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  2. View File Dancing Crane Katanas SE a quick port of the Dancing Crane Katana's from LE - not avalible on nexus any more Submitter Souichirou#1955 Submitted 01/19/2020 Category Other Co-Authors Guest  
  3. Version 1.0.0

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    a quick port of the Dancing Crane Katana's from LE - not avalible on nexus any more
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  6. (Hey dude! saw your post, I did some attempts but I had the same error, BUT... I was able to open it with "Zip Extractor Pro - Rar, Zip, 7Z Extractor!) I did what was suggested and a no go. What time wasted on this. I even restarted Win 10 pro, to no avail. I am through searching the web for a program to open this. My hopes of using this mod has gone to the trash can and deleted off my computer. I would of considered donating to the cause if it would of actually worked and got to try the mod out. I gone now, won't be back.
  7. Velenius

    Horns SSE

    I think NeoAngel did a fantastic job. True it needs a little work but it is def a great mod to download. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Grandia 2 and more specifically Millenia (Wings of Valmar), but this is exactly what these reminded me of ^^. I love them so much I'm going to take them into nifscope and do some cleaning up, and put them on Slot 55 so they go with my other horn mods. I like to wear tiaras with them I'll maybe even add some physics to the earrings. @NeoAngel, would this be ok to share with the community if I give you the original credit?
  9. This is Yui follower with a huge list of mod like Botox for Skyrim. She is really nice.
  10. Also, make sure Botox.esp is active and loads before 'on top of' your other Botoxed mods.
  11. If you are also using the KS Hair patch provided by Immersive Wenches, you do not need that. The Botox patch here 'replaces' it. Hope that helps...if not, let me know.
  12. Sassy Teen Dolls Complete FOMOD Installer 1.5.2 Server error. Download stops after 1 GB and does not continue in any way.
    I'm sorry, I did not read the description correctly and I do not know that the personalized companions are not compatible. However, I tried with Mirai and it worked. I put 4 stars because there is one thing that I regret, it is that even if we control a npc of the game, we are recognized as a child of dragon and not as a character that we control. For example, I had used the spell on Mickael then I had to speak to the woman of my character, she answered me as if it were still her husband and not Mikael
  13. It fails to install and shows the message: Invalid installer script: The element 'optionalFileGroups' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'group'.
  14. Thought maybe I got a bad download. So I downed it again. Only to run into the same thing. My down speed was over 750 KB per second. So again a no go.
  15. I downloaded this mod, but when I go to open it: I am told by 7z that it can mot open the file "Dolls-SE-FOMOD-3.0.2" as archived. Was looking forward to this mod to give more realistic life to Skyrim. But I guess it is a no go. [email protected]
  16. I just installed the Atanis SE and built it in CBBE bodyslide, every time i equip the upper part, the hdt skirt vanishes ? any ideas please
  17. i love this mod!!! Im experiencing a bit of an issue however, maybe some one here can help? The hair is purple... please help! thank you!
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