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[Schaken-Mods] SchakenFM 1.5

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About This Mod


Schakens Follower Manager



What is this?
This is a NPC manager. You can add NPC's (Including Animals) to this and edit ALMOST EVERYTHING! (See below for Details)

    This is NOT a follower Framework. This works WITH AFT, NFF, and EFF. If there is more follower frameworks I didnt mention, it should work just fine with them too, if not, please let me know in the comments section down below. While i say this is NOT a follower Framework, It can be used as one by its self just fine. There is not many scripts with this mod, and is NOT intrusive at all. I made compatibility for Sexlab, Sexlab aroused, Follow me for sex, and TDF prostitution. If you do not have sexlab, it is fine, none of those are required in any way. This manager simply detects if you have the mods installed and if you do, it will give you the extra options. Alot of Sexlab mods lack alot of their own potential and I felt they were seriously lacking so I added features that some of them tried and couldnt get working. I also fixed alot of errors the mods have and made them better and more reliable. ALSO if you use AFT, you will fall in love with this mod as it if a fully functioning MCM menu that even the MCM mod doesnt even have. Everything below is all the complicated things explained. As people come asking questions, I will try to have them posted here as well.



View Storage:


This is a cool handy Chest that you can access from anywhere in Skyrim. It is considered to be a bottomless pit as no one has ever found a limit to what a chest can hold. The player owns this chest so you can put whatever you want in it and have no worries of it vanishing over time. It has been said that when you have over 1000 unique items, it will lag a little depending on your rig. Low end Machines are said to even crash if a chest gets too overloaded. I have a medium build PC in 2020 and haven't met lag, or any kind of limits myself. I created this function because i hate going into dungeons only to have to stop half way thru and go sell things, and come back to try to remember why I was there in the first place. Having 3 followers takes the fun away as they kill everything before you even see anything to kill, so having a Chest really allows you to just play the dang game.


Remove all Trackers:


This does nothing alone. You can go up to any living thing in game and add a "Tracker" to them. This is handy for when you have to do something at a certain time but dont want to wait all day, or if you have things to do but need to keep an eye on them,. OR maybe even place one on your follower so if you lose them, you can find them. Also good for cheating wives that sneak out at night, and car keys... those stupid car keys.... Anyway, you can have up to 26 NPC's being tracked at the same time. If you cant find one on the map, go to your journal, select the quest "SchakenFM tracking" and select the NPC, and press "M" like you would on a normal quest, and you will be shown where they are on the map. Very handy feature.


Sell your Stuff:


This feature I use ALOT. Most merchants have on average 1000 Gold, this means that you have to go to merchant after merchant just to sell half of your stuff and enable cheats just to have them with enough gold so you can empty your pockets. Look no further!


Scan for Followers:


This is one of the main functions of the system. Click this to IMPORT any custom NPC that a mod author has adapted to the system. OR you can walk to any NPC in game and add them manually by using the crosshair, and opening the MCM. You will see a feature to add them to the system manually if the mod author did not do it them selves.

For Modders:


To enable your followers to be picked up by this system, simply add the follower(s) to the "Dummy Faction" that Skyrim has. I used this faction so you do not need to make this manager as a dependency. Faction Rank does not matter. The system will scan all of Skyrim NPC's in a matter of seconds and report back every NPC that is in this faction for the player to add to the system. from there the user can teleport your Follower/NPC to them or whatever they want. To enable your NPC for the hair REColor system, please scroll down to that option.



Dragon souls to perks:


You may have guessed this one. It converts ALL your EXTRA dragon souls and converts them into free perk points. If you have an extra 40 dragon souls, then converting you will now have an extra 40 perk points instead. 

Note: Personally i suggest taking a peak and seeing if you need to spend any dragon souls on any new spells first, as once you use this function, you will be left with none and have to go kill more dragons to get more souls again.


