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Freya Stormwolf SE 1.0.0

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About This File

Freya Stormwolf is a custom-made, high-poly follower and companion!

  • Based on dadadacool's and bchick3's port of Urielle-The Archangel Follower Redone, Freya Stormwolf is a custom made, stand-alone follower using custom textures and meshes; as well as sporting KouLeiFoh's High Poly Head 1.4. Originally created to learn the basics of follower creation and as a head replacer for Urielle, I decided to make her a unique follower for the Dragonborn!


  • Freya Stormwolf is a true daughter of Skyrim. Losing her parents due to the on-going Civil War, Freya decided to take her father's sword and start a new life in Whiterun...
  • Update: New ESL-ified file for your convenience. Completely stand-alone. High Poly Head 1.4 recommended!



  • Name: Freya Stormwolf
  • Race: Nord
  • Class: Barbarian with Restoration Skills
  • Body: UNP
  • Essential: Yes
  • Marriageable: Of Course!!!
  • Voice Type: Female Commoner
  • Location: Whiterun Wind District, near the Statue of Talos

Used Mods/Credits:

Tools Used:

  • The Creation Kit
  • RaceMenu
  • TesEdit
  • Nifskope
  • Nifmerge
  • SSE NIF Optimizer

Special Thanks:

  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • KouLeiFoh for High Poly Head 1.4
  • Shiva182 for Bijin Skin
  • Kalilies for Kalilies Brows
  • Kalilies and Stealthic for KS Hairdos
  • Wizwar for his help
  • Dirtnap for his tutorial
  • Froztee for his aid
  • Dadadacoold and Bchick3 for Urielle-The Archangel Follower
  • and finally, a very special thanks to The Mighty Nine for his custom-follower tutorials and for his help throughout the process.

Preset Coming Soon!


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