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Cum Shot Brothel SE 0.7.1

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Cum Shot Brothel SE - Version 0.7.1 beta


You run across the whole Skyrim, and probably the shore of Morrowind, you looted all the caves and strongholds, you leveled up beyond human limits. And you have a huge amount of gold and you don't know where to spend it.
The answer is: go to the Cum Shot Brothel, where you can have a very good time and your gold will be transformed in an extreme satisfying experience.
Go south of Riften, exit from the south gate, and follow the path, when you will see the Cum Shot Brothel sign just follow it.
A card is required to participate. Ask Eugene to buy one.


Warning: this mod contains nudity, sex, sex with creatures, huge amount of sperm, voyeurism, rapes, prostitution, devious devices, parties with drinking, pissing, inappropriate paintings, squirting, and many other things that will make you blind. Use with cautions.
Warning: All sex here is consensual. Can be rude, nasty, bad, whatever. But it is consensual. It is a brothel though..


Long Description



This mod adds a brothel in the South of Riften.

  • The brothel is fully managed and has a dozen new NPCs and many creatures inside.
  • It has a room with some devious items (form Zaz) that can be used. It is NOT a slavery mod.
  • The player can gain some different levels of membership that will permit different actions.
  • Player and followers can have sex with the prostitutes inside the brothel, sex can be done in different locations, in different ways, by type of intercourse, etc.
  • Player and followers can do some devious interactions (pissing, whipping, spanking)
  • Player and followers can have fun with the creatures
  • NPCs will do normal work during the day, will have night sex, the take showers, baths in the morning
  • There is a fully functional bar in the entrance
  • NPCs can be asked to play music (15 musics are provided and they can be updated by you if you need.)
  • NPCs can dance in three different ways (normal dancing, serious dancing, pole dancing)
  • Creatures can escape their cages during the night and do sex to the NPCs that are sleeping
  • A set of potions to: resize the breasts in different ways, attract dogs and wolves, get a futa
  • Clients can come to the brothel and start some sex scenes (7 clients are available now for a total of 89 scenes, many of them with random variations)
  • The workers of the brothel can be disabled individually if you don't like them
  • The type of activities can be turned on and off (type of sex, homosexual intercourse, devious scenes, creatures, etc.)
  • A couple of creature related quests are available
  • The player can start can work as Public Relations and get all NPC outside the brothel to be client
  • The player can start the "old profession" (both male and female) and there are actually three full quests for the "Work as Whore" series.


  1. WaW1 - Beginner --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager or by hitting any NPC in the brothel; the player is forced to work with ugly clients
  2. WaW2 - Apprentice --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager; the player has to recover a few items (using sex) and has to increase the Oral, Vaginal, and Anal skills
  3. WaW3 - Junior --> Start with dialogue with the manager; the player is sent to Solitude to get instructed by a professional; the player can learn a new way to do sex action (that does not use SexLab animations)
  4. WaW4 - Senior (TODO)
  5. WaW5 - master (TODO)


  • One NPC is transgender.
  • The mod can be used by both male and female characters




Install / Uninstall


Just download the mod and install it using a mod manger. You can install by hand, but then the uninstalling will be quite complex.
Important: after installing the mod you have to run GenerateFNISForUser.
If you have no MCM menu after an upgrade and you are using ModOrganizer, just load the game the first time, and then exit and load the game again.


What version do I have to download????
Just download the mod from LoversLab or from a mirror site.


To uninstall it you have to remove a bunch of files, just use a mod manager.


To uninstall or upgrade this version please be sure you go in the MCM menu and click on the "Stop the Mod", when the "Done" message appears save and then uninstall.



How to add my favorite music?

  • Get the music you want, save it somewhere.
  • Download MultiXwm (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3159/?) and convert your music in the Skyrim format.
  • Save the files in the Skyrim folder Data\Music\Cum Shot Brothel\


  • The files have to be named from csbMusicTrack01.xwm to csbMusicTrack14.xwm
  • Then files with these names have to be there or the game will crash. The format HAS TO BE xwm, if you just rename a mp3 the game will crash.
  • Better if the songs have a length of about 3 minutes.


