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3BA for Female Creatures Reworked and F.E.M.A.L.E. 1.9.8

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Replacer for this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35962, idea from this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31177

basically, the original uses unp body, i'm replacing it with 3BA...as long as it's possible

- I'll update the mod every thursday assuming i'm still alive, otherwise expect it on friday


To Do List

- Add them all to 3BA

- Add to a group in Bodyslide  should be added automatically in 3BBB group

- Fix clipping

- Someone reported an issue with this mod so here's an installation tip : if you are using the original "Female Creatures Reworked", you HAVE to make sure that it is overwritten by this mod, aka "FEMALE", otherwise you won't get the 3BA bodies. The files here are named so that they will merge with the original "FEMALE", which is also supposed to be overwritten by "Female Creature Reworked" so look out for that, you'll need to change the priority order.




- I certainly won't do the zombies cuz there's like 40 of them and some of them even have custom bodies and crap + the textures are for unp so i'd have to readapt each and every one of them and i don't hate myself enough to go through that... might have found a way around that issue, will test it soon

- The creatures left to be changed use custom skeletons, i can't switch them to 3BA without modifying it, which i don't know how to do yet so next big update will most likely be in a while

If i can't figure it out, i'll resort to just having it scale with 3BA instead of having the physics added


- If you find an issue, you can message me on this site or in the discord (same username)







What's New in Version 1.9.8   See changelog



Ok Finally had some time to update the mod

Added a list in the file with the converted bodies

(As it turns out "F.E.M.A.L.E. SSE" uses the actor section instead of Creature so) you don't actually need "Female Creature Rework" for this file to work

Changed the name of the file to have it fuse with "F.E.M.A.L.E. SSE", assuming you're using MO2

otherwise, just put the "caliente tools" file in the original "F.E.M.A.L.E. SSE" mod

they should all scale with your preset now, tho be warned, there will be clipping if it's too big



Added all gynoid dresses



Added All malaburo and undead parts aside from the head, don't know yet if it's relevant to replace it

need to redo the bone weight of the cyborg

message me on this site if something's not working



Ok not a real update so to say, more like a test ; i tried to modify the frost atronach to give it 3BA but to do so i had to remove some parts + i'm not sure how it will look once ingame, so i'm adding the replacer as an optional file, feedbacks would help a lot since i'm not good at checking things ingame



Added angels stuff (body, hands and feet + dress)

expect clipping if using a big BS preset



Another small update cuz the last one wasn't much either

Added Succubus Armor and gloves - I had some free time so I did the clipping of succubus armor -> shouldn't clip unless you go for presets with sliders over 100...i guess

you can download the file with 1_8 in it's name, otherwise it's merged with the maine one



Fixed some clipping for FlameAtronachF and that's about as far as i'll go for that one, it's really low-poly soi can't reasonnably fix clipping for big presets

will merge it with the main file with the next big update


xml file

provided by "No U"

In case you somehow can't select a preset when building the body in Bodyslide



Update is late, apologies, exams week hit hard this year

Added the remaining Medusa/Sirens

Also removed the frost atronach replacer from the main file, t'wasn't supposed to be in here, it's still available as an optionnal file



Fixed some clipping for Skeleton armor (HivoryHunter F)

Fixed the cyborg arms placement

Added AngelsHands and AngelsFeets + a replacer for the head (the head will now use regular textures instead of custom ones to avoid neck issues)



Just added wisp clothes

Will merge with the main file on the next update



Testing a Draenei body change

I didn't switch the body for 3BA YET, it would require me to replicate the shape of the legs + a few other issues like body seams ect...

The base body (and hands) are still unp, but they'll use the 3BA sliders + the body weight of 3BA and I switched the skeleton used by the race for the latest one by xp32

Also, merged the latest file into the main one

Welp, here's the version with the 3BA body replacer



Zombie body scaling file added, to have the bodies of zombies scale with 3BA sliders

5 zombies available for now, more will be added later



5 more zombies added to the 3BA scaling

This is a pretty boring process so i'm taking my time



Fixed DraeneiReplacer file, body didn't scale properly with sliders

Thakns to FAsfas for reporting the issue


Fiuzo for F.E.M.A.L.E. , ezfree for porting to SE


MUST ASK for permission to use assets from this mod
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