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Mighty Clean Settlements 1.0.1

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29 Screenshots

Watch the video. That's what I made it for. Most if not all of your questions will be answered simply by watching the entire video.

This is the next installment in the Mighty Clean Series. 
The are two versions. The Standalone version is just Croup Manor. The All in One version incorporates ALL of the prior settlements of the Mighty Clean Series, including Home Plate.

What this mod does:

This mod cleans up Croup Manor and expands the Build Area to encompass a much larger area. Within the new Build Area, the destroyed houses have been repaired completely with new fully functional models. Many of the houses were not accessible before have been rebuilt and opened for use with exception of one. That single house model has been linked to the scrap Mr Handy model on the Workshop which finishes the clean up of numerous items. It has been pre-cut navmeshed beneath it to account for being scrapped, however one is not required to use the scrap bot.
Fully crafting workbenches have been added and linked to the Workshop at the Red Rocket which itself was replaced with a repaired model used by permission from Hozsa.
The All in One version carries forward all of the prior settlements, including the two custom settlements and Home Plate, as well as all of the buffs made to power and water resources and equipment.
Here are the Settlements covered in the AIO version
Red Rocket
Abernathy Farm
Ten Pines Bluff
Starlight Drive In
Oberland Station
Sunshine Tidings
Hangman's Alley
Greentop Nursery
Lil Timmy's Filling Station
County Crossing
Gray Garden
The Slog
Nordhagen Beach
Breakheart Banks
The Castle
Finch Farm
Somervile Place
Outpost Zimonja
Warwick Homestead
Taffington Boat House
Jamaica Plain
Home Plate

Installation and Load Order:

Install using a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is recommended)

If installing the Standalone version make sure it is placed at the bottom of your load order.
If updating MCS from a former version when installing your mod manager will mostly ask if you want to merge or replace you should choose the Replace option. The result will not make any changes to your settlements from a previous version. (What you have built/cluttered/placed will still be there) This mod will merely add Croup Manor and Home Plate into the cleaned settlements.

As for Load Order, the plugin MCS should always go at the very bottom of your load order. The only other mod (that I use) I have found that does not affect MCS is The Castle Fully Restored by Hozsa. If you have found others that are 100% completely compatible with MCS and can be placed below please put those in the comments section.


This mod REQUIRES ALL of the DLCs

Q & A:

Does this mod break Pre-combines?
Short Answer... yes. That is the nature of how Settlement Cleanups work. Any time you even click on a piece of a pre-combine mesh in the CK it breaks the pre-combines for the entire cell. If I re-gen the pre-combines the file size (in the last attempt) exceeds 5 GB.
You can however do it yourself if it is such a huge issue for you. I recommend you follow this wonderful tutorial by RedRocketTV although you need not worry about Pre-Vis Data as I've spent a great amount of time regening those specific files for the All in One version.

Will you make a patch for...
No. Make your own, or don't use my mod. This is a YOU problem. If you do make a patch for (insert mod name here) let me know via DM and I will post the link to it on the pages of this mod series.

I use Videos of the Wasteland is the A.I.O. compatible?
The AIO is NOT 100% compatible with Videos Starlight module (IMO) There is some wonkiness with the screen, so if you don't mind that little bit, then fine. If someone can make it patch for it, let me know. If you install the MCS AIO and then complain that's a YOU problem. I do not have the required knowledge to make it work

Is this mod compatible with Red Rocket Settlements?
I'm almost fairly certain that it isn't and never will be.

I like to torture myself by building 100 small generators in a box to power my settlements, will you please change it back?
Seriously? Are you really asking that question? No, just no.

Why does Mighty Clean Settlements require all of the DLCs?
Because I like having the DLC assets available for use should I need them. I don't see how it is my responsibility to cater to a small number of people who either didn't buy the GOTY edition or are too cheap to upgrade with the Season Pass. You are seriously missing out on some of the best content of the game as a whole.

My friend said he can't even find your content even tho I gave him the link. Why is that?
First question you need to ask "your friend" is if they were being a D-bag to me in the comments without even downloading the mod. If the answer to that is even remotely a well maybe then you have your answer. D-bag Blocking is like a past time for me.

Why do you remove the Workshop Border?
I don't actually remove it. Its just sank so far into the ground you don't see it. With the expansions I make it doesn't make any sense to leave it. However, in the future, I intend to make new Workshop Border models to fit the new expanded size. This however is a very long, and very laborious process so in the meantime I will use stop gap measures such as I did in Somerville Place.


Hozsa for allowing me to use his meshes - thanks man you rock!
NovaCoru for Generator, closet and pocket door meshes
Terry Beer for Water Tower Mesh
JennCave for inspiration and all the help she has given me
Darkfox127 for the Auto Close Door Script and because DarkFox is the Master Jedi of Modding, I am but a mere Padawan.
PetiteOmnivore for fireplace mesh and for putting up with me. Check her channel out & show her some love
Neeher for his EXCELLENT custom settlement tutorial
RedRocket TV for his help and EXCELLENT with questions I had dealing with Pre-Vis


This is a work in progress. As I complete more of the settlements this file will be updated.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


This is the updated version of the Main All in One file. Fixed some more pre-vis and made all water pumps and water towers able to be crafted, stored, scrapped, and moved.


MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod

Other Files from The Mighty Nine#9485

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