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Sexy Bandit Captives SE 0.963

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3 Screenshots

About This File


Created by Blackbird Wanderer

Lore friendly, intelligent, and sexy . . . what more could you want?!

(Khajiit sold separately, batteries not included)

           Sexy Bandit Captives - Beta release v0.963          

Note: Run "FNIS for Users" for all of the goodies in this version.  (I got permission from @Gunslicer 's  permission 18 animations from the awesome GSPosesanimations added!)

************(NOT A SLAVE MOD)************

This mod is being updated very frequently. Recommend following for release notifications.

*** The Player must read one of the "Curious Notes" found in-game to initiate the mod ***
*** Check Belethor's shop, Northwatch Keep, Riverwood Traders or Dragonsreach Basement ***

Camp Snowfall and move of Camp Steadwatch (must re-initialize Captive placement to take effect)


05OCT2018 - Support for More Bandit Camps - EtR Patch 1.0.0 for 3 Captive sites in

25APR2019 - Support for DFT's More Bandit Encampments adds 14 Captive sites

01MAY2019 - Support for The Watchtowers Reborn adds 17 Captive sites

(works with either the 2019 "Fueled by Genesis" or the "Standalone" 2015 version)

07MAY2019 - Removed Apachii.esm and ApachiiFemales.esm as dependent requirements



Q:  What is this?

A:  This mod is a major content and visual overhaul/expansion to the original concept developed by pchs from 2014 (Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps) whereby Bandit gangs have taken female NPCs from various backgrounds in Skyrim prisoner.  This mod does not require its conceptual predecessor in any way, and may even be run alongside it independently if desired.  This is not designed to be a new slave mod, though it may be used that way.  It can be just a simple "rescue the girls" campaign, if that's how the user wants to play it. Or a slave collection / harem builder . . . or a TDF prostitution source . . . or a potential follower source . . . or anything in between/combination thereof.


Q:  Is it worth it?

A:  "I have in the past described (to those who have asked) the difference between this mod and the original pchs mod as the difference between looking at a picture of Disney World VS actually going to Disney World."  - Corsayr


Q:  Can I make the Captives naked? [Added 19OCT18]

A:  For Naked Captives, Console: "Set pchsCaptiveClothes to 2" ?
    *Note: This will only function if set before the Captive placement phase.  Otherwise it will have no effect on an existing game.


Q:  Is there be a version for KS Hair and/or CBBE outfits?

A:  Yes, they are included in the installer.


Q:  Will there be a version with male Captives?

A:  Due to the volume of gender specific dialogue (there are literally hundreds thousands of lines) doing so would be a prohibitive time sump to accommodate a minority of users (as is the case with many LL mods).  Converting the characters wouldn't be difficult; rewriting all of the dialogue would and I think the time would be better spent improving depth on the female-centric mod.


Q:  Will other races be added?

A:  Currently all Skyrim vanilla races are represented except the Khajiit and Argonians.  If it won't be done well, I probably won't do it . . . and to do particularly the Khajiit well I would need to have Khajiit specific dialogue at every stage because of the different language syntax employed.  Then I would have to have a blocking Boolean statement in most other dialogue branches to ensure the Khajiit one is selected.  The juice probably isn't worth the squeeze.  But it might be interesting nonetheless so I'll leave the door open.


Q:  Does the mod add NPCs to bandit camps only or do other factions like the forsworn also have them?

A:  It's not called "Sexy Forsworn Captives." :classic_tongue:  Given the developing story around the nature of the restraints and the Bandits (already written in the Captives' greeting dialogue) and the economic basis (pleasure slaves for sale), the principal points of this mod aren't a good fit for the other non-Bandit factions of Skyrim.  i.e., Rogue mages, Forsworn, Vampires, etc.  But, those are fine candidates for a follow-on mod for all or each of them using this mod in a more well developed state as a starting point.


Q:  Will this eventually be fused into one file for download or hosted on MEGA?

A:  Maybe, but not anytime soon.  Perhaps eventually, but while I'm pushing frequent updates, adding another pathway on a different website to update would just slow me down for very little added benefit.  It would allow me a larger file size so these wouldn't be fractured, and that's the only reason I would consider it.  It would also ease the use of mod managers.


(Note: mod not currently configured for mod manager setup; recommend manual installation during beta testing)
For using a mod-manager/organizer:

  Hide contents

For MO: When installing via the manual button (top left of MO screen - "Install a new mod from an archive"), select zip file 1 - the dialogue box that opens will auto name the mod "SexyBanditCaptives". 
Click install.
Then select each subsequent zip file (2,3, patch), when the install dialogue box opens, use the drop down at the top to make the name the same - "SexyBanditCaptives" - it will then ask if you want to merge, replace, cancel - select Merge for each file and hey presto! All done. Takes 2 minutes :classic_smile:

For NMM: Install the first 3 files first and say "No" to any update/overwrite dialogue boxes, then the patch.


