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Mighty Military Fatigues 1.0.0

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About This Mod

Watch the video - that's what I made it for.

Requirements: This mod only requires the base Fallout 4 game and CBBE for the skin textures


What this mod does:

This mod adds the ability to craft Military Fatigues, a Beret, and an Army Helmet in various styles. The textures on the Fatigues, Combat Armor, Beret, Army Helmet and Armored Vest can each be changed dynamically in game on the Armor Workbench. This mod also adds another form of "Ballistic Weave" whose upper levels require some high ranking perks to get. Most of the textures for the Fatigues provide an extra set of benefits when applied to the basic Standard Fatigues.


Just a Heads up: If you apply the custom weave to the Fatigues it WILL cause power drain on your fusion cores when entering Power Armor. Your AP is also affected. However if you are using the upper levels of the custom weave getting into power armor may actually be a down grade anyway. This cause of this unknown and is not slated to be fixed. So either use the Fatigues or just power armor in a regular outfit.


How to get:
Wait... did you watch the video? I told you to watch the video! Help a brother out and watch the video all the way through!


Reporting Bugs:

DO NOT report bugs here  as I do not check the comments very often. Please report any bugs found in specific detail (with images if possible) on the Youtube video watch page in the Pinned comment. (I check and reply to comments every day without fail)


Examples of Bug Reports:

Any missing textures (describe what and in full)
Serious clipping issues in the meshes

If you run into any other problems such as inability to craft the outfits:
1. Make sure you have the required perks to craft that object (WATCH THE VIDEO!)
2. Make sure you have the required materials
3. Pledge your first born child in Servitude for Eternity to The Mighty Nine


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