Locations Section:


The first part at the top has many different functions. When you are outside, it just tells you the location. but if your inside it will tell you who the owner is and you can take ownership of the place. if you are already the owner then you can click it and make the place a public place instead.

The rest of this section is teleportation options. Lets say your entering a long winded tunnel and do not want to walk back. you set a spot at the entrance and you can teleport to there at any time. Or if you want to set a spot that you go to often, set one of them there and save yourself some time. the main idea of this is just for convenience.

Scavenger mode:


On the main page is a function i named "Scavenger mode" for the player. You can go up to 10 NPC's and enable Scavenger mode for them as well, and you can assign each of them individually custom choices of how to do so.

First start by enabling scavenger mode. you will have to wait a few seconds for the page to load the options for it. There you will find many options, and to turn off scavenger mode, simply disable it with the same button you enabled it with.


1 - "Scavenge items go to Storage box" - This makes it where everything you scavenge, it will find its way to the "Storage box." The Storage Box can be located in the main menu in the first category. It is owned by the player and you can access it from anywhere, at any time.

2 - "Toggle all" - This is something I enjoyed making. it enables every scavenge option. I did on purpose mix up the order of which it is enabled simply because it looks cool watching it randomly enable every one of them.

3 - "Scavenge Free Weapons" - This will grab any and all weapons as long as it is not considered stealing. This function has a 1 second lag after you turn it on, as the others are instant. Grabbing weapons and armor for some reason exceptionally challenging as once they grabbed the item, they just kept grabbing it, over and over and making copies. Too much of a cheat i decided. luckily, I found a slick way to solve it, it is why it takes 1 second to fire this function up.

4 - "Scavenge Free Armor" - Exact same as Weapons, except replace the word with "Armor".

5 - "Scavenge Free Potions" - As far as i know, all potions made will as well be scavenged. I am unable to find anything that wont work yet.

6 - "Scavenge Free Scrolls" - There wasn't many scrolls, I feel like i'm missing something here, or possibly Skyrim needs more scrolls?

7 - "Scavenge Free Food" - this one I kinda butchered. The Creation Kit has things kinda scattered. As I was testing this I find more and more things I missed. This will be hopefully solved by the time I post this mod.

8 - "Scavenge Free Flora" - Originally this function was just this 1 part. I wanted an auto loot so i created the rest of this category. This will "Harvest" anything in grass, flowers, trees, anything Flora. ALSO it will grab any sitting ingredients to make potions as well.

9 - "Scavenge Free Books" - While writing this, I do not know why I didn't just combine this with Scrolls. This function really needs to be tested alot more. 

10 - "Scavenge Free Keys" - This one is almost pointless, as all keys are owned pretty much. 

11 - "Scavenge Free Misc Items" - There seems to be millions of misc items, I am sure I missed a bunch here. I tossed everything in no matter how cheap or worthless, its a bottomless pit.

12 - "Scavenge the Dead" - This is kinda 2 features. If you go into battle with someone, and they die, on instant death, everything in their inventory goes directly to you, and also anything you stumble on that is dead, or dies near you, when the scanner finds it, you get their items as well. the "Excluding List" lower in this list does not apply to this function.

13 - "Scavenge Containers" - Just like the "Scavenge the dead" this ignores the "Excluding List". otherwise any container that is not locked or owned, its all yours now.

14 - "Ignore Locks on Containers" - While scavenging containers (Chests, dressers, ect) it will ignore if it is locked or not, and take everything anyways.

15 - "Scavenge Ore Deposits" - Iron, Clay, gold, whatever.. If it can be mined, this will grab everything it has, including its bonuses, all in 1 go, and marks it as empty, allowing the game to restock it over time again.

16 - "Scavenge Chopped Wood" - anywhere that you can chop wood, this will grab (2) Firewood from it per second.


CAUTION: DO NOT run more that 1 Looting system at a time. Example, do not run this feature if you use "QuickLoot RE" or "AutoLoot". As these systems use a script to scan constantly and having more that 1 program running at the same time can over strain your game. you CAN however, run every looting option on my system at once. I do it with 0 lagging.

