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Night Mistress Mansion SE 0.7bis

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This is the "Night Mistress Mansion" for Special edition
Original mod:
Night Mistress Mansion

Conflicts :

  • Captured dreams, if you put it in your load order BEFORE Night Mistress Mansion. If you put it AFTER Night mistress Mansion, it may work.


SSE : When the mod will be finished, I'll try to convert it to make it compatible with Skyrim Special Edition (if SSE contains also the Dawnguard and dragonborn DLCs).

In terme of scripts, aNMM is compatible in theory. The main problem is the textures.


How to start the mod : talk to an In keeper, and meet Axia Lilvahi, in the Night Mistress Mansion.


The Mod content :


Radiant prostitution is about inn girls. Maria Eden about slaves whores... the high class prostitution was missing... until Night Mistress Mansion !


Axia Lilvahi is not like pimps you can meet in Skyrim : whore herself, she takes care of her girls, and she's very ambitious...
No bestiality and slavery in that mod : it's a classy prostitution mod.


Mansion girls have different status, and it have consequences. Sex skills and money are based on that rank.
- Apprentices don't choose their jobs, and get 30% of the profits.
- whores will be able to negociate, and get 30% of the profit + a margin (so, player negociate the sex scene, and the price in a marge).
- dancers can propose sex, and dance.
- special are... special. Only the Night Mistress Mansion will propose special employees.
- courtesans are expensive (almost 500 gold, 50% for the girl), and can also make some interesting tasks (like spying, art, or just chat/accompany a noble for a party...).


30 %, that's a little... but every whores have a bed, food, and washed clothes, and can use the Mansions as their homes... so, they don't need to spend that money in the brothel, unlike Maria Eden or Radiant prostitution ones.
In every brothel, player will find a chest where she can store her gear safely.


At the beginning of the mod, player can make money by whoring, or by receiving it from Axia during the quest line... at a step, player will become an associate, be able to publish erotic posters, and will be able to earn a part of the daily profits of each brothels... if there are profits... that's mean you're in charge to make profits !


Core Quests :

  • aNMM0_starter : the starter quest, where player meet Axia Aoada.
  • aNMM1_Hire : get your job position !
  • aNMM2_ begin : the beginning of the Night Mistress Mansion : recruit whores, make add, and turn this ruin into a profitable Mansion.
  • aNMM2_book : erotic books publication. More than 150 girls to photoshoot : Catch them all !
  • aNNM2_Dance : dancing lesson.
  • aNMM3_Vampire : find the dark side of Axia Aoada. Your first real moral choice.
  • aNMM4_begin : acquire the Red Button Mansion !
  • aNMM4_Courtesan : convince Kahedec to become a courtesan, and recruit another one.
  • aNMM4_End : Help Amélie Malibue to find Axia's past... and defeat Axia old ennemies.


Radiant Quests :

  • aNMM_Main : the mod management quest.
  • aNMM_Main_book : the magazines management quest.
  • aNMM_RedButtonMain : the Red Button Brothel Management quest
  • aNMM_NightMistressMansion_Main : the Night Mistress Mansion management quest
  • aNMM_Recruit : recruit NPC from the mod, and from vanilla skyrim (who says "Ysolda" ?)
  • aNMM_Recruit_Model : recruit NPC from erotic pictures, for the magazines publications.


Actor Events :

  • aNMM_ActorEvent_WhoreQuest : NPCs whores, dancers and courtesan working quest.
  • aNMM_ActorEvent_DancerQuest : NPCs dancers working quest.
  • aNMM_ActorEvent_CourtesanQuest : same, for courtesans. More money...
  • aNMM_ActorEvent_WaitressQuest : waitresses have their event too...
  • aNMM_ActorEvent_slaveWhoreQuest : another whore actor event...
  • aNMM_Events_NightMistressMansion : a quest (thanks CPU) to trigger lot of scenes...


