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Mighty Fresh Skyrim SE 2.0.0

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About This Mod

Why I posted this mod in the Free Section? Because it needs to be


What this mod does:

Mighty Fresh Skyrim will literally change the look of your game.

Every landscape texture has been modified as well as many of the normal maps. Every set of city textures have been included well from my various city re-texture mods with added textures for Windhelm and the Dawnguard Castle textures. (Works with Skystone Castle SE!)

The standard bridges have been replaced with the custom models from my Mighty Nordic Bridges mod.

The road meshes have been replaced and brand new textures have been created for the roads. 




For obvious reasons this mod will overwrite other world landscape mods. To complete the look I highly recommend installing Vivid Landscapes first then installing this mod afterwards allowing it to overwrite Vivid Landscapes. This mod will overwrite any mod that changes the meshes of the roads or the bridges.


Known Issues:

There will be some slight clipping of the feet into the roads. Both JFresh and myself attempted to apply collision to the road meshes with limited success. Certain meshes caused the game to CTD so this process was scrapped and the original port of Real Roads was used.

The bridge near the Whiterun Meadery on the road to Windhelm. The statues at one end are poking out of the ground. this is not an issue that I can fix as the bridges are replacers and the particular landscape design of that area causes this issue. It doesn't affect NPC pathing as far as I can tell as the statues have collision.



Future plans for this mod:


Once I become more proficient with 3DS Max I would like to make replacer meshes for a lot of objects which will bring the game into a more 3D environment. Especially the streets in Whiterun, Solitude and Markarth.


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