Advisement: This patch with a "hot-load" into an existing game will fix many script based errors, but will likely cause others. Some behaviors and dialogue logics become "baked in" to your savegame.  If you can live with the errors, fine, but the best thing to do will be to reload everything from a "clean" save.

If you're having problems, as a test case, disable SBC, load a clean save, save a new game in an empty slot, exit, then enable SBC again and see what happens.


v0.963 Changes

  • Removed ApachiiHair.esm and ApachiiHairFemales.esm dependency!
  • Fixed missing script fragment for SBCSubjugatedStopFollow following Apachii dependency extraction
  • Rebuilt SBC_3rdPerson_Prep script to clear errors following Apachii dependency extraction
  • Narrowed dialogue reference for expert help to "the old Graymane smith in Whiterun" instead of just "the old smith in Whiterun."
  • Connected two items in CampDeaddrop01 that were not connecte to their parent-enable marker for MBC
  • Fixed follower reward script to properly include Player for 3Way
  • Added IsInDialogueWithPlayer!=1 as a condition for 3rd party selection to preclude Speaker being in menu for selection
  • Added IsInDialogueWithPlayer==1 as a condition for rewarded followers in SBCTravelTo3rdPartyActor if dialogue interrupted for whatever reason
  • Added self removal of SBCTravelTo3rdPartyActor AI Package for when scene Follower is selected for doesn't occur
  • Added Follower disappointment dialogue topic for when scene Follower is selected for doesn't occur
  • Added GetInFaction = PlayerHouseCarlFaction as an "OR" condition to the scan to account for non-following HouseCarls
  • Added (PotentialFollowerFaction && RelationshipRank>=1) as additional conditions for follower reward selection
  • Added GunSlicer's 45,46 animations to SBC [Run FNIS for Users]

Note1: If cell scanning gets stuck, try "stopquest SBCMain" then "startquest SBCMain" from the console.


Note2: If you're not playing a Futa character, and you get a Futa detection on loading this mod, it means you have something "else" occupying SlotMask52. It's Ok. Just use "RemoveFaction xx014D90" on your character from the console to remove her from the Futa-Faction for dialogue prompts and animation selection.

Futa Player Character Support:

As long as you load from a clean save, you should be fine. Auto-detect included for SOS as long as you're perma-Futa. Working on future support for Futa-fluid. Player.addtofaction xx014D90 0 should still work if you shift a character's status.

Thanks to those who have patiently borne the errors these first hectic months of beta release/testing.


I've been working for several months on an update mod to the original excellent concept started in the Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps mod posted by pchs in 2014. The functionality intended, however, did not execute in game and many people were frustrated by it. Additionally, I liked using the freed captives for TDF's Aggressive Prostitution mod, but it bothered me that they showed up un-named in that dialogue as well as in SLA Monitor Widget.
What we now have here (finally) can absolutely be just a simple "rescue the girls" campaign, if that's how the user wants to play it. Or a slave collection / harem builder . . . or a TDF prostitution source . . . or a potential follower source . . . or anything in between/combination thereof. I took a slightly different direction for immersion and dialogue, hence the name change to Sexy Bandit Captives. One of the central ideas changed is that the captives are being saved for sale as pleasure slaves rather than just being used by the bandits, and their restraints are enchanted so are much less bulky as well as much more difficult to remove.
Disclaimer: This is a beta release. It's not done, but the bones of the mod are there and functional; it is quite playable at this point. Gameplay aspects are not fully developed, so releasing captives from restraints is automatically successful for now. Subjugation of captives, however, is not automatic and requires both SpeechCraft skill and PC level for success through all stages.

  • Note 1: The captive's outfits are currently built with UNPB meshes, but it works reasonably well with CBBE bodies as well I'm told.  Partial CBBE available in the FOMOD
  • Note 2: There are only 7 10 36 captive release "destinations" currently, but at least 35 more planned.
  • Note 3: Tattoos will not show up in-game unless you have "The Coenaculi UNP" folder as well as the associated "thecoenaculi.json" file in your Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\SlaveTats folder.

Detailed Description:

Over 80 non-respawning (for now) captives peppered throughout Skyrim forts and dungeons per the original. Includes functionality with the More Bandit Camps mod.

