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[Ichirou] [Saint] Okami Shoujo Race 1.1

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About This Mod

[Ichirou] [Saint] Okami Shoujo Race


A Half Wolf Half Human Race

The Race is Geared for the Assassain/Thief/Rogue Class Play

Starting Stats:

One-Handed: +5

Archery: +10

Light Armor: +5

Lockpicking: +5

Sneak: +5

Illusion: +5

HP: 50

Magicka: 50

Stamina: 50

Carryweight: 300

Height: 0.95 (Female Breton Height)

Racial Perks
Razer Claws - 4x Unarmed Damage

Shadow Paws - +15 Sneak Permanent

This Race was commissioned by Saint thru Schaken-Mods and Released to the Guild Supporters only on his request.

Uses High Poly Heads from VP

Custom Textures were made by me using my True Skin and Custom Hand Painted Fur Textures over it.



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