Notes: There is 2 more features on adding items to scavenge, and items to exclude. It is exactly how it sounds. Because this is not a DLL, I am unable to detect new items that are not vanilla. So if you have a mod that adds things you want scavenged, simply toss it in the "Include List" just like it is a container, and it will start grabbing that as well. The one  that says "Not Scavenge" is just how it sounds. Getting tired of grabbing Cloth? slap it in this and you will stop grabbing it.


Cheats menu:


This was created because I was running out of room and didnt want to create a new tab. the less tabs I take the more followers and NPC's you can add to this system,

Below you will see all 6 categories in this cheat menu.


  • Crafting menu: This will open any crafting station of your choice, from any location.
  • Vanilla cheat menu: this is a list of containers that has everything in the vanilla game.
  • Dlc2 Cheat menu: a list of all items in All DLC's that you can grab instantly.
  • Standing Stones: This lets you access the powers of each Doom stone in Skyrim.
  • Shrine menu: A list of all shrines in game that you can access from anywhere.
  • DLC2 Standing Stones: this lets you access all DLC2 All Maker stones in Solstheim, PLUS all Black books.


Note: The black book "Waking Dreams" is possibly too much of a cheat as well as not working perfectly, it is still a WIP.


Crime Bounties:


You will find a list of ALL holds and the bounty amount beside it. you can click the amount and force it to be paid. I did however put it in there a little reckless. If you have a bounty of 100 gold, and you only have 10, then paying it will make you have -90 gold. grabbing gold or earning gold after this will work normal and slowly take you out of the negative balance. The ORC one is a little wonky as you can not actually pay with gold, as they say, you have to pay with blood. If you have any errors here please let me know as it worked fine for me but messed up for someone else. 


Hair Color Changer:


Pull up a chair and get some coffee, this is pretty complicated.

There is actually 2 different ones. The first one, which will be the most commonly seen, just does a simple colorform change, and pushes it to the NPC. Now this in a vanilla game is just fine and shouldnt have any issues. If your using a custom NPC that someone made the face in Racemenu or something, then the face will become destroyed.  

Now will come for the second version. IF the modder done his part correctly, then the MCM will detect if this NPC is setup correctly. If so then it will grab the NIOveride Tools, get in the NIF file, and change the color for you making a VERY beautiful and perfect hair color change. IF you have a Awesome follower and would like this to work on them, simply ask the modder to come and read this next part that is for modders. You are welcome to read it too, and try it as well.


For Modders:


This may look overwhelming at first, but i promise I have went the extra mile to make this SUPER easy for you.

MESH: Open the FaceGeom mesh, which will be located at 


From there you will see the 2 different Hair files. It will say something like Moonlight, and MoonlightHL. one is your hairline, the other is the main hair. now you will need to get the EXACT spelling of this actors name, and change those to "[ActorName]" and "[ActorName]HL" (But no brackets). It doesnt really matter which is which, just so the names are correct.

PLUGIN: Now this part can be more of a challenge, but again, it is easy as well. IN CREATION KIT, Find what hair this actor is using, Once you find it, Simply slick on it, and rename it the same way. [ActorName] (But no brackets) and when it asks you if you want to save OVER this file, click NO to make a new one instead. When you open your new hair, you will see it has an Add-on hair as well. Go ahead and do the same thing to that hairline, except rename it to [ActorName]HL (No brackets) and replace it as an add-on in the main hair file as well. NOW you need to go to the NPC, and simply change the hair to the new one you made. BEFORE YOU SAVE be sure to make a backup of your NIF file you edited, as depending on your setup, the saving of a plugin may overwrite your NIF file. Once you have backed up your NIF file, go ahead and save the plugin. once this is done, verify the Creation Kit did not save over it. If it did, just delete it, and use your back up file.

