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Ningheim Race SE 1.0.0

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25 Screenshots

This is a port of the Ningheim Race from Oldrim. The race uses its own meshes, textures and skeleton? As such I would highly recommend to switch out the body for other textures and replace the skeleton with xEdit. Also I am aware I have not ported the followers and some patches. These will most likely come in the future.


The Ningheim are a rare race of Nord who have been gifted by The Nine with otherworldly vision to serve as a physical connection between the realm of the spirits and that of the living. Ningheim usually grow up in secluded areas, with or without protectors. It is not known how a Ningheim Nede comes to existence or where they come from, but folk-lore tells each and every one of them is specially selected by The Nine. They share the same traits as regular Men, though they usually have a striking, almost other-wordly, beauty which is said to be caused by the good health they maintain through their powerful souls. From birth a Ningheim's soul will change into what eventually become a tool to wield great power, as they are gifted with many abilities that are unfathomable by regular men over the course of their life. With the ability to look into another's mind, and even their very souls, a Ningheim is always feared no matter if they are good, evil or anything in between. Their gaze alone can break the will of their foes, their magicka can command souls, and with their powerful will they can take on any obstacle.

These are the Ningheim. Powerful warriors sent from the heavens above, sporting both heavenly beauty and terrifying power. There is no set path for a Ningheim. Become one yourself and make your mark on the province of Skyrim and beyond!



The eyes are of a Ningheim are very precious. A Ningheim relies on his/her sight to perceive the world of the soul. Without eyesight they would lose much of their power. When a Ningheim's eyesight is impaired, a strange process transforms the eyes to see directly with the soul. A Ningheim will thus never go truly blind, but they will lose their normal eyes if their eyes do get damaged. It has been said that when a Ningheim were to become a vampire their soul would reject the corporeal influence by transforming the eyes before they get tainted and they will retain their normal facial features.



The race's features


  • Works with the new Dragonborn DLC and every other official Skyrim DLC!
  • Face and body textures by Hellosanta, Urshi with special updates and changes specially made for this race.
  • Exclusive alternative female face textures by m0ckin9bird for more character creation options.
  • Includes 56+ new eye types and 63 new highly-detailed eyebrows made by Hvergelmir from Brows and Pikkatze from Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents.
  • 24 New warpaint types made by TairenSoul from TairenSoul Face Tattoo Warpaint, exclusively for this race.
  • Custom complexions with 3 new HD Dirt options.
  • Comes with built-in Smile in HD by Zzjay.
  • All new head meshes and head morphs for a totally new and refreshing look never found before in a custom race up till now.
  • Fully stand-alone body meshes and skeletons for that extra bit of customization.
  • Of course full support for DG and non-DG Vampires and Werewolves. Vampires retain their normal facial features, and get special new eyes.
  • Original new powers only available to this race, such as the ability to teleport, the power to control souls, even the power to set your foe ablaze using their own soul and MORE.
  • Powers will be gained by leveling your character instead of gifted to you for simply choosing the race. It'll keep the gameplay in balance for any player.
  • Features new followers to enrich the world with that fit in with the unique new story that has been made for your character.
  • This all is made available to you through an easy installer for the ultimate ease of use.
  • NEW!: CharGen Extension included with RaceMenu now offers MORE face sliders for The Ningheim as well. Go get it!

Installer options include:

  • Choice between two female face types.
  • UNP, UNPB, CBBE and CBBE Slim support. BBP and NeverNude variants available.
  • Different female skin textures to choose from, with choice in scars, pubic hair, body toning, and scar definition.
  • Custom Sundracon male bodies. NeverNude and updated outfits also available.
  • More will be added along the way.


Base Stats:

Two-handed +10
Conjuration +5
Block +5
Restoration +5
Archery +5
Light Armor +5

Total Skill Bonus = 35 (Just like vanilla races)

Race powers:


  • Spirit Control: The influence of your soul's power can now twist the souls of the dead to fight for you. Turn undead into ally for 60 seconds. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 8.
  • Ethereal Shift: The soul has developed and can sustain on its own. Enables a Ningheim to instantly transfer the soul to another place and rematerialize around it. Type: Lesser Power, will work for as long as you have the required magicka. Gained at level 10.
  • Soul-shattering Gaze: Increased reserves of spiritual energy can cripple your foe by showing a glimpse of your soul's true power. Paralyze a foe for 10 seconds with a chance to paralyze all foes around if the target has less than 20% health. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 15.
  • Watchful Eye of The Nine: Receive "Divine Intervention" of The Gods once your health drops below 20%. Type: Daily Power, auto-equipped. Press power-button (default='Z') to use when you get the notification. Gained at level 20.
  • Soul Ignition: A Ningheim with an overwhelming amount of spiritual energy can become powerful enough to touch another's soul and set it ablaze to completely destroy any foe. Will leave nothing left of dragons, as well. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 30.
  • Soul Shade: Ningheim have enormous might, which comes with great responsibility. Take the darkness from the soul and turn it into a powerful follower for 2 minutes. Type: Daily Power. Gained at level 35.
The new character customization options

NEW!: Get RaceMenu and get two new Ningheim Morph Sets for endless possibilities! The base race mod comes with new facial slider features, but RaceMenu adds many more.


  • Mouth Forward = Lip Fullness
  • Jaw Forward = Nose Width
  • Eyebrow Forward = Eyebrow Angle


  • Jaw Forward = Nose Width
  • Eye Depth = Eye Tilt

The original functionality of these sliders was always minimal, and with the new head shape your character's head will not need them as they were. In return, you get very nice new options to create the character that you want.

Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co

MUST ASK for permission to be hosted on other sites.
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