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  • Explicit Content Meaning (Parental Advisory)


    Explicit Content Meaning

    According to Merriam Webster dictionary, this is explicit content:


    Explicit denotes being very clear and complete without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity.

    When something is said to be explicit, there is no question as to what is being expressed or conveyed—nothing is implied or assumed.

    It is denoted from the word explicit, in latin: explicitus.

    An explicit song is not suitable for children, just leaving the implicit meaning out.

    Most public materials avoid explicitly at all costs, to maintain broad appeal.

    Here is the parental advisory explicit content logo:


    That being said, this is still an artistic community. Just because we see some boobies does not mean its explicit. If it is someone doing lewd acts or has the lower private parts revealed, it will need an explicit content tag. If you can keep it classy, I see no harm.

    But this also goes hand in hand with Violence. If you have a picture with the president's head on a pike, this is certainly controversial, which will require the "Explicit content" tag. If something you are posting will offend a rather large group of people, then please put the tag on it. I don't want to block anyone, or stop you from being you, but we do want to make the community able to reach a wider audience.

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