Please note that this version will NOT work with a vanilla skeleton.


Thanks, Credits, and Acknowledgements

  • SexLabFramework - @Ashal
  • @germanicus for the support and the ideas
  • @hashigicc9 for providing the voice of Eugene
  • Dwiss for the glasses
  • The Penis for Girls is copied from Futa Equippable (slightly modified, thanks to @mayatola)
  • The new dresses for Shana and Sandra are based on a nif created by Neovinci aka Meister
  • The HighHeels for Shana are made by @xXDeliteXx
  • The cumshot original mesh is from SexLab Cumshot
  • The new stripping animations are from SerialStrip by
  • The animations are got from many different places SexLab, Zaz, Kamo1, umpa, and mainly NekoMods (www.nekomods.com) for the wonderful dance scenes, plus some other HKXs found here and there (not a single animation is made by me)
  • Skyrim Configuration Menu and its Wiki - Schlangster
  • RaceMenu - Expired
  • @Lux77 and KS Hairdos for the better hair included in the mod
  • NekoMods for the wonderful animations (http://www.nekomods.com/modslist/skyrim-mods/animations), thanks to @Minoumimi to let me discover it.
  • @WaxenFigure for giving me support in reducing the size of the textures, and the size of the animations.
  • @Mord Sif that wrote a post in the Zaz forum that let me understand why the piss & pee were not working (they were invisible)
  • @ZaZ and @xaz for the Zaz Animations.
  • @Booceefus for the meshes of the Adiposian race that is used.
  • Bethesda for releasing the Creation Kit
  • All the members that provide comments, feedback, suggestions, new ideas, etc.
  • All the Skyrim mod community for the help and the examples


What's new

  • Note: Added a memorial to germanicus in the top room.
  • Enhancement: Greatly improved the way to understand if the player enters in the brothel. Quite more reliable and lightweight now
  • Enhancement: Added a dialogue to ask Shana to change her dress to a shorter/longer one
  • Fix: Removed the "test" dialogue for Ultimate Pleasure for WaW3 quest
  • Enhancement: Added a dialogue to Hjaalmarch guards, that says "I am not a Solitude Guard". This should make the finding of correct guards for WaW2 more easy
  • Fix: Fixed the fight scenes for Saerlund, Briehl, and Drifa
  • Fix: Fixed the quest marker for Claire when completed the stage 20 of the WaW2 quest
  • Change: The type of sex for the WaW3 quest with Javeleen, is now more distributed, facilitating to do all types of sex.
  • Fix: Removed the utilization of a deprecated function from SexLab
  • Fix: The quest marker for Javaleen is no more removed when completing some of the objectives of the sub-quest
  • Enhancement: Simplified all the NIFs for the statics of the brothel. Each wall NIF went from 42 triangles to only 2 triangles.
  • Enhancement: Increased the pool and made possible for NPCs to sit all around.
  • Enhancement: Now also the gloves are removed when a NPC goes to the pool.
  • Fix: Fixed the hair texture for Sandra hair. (But if it does not work get the extra NIF from the download and replace it.)
  • Enhancement: Balimund is now a client with 2 scenes (one at the pool and one in the devious room)
  • Change: HDT High Heels System is now a mandatory dependency (and this fixes the shows of Shana.)
  • Change: The textures are now only high-res (the high res were just 1024X1024, and reducing them to 512X512 was not really beneficial.)

If you are interested in the full list of changes from the first version, open the file Cum Shot Brothel README.txt that is inside the zip of the mod.



Known bugs

  • The player involved in Private Sex actions jumps the stairs (It seems to be an unavoidable bug)
  • The head of one fatty NPC has a neck problem
  • Many times, when you start to be a prostitute the clients will just ignore you



Future plans
Re-write the mod from scratch. But not soon.


Just a small reminder: I do this for fun in my free time. And my free time is limited. This mod consumed more than 500 hours (spent during holidays and week-ends), just be patient.


Comments and Feedback are welcome!
Just post your ideas, problems, envisioned enhancements.



What's New in Version 0.7.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

None - No permissions allowed.

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