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[Ichirou] Tactical Assault Armor 1.0.0

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About This Mod




Tactical Assault Armor for the Sole survivor and friends.


  1. Has Bodyslide for CBBE bodies
  2. Has several cloth and armor materials to choose from and also accepts Railroad armor add-ons when you have the mats for those
  3. Heavy stats for Rad protection, decent stats for physical and energy resistance on the scale of heavy armor - op at opening but great mid and end game
  4. Helmet has working flashlight - requires Pip-Boy flashlight mod to work correctly
  5. Helmet Visor has 3 tactical add-ons: Recon, Targeting, and Infra-Red
  6. Night Vision Goggles comes in 2 versions the UP: Helmet Decor no real functions, and the Down: Has add-on Night Vision ability.
  7. (Optional) Targeting, Infra-Red, and Night Vision effects are toggleable with Fallout 4 Hotkeys Add Below to your Hotkeys.ini and replace "YourHotkey" with the key of choice without the "" - Requires Fallout 4 Hotkeys

            "YourHotkey"= cgf "Helm_Toggle.R_ToggleNightVision"
            "YourHotkey"= cgf "Helm_Toggle.R_ToggleInfrared"

            "YourHotkey"= cgf "Helm_Toggle.R_ToggleTargetHUD"


You can get a free version of the armor without the helmet outside Vault 111 Control Pod after leaving the vault metal locker on the back side


you can also craft them and the helmet at the chems table under Tactical Assault Armor


you can craft the add-ons at any armor upgrade bench with the right materials and perks




Disclaimer (Click Here)

My favorite part about having a Video Game. ITS NOT REAL! If this mod offends you and makes you panic and hate me forever, then simply pretend it doesnt exist, and dont download it. I do not force anyone to download these mods. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not. If you do want this mod, then click the download, and install. Please forward your complaints and hate mail to: [email protected] We will be glad to file these complaints in the proper trash can with all the others.



Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam




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