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JRC'S Witcher Style Swords 3.0

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11 Screenshots

About This File

Supposedly this mod of The Witcher 3 swords will already work in SE but, in case, I went ahead and ran the meshes through NIF Optimizer. Below will be a description from the original LE mod. Which you can find here JRC'S Witcher Style Sword Pack

The pictures shown are only a very small example of what the mod adds to the game.

It's 102 craft-able Witcher swords (plus 24 Relics - 12 steel and 12 silver), 51 of them are steel and 51 of them are silver. All the silver ones come with the undead bonus. There are one-handed and two-handed versions. Both have the same weight, damage, value, swing speed and are the same size. So you're probably thinking "What's the point?". Well the reason why the one-handed and two-handed versions are exactly the same is so you can choose how your character holds their sword without installing another mod like "Unlocked Grip" for instance.

There are now 'Relic' swords. These are swords that aren't craft-able but you must find them through out the world. There are only 14 relic swords at the moment but more will be added in future updates.

I tried my best to balance the swords so that you can continue to use them through an entire play-through. I have also done my best for certain swords to cater to low and high level characters and somewhere in between. I will update this mod as frequent as possible. I plan on adding more swords to the pack as time goes on and even considering adding some extra features such upgrades for individual swords or even implementing a feature from The Witcher 3 and have it so you must obtain diagrams to craft higher level swords. Who knows... haven't made a final decision as of yet on whether to so or not.


I hope you enjoy these new swords. The Original author of this mod has not updated this mod since Nov. 8th 2016 so, don't expect anymore updates to this.

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


Cut down on how many swords that were introduced to the game. Total now down to around 69 different swords 98% of the swords are the Witcher Schools' Swords now. The first version I uploaded (v2.2.0) had 102 Craft-able swords & 14 Relics to find, now there are 55 Craft-able swords with 14 Relics. I kept the Relic swords in the game, below you will learn the locations to find these swords. I didn't nerf any of the swords, it's up to you if you want to nerf them. I will probably do another version that only has the School of the Wolf swords and the 14 Relics. In that version, I will nerf the Relics so that way you have a need to get them.

'Aerondight' - Clear Pine Pond
'Slayer' - Twilight Sepulchre
'Madness & Disdain' - Wolfskull Cave
'Winter's Blade' - Dragon's Reach
'Fate' - Dragon's Reach
'Teigr' - The Blue Palace
'Ashrune' - Mzulft
'Harvall' - Glenmoril Cavern
'Deithwen' - Dawnstar Sanctuary
'Blade from the Bits' - Palace of the Kings
'Hemdall's Wrath' - Hela's Folly
'Maugrim' - Falkreath Watchtower
'Zireael' - Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine
'Sword of Destiny' - Bonestrewn Crest
'Baptism of Fire' - Bonestrewn Crest
'Forgotten Vran Sword' - Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin
'Addan Deith' - Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary
'Moon Blade'- Rannveig's Fast
'Akatosh's Wrath'- Saarthal
'Witcher Steel Sword' - Helgen Keep
'Witcher Silver Sword' - Helgen Keep
'Woe and Longing' - Reeking Cave
'Despair'- Swindler's Den 


If you are updating from v2.2.0 to v3.0:

1. In-game: Remove any Witcher swords that you have in your inventory, taking note on which swords that you have (so you can get them back if it wasn't a sword that I removed).

2. Mod Manager: Make note of where the plugin is in your load order to lessen the chance of any game problems.

3. Uninstall v2.2.0 & install v3.0. Both the name of the mod and the ESP are named differently in v3.0

4. Put the plugin JRC's Witcher Swords.esp in the load order where the old v2.2.0 was

5. Start game and Command Console:

Help (name of the sword that you had) 4

Typing that in under Command Console, it will give you the Form ID in order for you to add the sword you had back into your inventory. Though it will not be at the level that you had when you got rid of it before updating. Keep in mind that I removed 47 craft-able swords, so the sword that you had may not be in the game any more.

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Even though the latest version requires textures from the previous one (for now), these swords made with care and great attention to detail, stand out in the game without breaking the immersion and serve as a great addition to the Dragonborn's arsenal. Use them yourself, give them to your followers, hang them on the wall, they will fit right in and look awesome.

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