NOW comes the MUCH easier part.. HOW DOES THE MCM DETECT THIS?? simple. The developers of skyrim have alot of random things in the game that were meant to be deleted, but they forgot to perhaps. I took advantage of this and used the keyword "TestChic" My MCM will scan the actor for this word, if the actor has the work "TestChic" then it will use the NiOveride option. DO NOT create a new keyword, use the vanilla one. it only works this way. And congratulations, your NPC is now able to change hair colors. If you have not already done the Importing part by adding the "Dummy faction" you can scroll up to "Scan For Followers" and do that as well. 



Version 1.3 Edits


Show/Hide Menu:

  • There is a new feature that you will see. On alot of the smaller menu's, there is a toggle button to show/hide sections that you may not use, or at least not use as often. This is to make navigating much faster and easier, also there is only so many things that can be put in a menu before falling off the edge, and just not showing up.


Quick Menu:

  • OH MAN i did alot here.. IF you have UIExtensions, then this menu is now all brand new. Shoot the quick menu at an actor to get a rather large amount of options. You will see where you can jump to any actor, bring any actor to you, apply racemenu presets, and many new features!


Scan for Followers:

  • I really felt the need to redesign this. IF you have UIExtensions, a list of the found NPC's will pop up, this is a list of actors that have the "Dummy faction" applied to them, which alot of the followers on this site has, this is so when you start a new game, you can scan and find them, and pop them right to you if you like. When you scan for them, a new list of the followers will pop up and you can click on their name to remove the from the list to import them. When you select "Import all" it will only import the actors that are on that current list.

Racemenu Preset Tool


The Racemenu Preset tool has many buttons. anything you do here WILL NOT SAVE unless you import them to SchakenFM FIRST


  • This is a function that will pull up a list of all your Presets (See below for destination folder) that you can spply to any NPC. BESURE TO CHECK THE BOX NEXT TO ITTO APPLY!

Apply preset to [ActorName]

  • When you are done selecting your preset, be sure to check this box and exit to apply this setting to your selected actor

Save Player Presets

  • This will save the player's preset to the list of where you can select to apply to a NPC. This folder destination is set by racemenu, and sadly can not be changed. to put your normal presets here, you will have to do it manually

Copy [ActorName]'s looks to me

  • This will copy the actors exact preset to the actor. (CAUTION: some custom NPC's dont use presets, they use racemenu heads, this wont work right here.)

Open Racemenu

  • This is not a new button, i just felt it went better here. Again, its only a partial menu.

Clear [ActorName]'s Preset

  • This one is a bit tricky, It deletes the preset applied, but doesnt really clear very well. this is a function created by racemenu that i think just isnt 100% yet. I put it here just in case one day they fix it, or if i can find a way to.



Screenshot Tool


This is something brand new, i fell in love with the idea, and brought it to life. 

Start new session / End session

  • This button will create a new screenshot session, applying all the other settings listed.

Name this session

  •  changes your folder directory to Data/SchakenFM/[TheNameYouEntered]
  • Will also, (If you have PapyrusUtil) create a text file with the users information in there for this session, for your own record.

Reset session Pic #

  • This will change your screenshot count count to 0 for this session, i made it only work for your sessions to not mess with your standard pictures.

The rest of the buttons

  • in the Info at the bottom of the menu shows exactly what they all do. then you start a new session, this will  not Effect these, but they will greatly enhance the image of your game, and save only to your save game. these are only settings listed in your skyrimPrefs.ini. It willnot change them in the INI, but only in your saved game, and will stay there until you change it.



Papyrus Edits


Here you will find a custom set of options for better debugging and papyrus edits. please read the info for each button at the bottom of the menu.






