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hitomi tanaka 1.0.0

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25 Screenshots

Whats new?
I created a piece of art:  the final  Hitomi Tanaka reproduction.

its an improved version 2.0 of the Gravure and the AV versions i published on Loverslab.
This version is a photorealistic Hitomi.
It differs from the old ones because i have resculpted completely the head mesh, made it is very hipoly (10 times the citrus, about 20000 vertex), made custom hipoly brows, real eyes and eyelashes and i edited all the tri"s to make the best facial expressions match together.

It is fully voiced with real Hitomi Tanaka voice.
I  have redone the diffuse and normal maps for the head, you will have a lot of options in this fomod, to make her appear as you wish.
But i have included also old maps  for the ones that want to have in special edition my old Hitomi apparence.
The new maps are obviously very superior and more realistic and are the ones to select to make Hitomi appear as she really is.

A special thanks to Hieroglyphics and Cricket that helped me to make her fully voiced (not possible without them)




More detailed explanation

Hitomi Tanaka (田中瞳) creation follower
I customized everything both textures and meshes to make this artwork to gain life.

She was not meant to be created for Skyrim fans but for Hitomi fans, its pure fan/art from a great fan of her. (me)
You can choose her apperence in the fomod. Her apparence changed during years: young hitomi different from adult hitomi,
I leave to you followers to select her apparence

The head mesh is custom sculpted in zbrush
The body mesh is custom sculpted in zbrush (not work with bodyslide): its 3bbb only (inside the folder there is also the not 3bbb body but you have to rename manually as you wish)
hands and feets High Poly Feet and Hands by Halofarm
textures my original 
convertions from various mods, a very big thanks for the author who created them (i just made hitomi) 
my originals
the blue dress
hitomi high heel 


About the mod:
The appearance of this follower is the vision of the mod authors, requests
for changes may or may not be considered. Mesh for the head parts and
body are custom. Textures created and others altered to represent this
character. This mod is independent of any body type or textures used as a
vanilla re-placer. It is completely standalone. There will be no
offering as cbbe. Use HDT Physics Extension and all its dependencies if
so desired. All screens and videos by the mod author are in-game using
an ENB.
Mod may cause slow downs, stuttering, black textures or follower
invisibility on lower end machines or game setups with Hi Res textures
and script heavy mods. BE AWARE SHITTY PC USERS!!!

Follower statistics:
She is a companion, she will accompany you on your adventures.
She uses Katana
She has her own race.
She has her own XPMSE skeleton.
Set as essential.
Weight 100.
Height is 5.1 for her race like the real Hitomi.
She is waiting in the Dragonsreach upper balcony.
Her inventory includes  dedicated outfits for this follower only 100 dresses
She will wear whatever you leave in her inventory.
 She is fully voiced with hitomi voice (downside: not marriagable, cause idk how to setup.)

i left a esp.bak tha use female sultry voice instead of hitomis but is  marriagable, , but you have to rename manually as you wish t use it

Frequently questions:

- hey Prince the file too big... why? she is just a follower...

She is not a normal follower that  you create moving a couple sliders in racemenu but a fanart masterpiece, so i wanted her to be more complete as possible , the final Hitomi, up to you to eliminate manually the option you dont like and reduce filesize

- Hey Prince, she i very high demanding: sorry she is a quality artwork, thats how it is

- hey prince she does not appear

She has dependancy:


high heel.esm

3bbb cbbe



What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

To the creator of the original dresses i converted, thx

MUST ASK for permission to be hosted on other sites.
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