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Helgen Rebuilt (Fixed Version) 1.0.0

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About This File

I did not create this mod, I merely fixed the major problem with this mod that caused most people to remove it.

This mod was available on the Nexus for a long time but it has since disappeared. There are still the Russian and Spanish Translations but there is something that ALL of these versions shared. 

The roads outside of Helgen are REALLY messed up, as in there are none! So I fixed it. At first I thought it was a case of the mod author KahvozeinsFang had intially disabled the road pieces for whatever reason. I find out that wasn't the case. Each road piece in a long distance in any direction (as well as some trees and stone walls) had be linked to a marker through the Enable Parent then to an X marker that lead nowhere. Whatever Quest or script owned this (I couldn't figure that out) wasn't firing so the roads were not appearing in game.

I went through every road piece and removed that Enable Parent and it started working.


Load Order: Haven't really encountered a problem with that but I would suggest it load near the beginning.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT START A NEW GAME WITH THIS MOD ACTIVATED! After installation, turn off the plugin in which ever mod manager you are using (I use MO2) until AFTER you make it out of Helgen and to Riverwood. In the case of those who are using Alternate Start, only activate it AFTER you have went to Helgen and found the burned corpse with the Journal.

Activate it from a save in an interior cell as well.

DO NOT use this with Helgen Reborn. It is incompatible.


This mod adds NPCs back into Helgen, and repairs the damage. It adds a Blacksmith, an Inn, a General Merchant. There is also a follower. The guards who are patrolling are Falkreath Guards. In my testing on my live streams I found everything was working except the issue with the vanished roads.


Normally with my uploads I have a video and slew of images but I didn't do any of that for this. Please trust me when I say it looks great and works perfectly now.


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