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Realistic Cows Of Tamriel SE_LE 1.0.0

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About This Mod

 Author: Me Blossombae88



Realistic Cows Of Tamriel adds a brand new hi-poly HD (regular and painted version) cow mesh and texture

to Skyrim. Realistic Cows Of Tamriel has been made compatible for both SE and LE users 

all in this one single small mod. Best of all, is that it's all done in a simplified FOMOD Installer so there is only one download!


NO PLUGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Alright so some backstory on this mod for you. A cow replacer that actually looks like a damn cow. I have seen less

fur on a bison than the cows in skyrim. To solve this issue i took to the web and found a high quality model and

texture from Cg Trader, behold Realistic Cows Of Tamriel was born. This cow is high-poly mesh body textures are 2k HD

 and the eyes  have their own 1k HD texture. This will replace all the cows in skyirm. You must install a regular

and a painted. Trying it without the painted could cause texture issues on random cows so its been included.

This mod should not affect your game play beside adding some crazy immersive cows. Enjoy!





Ok so the part i really like!!

A lot of work went into the this mod. I did alot like the idea and putting everything together

and making the texure normals and the brown diffuse and editing uv maps. However, there is alot 

more to thank for alot of other work that went into this tiny mod so here we go! 


-First i want to thank  DavidBJoker at CGTrader for the original model and texture!!

-Next up is JoBobby for the getting the original skeleton to attatch to the mesh!!

-Next we have The Mighty Nine for making the  Black/White and Painted Cow texture Diffuses.

-Finally we have Taoxue for back porting the meshes to LE so it could be included AIO. 






The only requirements are: Either version of the Skyrim





*Install using a mod manager and let the fomod do the work 

*If installing manually..... May your God be with you... naming is important... you should just use the fomod.



*If you used a mod manager to install, use it uninstall 🙂

*if you installed manually, then delete my files providing you havent cracked open your bsa, you shouldnt need back ups 











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