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TAP Warehouse Modder Resource 1.0.0

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About This File

This modder resource is a combination of lots of things I have created and other things.

This resource includes custom Enchanter Tables, Alchemy Tables, Dining Tables, Filled plates of food, Mannequin displays with a script to make them stay put, and chests of various kinds. There are invisible chests, some are safe storage, and others are filled with supplies such as blacksmith supplies and food each with a script on them that refreshes their contents every 24 in game hours.


In addition, I created exterior models for the Farmhouse Architecture with porches and stairs. Also ones of the Inn and the Jarl's Longhouse. Each of these have full custom collision. I also included the exterior model for the house I used for my Storm-Song Manor mod (a custom version of the House of Clan Battle-born)


I also included Template cells of each of the farmhouse interiors and basements which are uncluttered, complete with a COC marker and X marker tagged with Location Center Marker. To use them you need only duplicate the cell, rename and set it ownership etc.

There are two warehouses. The first one contains all my custom assets and the second one is a massive warehouse filled with vanilla set-ups you may also find useful.


To use this mod, unpack the archive directly to your Skyrim Data folder.

To use this mod with your own mod use the program Merge Plugins to merge TAP Warehouse with your plugin.

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