  • All captives edited for makeup and Apachii hair -- though planning to release a version with no hair mod hard requirements. (The bandits only take the really attractive ones, apparently, and prefer to keep them that way in most cases.)
  • post-997929-0-77280300-1502581609_thumb.jpg
  • All captives made unique with no respawn.
  • All released captives become potential followers / marriageable if treated accordingly. I wanted to convert it from being just an aesthetic mod into an interaction mod that retained the essence of the aesthetic appeal.
  • All captives given race appropriate unique names from the JaxonzNameGenerator mod files.
  • Added a handful of Dunmer, Altmer, and Bosmer captives. (Sorry, not into Orismer -- head canon says they fought to the death rather than be captured.) I use the BeautifulElves mod and that softens up the angry brow ridge of the vanilla headshape quite a lot.
  • Remove duplication where instances of the same captive were in two separate sites by filling in using the additional races.
  • Branching (unvoiced for now) lore friendly dialogue tree with quite a lot of random branches and others that reflect how the captive NPC may have been treated by the PC.
  • Expanded captive outfits to include some minimalist/skimpy items and bindings adapted from the non-Devious Devices sets.
  • Semi-random lore friendly greetings conditional on NPC state and prior treatment.
  • Customized dialogue branch comments to be tailored to the type of character taken captive. i.e., a captured merchant's dialogue would differ from a captured noble, sailor, blacksmith, hunter, etc. Fleshed out a few more background stories - currently at 27 (3 possible dialogues for each) with plans for at least 9 more. (That makes 81 possible greetings at 3-7 lines each from each captive)
  • Modified diologue branches for easier use / included option for "I don't care how you got here" to bypass immersion story if that's not your thing.
  • Subjugation and restraint unlock dependencies on character skills.
  • Released captives (optionally in each case) autonomously search the area for better clothing and/or weapons after release before executing a "travel to" package. Effectively, they loot the area, but check back with the PC so they're not taking anything important. (Lots of fun to observe, since they comment on nearly every item found, or on the hygiene of the previous owner. :classic_tongue:) Or, you can just give them whatever you want . . . or nothing at all, but they may not like you very much later.
  • Released captives now successfully travel to tailored random destinations on release, but are persistent and you can track them down later, assuming they 1) survived and, 2) told you the truth where they were going. :blush:
  • Some captives may be former bandits or female bandit leaders who experienced a mutiny. Who knows what these types may do when released when they're armed again?
  • Plans to tie in the enchantment on restraints/bindings to affect SexLabArousal. i.e., The restraints fuel desire.
  • "Handoff" to TDF Prostitution works correctly while keeping that mod as non-required. (i.e., The prostitution option is not available until after the captive travels to their destination and the PC finds them there)
  • Released captives stop at local vendor to trade outfits! You may not see the transaction, but you might see a former captive go into a shop and come out wearing something else.
  • And, yes, lots of dialogue driven sexlab animations. :classic_biggrin: True to the spirit of the original mod, there are two main routes a PC can take with a captive -- one of subjugation or one of release. It's up to you (within the limits of PC Speechcraft, Lockpicking, Smithing, and Level) which you pursue.
  • Gender specific dialogue, as well as being Futa friendly for the equipped girls. (Auto detected using SexLab & SOS)
  • For now, there are no pre-release SexLab animations for the PC to sneak up on the bandits having their way with a captive, but it's on the drawing board for a later release.
  • No current "Notice Board" or "Radiant Quests" for rescuing captives being worked . . . for now. Head canon says they're being kept in secret, and with the chaos of Skyrim's civil war and limited communication, there's nobody looking for the captives at this point.

The separate files are required due to file size from extensive texture & mesh work for both NPCs and outfits. Download and extract to your Skyrim\Data folder manually. Not designed for mod manager implementation. (I've heard NMM treats it like 3 mods.)

  • (xx KB) Most recent patch version posted (i.e., v0.9x) -- this is a WIP so patches will be issued frequently
  • (98.35 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_01 = Main .esp file + Scripts + .SEQ file + NPC Meshes + NPC Textures
  • (80.79 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_02 = Outfit meshes
  • (86.63 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_03 = Outfit textures

Mod functionality specifics:

  • The (current) clothing files are built for UNPB functionality (seems to work for any UNP) right now just because that happens to be what I had loaded when I started. Adaptation to CBBE will be a follow-on project post-beta I think.

