you guys in is in the lifstyle catagory in the CAS the trait does not do much i hope you like it. https://www.patreon.com/JoshSimmer12 View here!
  26. This mod is compatible with Vortex, SSE edition and UNP bodies? Thank you so much.
  27. Open source fork of CBP for Fallout 4. This mod is not stable above 60 fps. It is not compatible with other CBP mods (CBP, OCBPC) Thanks to polygonhell for the original CBP source code. Thanks to Shizof for CBPC source code Thanks to opparco for making the first FO4 CBP Thanks to EgoBallistic for pex and psc files. Source Code is here (MOD DOWNLOAD IS NOT HERE) https://github.com/ericncream/OpenCBP_FO4 View here!
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