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Ichirou's True Skin Guild Version 5

   (2 reviews)

36 Screenshots






Ichirou's True Skin

TrueSkin CBBEv5_2.png



     A new CBBE skin with realistic look.



     Realistic Skin Texture Based On Real Human Skin

4K and 8K Versions

     31 Optional Racemenu Overlay Pubic Hairs

Several Extra Racemenu Overlay Makeup (Under makeup section Tab of RM) and Tattoos

3 Different Body Breast Shading To Choose From: A-Cup, C-Cup, DD-Cup

     4 Muscle Maps for All Body Types Above

2 Extra Specular Maps - Light Oli and Wet in both 4k and 8k Options

     Custom Makeup Files - Normal Makeup maps

My Personal Custom Asian Themed Slavetats


TrueSkin BHUNPv5_3.png

New BHUNP Version


Matching Skin color to CBBE V5

4 muscle maps to choose from

Extra Optional add-ons in FOMOD



About the Skin:

This Skin Is made To not use Facelighting mods and look good still all Screenshots with the Kokiyo, my Character made from my Cutiepie Race, are with Silent Horizon ENB and NO Facelight.  Face Light will wash out your skin you have been warned.

Notice: If you wish to use this skin in a Standalone follower and plan to distribute it, that follower must only be posted in the Guild Section of Schaken-Mods.


 Patch Files:

There are 2 Patch Files for:

Cutiepie Race

Sassy Teen Dolls


Note: These Patches Require the Main File or else your armors will cause Miss-Match Skin tones. 

Warning: This Skin is not Compatible with any others out there and is totally custom.  If you experience a miss-match in skin tones this will be the reason 99.9% of the time.


Install Instructions

Install Using the Provided FOMOD installer




If you use Cutiepie Race you need to download the Cutiepie Race Version as well

If you use Sassy Teen Dolls you need to download the Teen Dolls Version as well




What's New in Version 5   See changelog


Version 5 Patches:

Patch forr Cutiepie Race Uploaded

Patch for Teen Dolls Updated


Version 5


Slight Color Tone Change to match the BHUNP version for easier body swaps

Small Skin texture change for close up photos 

Added More Makeup maps


BHUNP: 1st Official Support Version

New Skin Tone

added optional parts of the CBBE version



Version 4.5.1 CBBE 

Fixed Spelling error in installer

Fixed Custom Slavetats not loading in Slavetats MCM


Version 4.5 CBBE 

Added 8K version all textures are uncompressed so will require a beast of a system

Added 2 new specmaps Light oil and wet - New installer Section to have your choice even of size 4k or 8k



Version 4.0.1 CBBE only

Fixed issue in FOMOD installer



Version 4 

Total Redone again so that both UUNP and CBBE versions match in color as close as they can

UUNP Version Added - May not be supported after this release

UUNP Version is meant for LE Use




Version 3

Main Changes:
totally Re-done new skin


Skin optimized for less impact on system resources


3 New Normal Map Body types Based on Breast Size

     1. A/B Cup Breast - Very Little underboob shading

     2. C/D Cup Breast - Medium Underboob Shading

     3. DD+ Cup Breast -  Max Underboob Shading


All 3 Above Normal maps have 4 different Muscle Structures

Delicate   - No muscle Definitions

Abs           - Abs muscle Definitions only

Fit             - Abs and slight Arms, Legs, and Back muscle Definitions

Muscular - Full muscle Definitions Abs, Arms, Legs, and Back


Optionals added:

Racemenu Overlays -  for Pubic hair patterns - now dont need to choose that at install for more unique Player character.

                                        added Custom Race Menu Overlay Makeup files - Install this if you want extra makeup maps or pubic hairs


Slavetats                    - some custom slavetats tattoos i did a long time ago in an asian style - Requires Slavetats


Eyes                            - My Custom Eyes for much more lush eyelashes and eye textures Replace Vanilla eyes



Brows                         - Some Custom Brow Replacers


Other Optionals:


Patch For My, Cutiepie Race to use this skin - Requires main file


Patch For Teen Dolls by Schaken - Requires Main File

None - No permissions allowed.
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Other Files from Souichirou

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Such  beautiful textures , looks excellent in 2d or from inches away in  VR .  a must have in all my load orders


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It looks absolutely fantastic. It is my favorite skin to date.

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