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Mighty Clean Pocket Manor DLC version 1.0.1

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20 Screenshots

Watch the video. That is why I made it. Most of not all of your questions will be answered simply by watching the video in its entirety.

Sometime ago the mod author Zorkaz made an absolutely wonderful mod Portable Bunker which by itself is a great mod, but for me personally it was far too small. I needed more, something bigger with more space to store all my power armors in as I tend to change power armors on my live streams on my Youtube Channel quite often. Luckily for me Zorkaz left the perms open on his mod which allowed me to build my own version of this mod. 
I sat down and put my mind to building an interior that gave me happy happy thoughts, and I failed miserably. I just couldn't make something that I felt lived up to what I envisioned. Then that evening on my live stream, after close to 5,000 hours logged in the game I finally went into the Boston Mayoral Shelter at a lvl 125. I immediately thought to myself hey I like this place. Well I liked it until the Legendary Deathclaw dropped out of the ceiling. Normally this wouldn't be much of a bother, but if you happen to using my Mighty Dangerous Creatures Insanity Version then you just might experience a brown pants moment. I sure did.
So I sat down and copied the parts of the Boston Mayoral Shelter that I wanted (minus the Deathclaw of course!) and made a single static mesh out of it. And this was the result! I am rather happy with the outcome.

Further testing after I made the video by my friend reveals that you can put up a Radio beacon to recruit settlers to the Pocket Manor. Personal testing using Cheat Terminal to spawn settlers proves that settlers will treat it as normal settlement and auto assign food and work assignments.
The Pocket Manor comes with 200 power and 25 water.


Load Order:

This mod should be as low in your load order as possible especially after installing the blueprint.
If you install the blue print and you do not place the mod in a very low priority you may encounter lighting issues and missing texture issues with the power armor displays. This can be fixed easily by saving, exiting and moving the plugin to a very low priority.


The images provided of the Pocket Manor all cluttered out are from the Blueprint, successfully installed and found working.

How to get the Pocket Manor: Wait.. did you watch the video?
How to get into Pocket Manor: The video... watch the video

This mod is an ESL flagged ESP. 

I am providing a Transfer Settlements Blueprint with this mod as an optional file for those people who do not want to take the time to clutter out the Manor. Just install the blueprint with Transfer Settlements and you are good to go. A list of the required mods for the Pocket manor Blueprint will be available in the Articles Section along with links to each required mod. The Blueprint requires the DLC version of the mod ONLY.
If you decide to post a blueprint of the non DLC version, let me know and I will link it through on this page
To install and use the Blueprint, watch the Blueprint video

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


The following mods required for the Pocket Manor Blueprint. 
Some of the files are found offsite. I found through "The Site shall not be named" (not Schaken Mods btw I will name this site all day long)
Those files which don't have Nexus mod pages are still intellectual property of the Mod Author. I do not take responsibility for the actions of others uploading those files. I am just telling you where I got them.

This Blueprint REQUIRES the DLC Version of Pocket Manor as do many of the mods used in making it.

Desk Lamps
Working Table Lamps
Zebrina's Workshop Devices
The Mighty Bear of Happiness
Videos of the Wasteland
Do It Yourshelf
Modular Kitchen
Creative Clutter
Crimsonrider's Unique Furniture
cVc Dead Wasteland
Advanced Bubble Turret Set
Functional Objects Overhaul
Manufacturing Extended
Buildable Power Armor Frames (AIO)
Better Stores
Xnjguy Filled Mods All-In-One plus New Mod
Immersive Vendors
Snap Beds
CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack

Warehouse Shelves for components and ammo


The files which are not linked here can be found on the Nexus by the same name

That should cover all of the mods used in making the Blueprint. 
IF there is a mod missing I need to know what it is so I can update this post.


Zorkaz for the resources




MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod

Other Files from The Mighty Nine#9485

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