Hard Dependencies (aside from Skyrim.esm and Update.esm, obviously):

  • SexLab - by Ashal (This was required by the original mod; provides animation framework)
  • ZaZ Animation Pack - by xaz, ZaZ Chris (This was required by the original mod; provides furniture, devices, animations)
  • SexLabAroused Redux - by fishburger67 (Specifically designed to "minimize the papyrus impact of Aroused")
  • ApachiiHair.esm, ApachiiHairFemales.esm - by Apachii (Intend to make a version that uses Apachii Hairs & Apachii Female Hairs as well as a version without.)
  • . . . and the other subordinate mods required by the above.

Optional / Recommended:

Reported Unresolved Mod Conflicts:

  • Requiem or its patch Requiem for the Indifferent (causes essential dialogue to not display) Update: partial success with Requiem 2.0
  • Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Birthsigns - Classes - Skills - Specializations - Attributes
  • Disparity - Dialogue options missing once class and skill selected; reversible if unselected
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul - the game loads up, but it seems like you get script errors (papyrus mods all reset, some won't load etc.)

Testing Environment:

Here's my "clean game" process:
Clone my vanilla Data folder (8.49 GB)/ rename the original then rename the new clone "Data"
Note: Original "vanilla" game clones consists of Skyrim.esm, Update.esm + all three DLCs


* = Hard requirement / # = recommended
Load the following (I load everything manually):
* ApachiiHair.esm v1.6 Full
* ApachiiHairFemales v1.5
* SexLab v1.62 full
* SKSE v1.7.3
* FNIS Behavior v6.3
* SkyUI v5.1
# SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim 3.00.004
# All in One HDT Animated Pussy / UUNP B Main Files
UUNP_Preset_UNPB + UUNP_SM_Sweaty + UUNP_2K_DM_SGRenewal + UUNP_NM_LowMuscular
# SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.8.7z
# SOS - Racemenu Plugin v0.2
# SexLab Cumshot v1.7.2
# Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch-71214-3-0-10
* SexLabAroused_V28b_Loose
# SLA Monitor Widget
* ZazAnimationPackv7.00


# MoreBanditCamps(Explorer'sEdition)
# SlaveTats
# The Coenaculi for UNP-35677-Ju
# Beautiful Elves
# Trueeyes
# True Eyes for Elves
# Human Eyes for Elves


* SexyBanditCaptives
Scripts(all pchs + _TatActor + _Custom files)
SEQ (SexyBanditCaptives.seq)
textures\actors\character\SlaveTats\body\The Coenaculi UNP


Troubleshooting helpers/modifiers:
Precache Killer
SOS - Racemenu Plugin v0.2
SexLab Tools v3.0
SkyUI Rearranger V0.2.7z
Save Game Cleaner
The Bethesda Logo video reducer (videos\BGS_Logo.bik = 0 kb)
11 XPMSE3 Plugin Schlongs of Skyrim Compatibility for RaceMenu
Scripts.rar (Required for CK compiling)



pchs - the original excellent mod concept, Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps & Sex Slaves for More Bandit Camps
Kenjoka - for the idea to fix the original mod
Apachii - all hair meshes/textures
Zaz - Animation pack
Ashal - SexLab
fishburger67 - SexLabAroused Redux
skillest - More Bandit Camps
b3lisario - (SOS) Schlongs of Skyrim
murfk - SlaveTats
Tiwa44 - Minidresses
Todd420 - Barely Vamp robes and tavern clothes
Gatti 14 - Yumiko suits
MAK - Remodeled armor items
Deserter X - Mitosuke - Tembtra thief boots
NPR (Kurese/R18PN) - Darkstring outfit
Kryliss - Leatherwear B2 / skirt
Aery Soul - Huntress armor
Petrovich - Leather clothes
Richabri - Honshu outfit
Zeph Sunstrider - Topless Prisoner Rags / Ragged Trousers
wtfuun - Tribal clothes


Special Thanks!

Special thanks to those who were particularly helpful getting me this far, whether code help, ideas, or just kindness and encouragement!







1. Kept on Lover's Lab only.


First of all, we do not give permission to post this on any other sites what so ever. We do not allow these mods to be ported to any other games. I already have the LE version and it is linked at the top. If your wanting your player Turned into a Follower, please contact Schaken. All the sources in these mods I do not give permission to use, share, or upload to another site. Feel free to contact us for special permissions, questions, or suggestions. Also for those that panic and sweat at the thought that something might upset them, This holds the name "Dolls" Simply because my first mod is "Dolls SE" and I wanted it to blend with what I already have. 


What's New in Version 0.963   See changelog


===== 0.963 V2 =====
- Fixed crashing issue when going near a SBC NPC, if you dont have Apachii hair or KS Hair they will all be bald lol

===== 0.963 =====
- Added a FOMOD installer so you can choose what you want
- Updated conversion to the latest version
- Probably fixed black face bug

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