Version 1.4 Edits


Outfit Manager (I am aware AFT kinda has this, but its too buggy for me, So i made this one from scratch and is handled completely different)

  • There is now a way to manage up to 3 outfits for up to 128 NPC's. This is not really a max, If anyone ever hits this number, let me know, Ill add more, it just takes a second to add more, I just think it will never be hit though.
  • When start managing the NPC's outfit, the first thing it does is records what they are wearing and writes this information down, removes their outfit record, and applies the worn items back on. 
  • When editing an outfit NOT being worn. basically it puts all the selected outfit into a chest, and records everything you change. If you add two of the exact same piece, it will only record it once and put the second one back in the actors inventory.
  • When editing the Current outfit. This will grab the list of what they are supposed to be wearing, and record what changes you make, and apply them as soon as you exit the editing menu.
  • The outfit is checked every time you change cells. When your inside, this will mean every load door. IF you are outside, 1 cell is about the same length of the dragon bridge. So when you enter riverwood, your outfit will change if you have the option enabled. 
  • When going into battle. You will notice the main exploring outfit will be equipped the instant you enter battle. You can as well make the helmet worn only during battle. 
  • YOUR OWN OUTFIT CAN BE MANAGED AS WELL! Cool huh? I thought so too. Now you can dress as a King/Queen when you enter a town, and then go home and relax in your house attire, and be ready for a fight on demand without having to edit our outfit, Because now SchakenFM CAN do this for you.
  • Give me all your NON Outfit gear. This will go thru all the 3 outfits and take anything not a part of the outfits.
  • Give me all your Gear. Grabs everything including all their outfits not shown normally
  • Fence my XXXX. This is a neat feature, it will fence these items for about the same price as if going to a merchant. (This does take some time, so please wait for it to finish before going all crazt in the MCM again)


Scan for new Items:

  • This is a little Fancy.. So any mods where the mod author made their outfits compatible, It SchakenFM will find all the stuff they added to the game, and it will add it to the SchakenFM Storage container for you. you will also see a toggle to make SFM do this automatically when you load up a game, it takes about 3 seconds from start to finish and will not cause any lag. It is a small and simple script I made. you can disable the toggle and make it stop at any time. It will import an outfit only once unless you remove the outfit mod and add it back again later, so you wont have 13K of the same thing over and over.




For Modders:

  • Want to make your stuff work here? Super easy. On any material file, (Armor, Weapon, Misc Item, ect), just add the keyword "TraitGreedy" this is a vanilla Keyword, So do not MAKE the keyword, just add it is all. THEN just go to any cell, Prefer a test cell, or somewhere the player will not find it if they do not have SFM installed, and simply drag and drop it in game. That is all. The conditions for it to be found is that it has to have that keyword, and ANYWHERE physically in the game. This being said it can not be inside a container or anything else. If it is, it just wont grab it is all. Is the item already in the world somewhere? then dont add it again. This is a simple way to do this, sadly it is a little restricted too, If you have it in more than one place in the world, then the player will gram all of them, however many you have in the world. If it in in am actors inventory, no worries, it wont touch it.






Q: When using the Hair Color Changer, my NPC's face gets Deformed.

A: Please read above about the hair color changer. I wrote that for a reason


Q: Why is the MCM not showing up?

A1: You need SkyUI and UIExtensions. Beyond that I made this mod very stand alone. IF it does not work for you then you are having many bugs in general and need to clean your save game.

A2: Make sure you are using Version 1.3 - If you are, and it is still not showing up, please reinstall and select the NON LITE master version. it is the second option.

A3: No clue if those others didnt work. Come to https://Schaken-ModsChat.com and I will try to help.


Q: Is Asherz still an Idiot?

A: Sadly, this will never change.


Disclaimer (Click Here)

My favorite part about having a Video Game. ITS NOT REAL! If this mod offends you and makes you panic and hate me forever, then simply pretend it doesnt exist, and dont download it. I do not force anyone to download these mods. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not. If you do want this mod, then click the download, and install. Please forward your complaints and hate mail to: [email protected] We will be glad to file these complaints in the proper trash can with all the others.


Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam


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