Side Quests :

  • aNMM_Rep_Vamp1 : play Truth or Dare with three vampiric girls.
  • aNMM_Rep_ImpClient : an important client came. Fuck him good, and increase the Mansion's reputation.
  • aNMM_Rep_Client : please the client... and make an extra money.
  • aNMM_Rep_Book : publish a book.
  • aNMM_Rep_Courtesan : a whore delivery outside the Mansion. Ley with the client, get paid, come back home.
  • aNMM_Rep_Spy : work with the thieves guild
  • aNMM_Rep_GuardBandit : execute some bandits who are annoying the Mansion
  • aNMM_Rep_GuardEscort : Escort a Courtesan to her client
  • aNMM4_sideQuest_GirlBard : acquire the Burning Thigh Mansion.
  • aNMM4_sideQuest_Kahedec : take Kahedec sexual education in charge !


The Brothels :


The Night Mistress Mansion is more a company. During the mod, several establisments will be established. Brothels I planned :

  • The Red Button : a Mansion near DragonBridge and Solitude.
  • The Night Mistress : a manor based on Volkihar castle. It's near Lake Ilinata, not far from Captured dreams Mansion.
  • The Burning Thigh : a wood manor based brothel, near Riften.


Some of the mod's NPCs :

  • Axia Lilvahi : a woman from a far country. Exasperated by skyrim pimps (mostly slavers and brutes), she decided to build her own business!
  • Aeta and Aesta Merith : two sisters, they lives in Dawnstar. Aeta will be the local brothel keeper.
  • Carmen : a experienced redhead whore from HighRock, she have contacts with the Penitus occulatus. But she don't hesitate to use illegal means to reach her goals.
  • Amélie Malibue : a scout Axia hired some times ago... she will be the bar keeper, and her morality will temper Axia and Carmen choices.
  • Iolia : a yound dunmer, Axia's "niece".
  • Kahedec Gra Limai : a young orc noble.
  • Bula Gro Labrom : Kahedec's bodyguard
  • Haley, Badcia, Laren : three vampires girls.
  • Azor Avaj Sonderbilt : a powerful warlock, who have only one weakness : women.
  • Lalum : a yound dancer and Axia's daughter in law.
  • Asilia : skilled maid, and Iolia cousin.
  • Violet, Lily and Favani Arelas : Iolia former colleagues.


NPC to recruit : (in progress)


NPC can be recruited for two purposes : as nude models (around 150 NPCs available !) for "Skyrim Beauties" Publication, and as "employees". The list of Potential employees (vanilla and mod NPCs) is below :

  • Markarth : Cairine and Hroki.
  • Falkreath : Sally Sheep Jumper, Narri.
  • Whiterun : Ysolda and Ahlam (as courtesan)
  • Solitude : Elissif (if she lost her Jarl position), Vala Sestius (included in the Red Button Quest)
  • DragonBridge : Julia and Juliette Lylvienne (included in the Red Button quest)
  • Windhelm : Shahvee.
  • Shorstone : Joldi (but only for the Mansion near Riften)
  • Riften : Svana (as a maid)
  • Ivarstead : Lynly and Fastred.
  • DLCs : Mirri Severin.
  • Old Hroldan : Uale the Sicambre.
  • Dawnstar : Bodil.
  • Rorikstead : Alarvyne
  • Winterhold : Arameya.
  • Morthal : Abelone
  • All Followers !

In Night Mistress Mansion mod, these NPCs and followers are the key : linear quest recruits are mostly mod NPCs, but it's not enough for making the Mansions profitable. As Associate, you need to complete the staff, and more the quest advance, and more you'll need to recruit. For example, the Night Mistress Mansion can consume 10 followers as whores. It's a good way to make followers useful, profitable, and grouped in the same place.


Night Mistress Mansion edition :


Publish porn magazines! You'll be able to talk to NPCs , pay them to pose. You need 4 pictures to publish a magazine. The more kinky it is, the more money it make.

  • A board will appear each time you publish the related picture.
  • Some themed magazines will be published each time the appropriate pictures are obtained.





Disclaimer (Click Here)

My favorite part about having a Video Game. ITS NOT REAL! If this mod offends you and makes you panic and hate me forever, then simply pretend it doesnt exist, and dont download it. I do not force anyone to download these mods. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not. If you do want this mod, then click the download, and install. Please forward your complaints and hate mail to: [email protected] We will be glad to file these complaints in the proper trash can with all the others.



Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam



What's New in Version 0.7bis   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

None - No permissions allowed.
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