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[Schaken-Mods] Multiple Adoptions SE 1.0.0

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About This File

[Schaken-Mods] Multiple Adoptions SE

Have you ever wanted to adopt more then 6 kids?  Did you ever want your adventures to be a family outing?  Look no farther as this is the answer to that if you said "Yes".




You can adopt up to 24 kids

Allows custom homes with up to 24 beds (2 beds Minimum Required)

Works with SchakenFM, AFT, and other Follower Management mods - look at notes below



1. Install with your Favorite Mod Manager

2a. (Vortex Users) Manually make a rule to force this to load after The Kids are Alright (TKAA.esp) if you use that mod.

2b. (MO2 Users) DO what you do to make it load after The Kids are Alright (TKAA.esp)



THIS MOD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HearthfireMultiAdoption.esp and/or any patches made for that system.


Notes on Follower/Adopted:

Once you adopt a Child and the initial greeting at their new home you can talk to them and ask them to be your follower.  As a Follower the MHIYH options can be used to assign rooms and such. So the beds can be in another cell just note in this case the bed number in the spell will be off but you can still adopt more then the beds you have up to 24 kids.  With SchakenFM you can edit the names so there is no last name anymore.  This was done so you can have more control over the last name.  These functions has been tested on several Follower Managers and most intensely AFT as that is what I use along with SchakenFM.  If you also have SchakenFM installed once they are a follower you can also change their settings as well so that is highly recommended to have.



Most issues with the adoption system will be due to Load Order Placement.  If a Child refuses to greet you or is buggy make sure you have this mod lower then all child mods before contacting me.



You can play the game how you want as making children followers.  This in turn can allow things to happen that you do yourself like make them killable and so on using the above follower mods.  This mod does not however change the child flag if the NPC you adopt has it.



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