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Capital Whiterun Expansion SE 1.2.0

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About This Mod



I did not create this mod I only Uploaded it.


Surjamte Created this and permissions are below 



- 14 new buildings, three are shops
- A bakery
- A shop selling construction goods 
- An alchemist/witch/magic goods shop
- A new playerhome, Bluesky Hall. It's got more room than Breezehome. It costs more as well.

 Around 22 new npcs
- The new npcs all have AI packs set up, so they'll do stuff around town. Practicing archery in the day, drinking mead in the evening and so on
- Many of the new NPCs will have some dialogue and/or greetings using vanilla voice acting
- A few of the new NPCs will have some custom-made outfits.
- A fence who will buy stolen goods, you don't have be a guild member to trade. You have to find him yourself though. 
- Various new decorations around town.
- DLC-integration. Which is a fancy way to say I added in some stuff from DLCs. Like an oven, butter churns and yellow mountain flowers.
- Skyforge equipped with tanning rack, smelter, sharpening wheel and workbench. 

- Some small decorations. 
- New tavern, called the Roadhouse.
Four new merchants will sell their goods on the way to the main gate:
- An imperial wine-merchant
- A redguard trader and his daughter, selling some clothes, gems and rum from Hammerfell
- A nord fur trader
- A high elf merchant who probably would rather have stayed in the Summerset isles

The merchants will go sleep in the Roadhouse during the night. 



There will be some small new scenes and decorations around town depending on the quests you complete.

- Dragon Rising. After killing Mirmulnir (watchtower dragon)and  you become thane, some very exicted guards will be celebrating by the statue of Talos. Talk to them for a small gift. Mirmulnir's skull will be mounted above the entrance to Dragonsreach.
- Battle for Whiterun (Imperial). A few new imperial-themed decorations will appear in town after the battle. The effects of the White-Gold Concordant will also lead to some changes.
- Battle for Whiterun (Stormcloak). New offerings and decorations will appear by the shrine of Talos after the battle. Heimskr's temporary home will be a bit nicer.
- Glory of the Dead. After a reaching a certain stage of the Companions storyline, the skyforge will "awake". It's a fairly subtle effect.
- The Blessings of Nature. Some new Gildergreen saplings will pop up around town after finishing this quest, either ending is fine.
(Most of it should work even if you already completed the quests before installing)

A short new quest revolving around a special horse has been added. Look for a note in the new district behind the Bannered Mare. Or by the Jarl's stables up outside Dragonsreach. Vanilla voice acting.
New in 1.2 = A quest involving a giant has been added. Speak to any inkeep in the Whiterun area to start. Even inkeeps from other mods should be fine - if they have the correct faction
New in 1.2  = A quest to help out Igna with some issues in her basement has been added. Speak to Igna to star


1. I recommed saving your game somewhere that's not Whiterun. Before installing. 
2. Choose one version. A is the normal one. B has fewer exterior edits. Only choose one.
2. Install as usual, I recommend using a mod organizer, like mod organizer. Or vortex. It's up to you. 
- If you wanna do a manual install there's 3 files. "SurWR.esp" "SurWR.bsa" and "SurWR - Textures.bsa". Put them in your Skyrim/Data folder.
3. Quicksave and reload, and you're good to go. 
For LOD, run DyndoLod or SSELODGEN. It is not required, but you probably wanna do it anyway. I used SSELODGEN, it's fairly straightforward.
You can now disable the planks easily ingame. Instructions are in the changelog. You can find the changelog in the description tag and in the articles tab.


I've tested a few mods for compability. If it's not included here, I haven't tested it. So no point in asking me.  But in general it's like this:

I have NOT edited vanilla NPCs, any mod editing vanilla NPCs should be OK.
I have NOT edited vanilla interiors, any mod editing Whiterun interiors should be OK. (There's an invisible trigger box in Dragonsreach, but it shouldn't interfere with anything and it disables itself after a certain scene anyway.)
Immersive Laundry - Compatible
AI Overhaul - Compatible. At least I didn't notice anything weird. 
Your favorite texture mod - 99% sure it's Compatible
Your favorite waifu mod - 99% sure it's Compatible
Bells of Skyrim - only did a quick test, but it should be compatible from now on.
Astronomer's Loft - compatible
Wind District Breezehome - Reborn - Compatible (there's a patch)
JK's skyrim - Needs patch.
Dawn of Skyrim - Needs patch. Same issue as JK.
Open Cities - definitely gonna need a patch.
Whiterun Valley (and other mods editing outside the walls). Try the exterior compability version. Can't promise it works with everything, but it's your best shot right now.



Alexrhcp - Giant quest idea
The quest probably ended up being a bit different than you imagined it, but the basic structure is there
Oaristys and CD PROJEKT RED - Modder's resource pack
I used a few models from here that suited Whiterun,
dwemer156 - Nordic Wayshrines
Used and edited a few models from here that I thought looked really good.
elinen - Whiterun house foundations (ported by sattyre)
Used some foundations for some of the Whiterun houses. Very helpful when placing new buildings in town.
Threeton - TD18 Lore-Friendly Hair
Neat hair. Used some hair for some of the new npcs. 
As you can see the stuff above were from oldrim, I ran them through cathedral asset optimizer. Tested many times, works fine. 
JK's skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim - didn't use any assets. But got some inspiration! Like the antlers above the Drunken Huntsman entrance. And the guardhouse roof.






Check the post here for info on anything and issues for the SSE version





Check for language



Other wise None


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