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About This Mod

Nextgen pseudo3D worldmap with 2.566.914.048 pixel, 28 meshes and map sound (optional).
Best map mod ever.



"Through nature the human heart gets mildered and calmed."
Adalbert S., Priest of Kynareth, 3rd era

"I overlook the earth 'cause I see it from suns angle."
Jus A., rarely known avatar of Tava

Some time before the civil war a mapmaker named Maphack McHackmap offered
Ulfric Stormcloak his services, which he denied even after McHackmap
told that one can't rule a land without revealing it. McHackmap
reportedly later on took a carriage to Solitude. Rumors amongst the
imperial soldiers tell that a half insane mapmaker gave detailed information
about the regions they should civilize and especially about the actual
movement details of Ulfric when he got ambushed and caught near Helgen.

The mysterious rumors further suggest that General Tullius dropped that special map
from his belongings as the black dragon approached. Somone who later on got to be
known as dragonborn found this unique map.

"The road to peak of power is paved with daggers."
Robert J., captain of imperial troops around the Reach

Motion sickness/epilepsy warning:

Since this stuff ist flickering, rotating, moving and so on it might cause or worsen motion sickness and epilepsy.

  • Take regular breaks whilst playing - at least 10 minutes every hour.
  • Sit at least a metre away from the screen.
  • Limit upper body movement when playing.
  • Drink plenty of water while playing sessions.

If you suffer this simply don't use the mod and ask your doctor if symptoms persist.

Major features:

- pseudo3D style
- highres map textures
- highres normal maps
- highres cloudmap and cloud system
- highres map overlays
- worldmap meshes ported/optimized

Minor features:

- map for Solstheim (still clumsy, known issue)
- map rollover sound effect (footsteps redudantly representing a travel, alternatives are in optional files or easy to create by yourself)
- several stuff in optional files


Choose quality level (luxus, moderate, wood) according to your computer benchmarks and personal choice what cost-benefit ratio should be like.

Beside that installing is nothing special here, just drop in data folder as usual or install with mod manager of yours.

There is a lightweight esp flagged as esl, so don't worry about esp plugin slots. Doubleckeck if activated.

If you disable the plugin given by this mod you'll have vanilla WorldMapWeather conditions including thick white world map fog.

Compatibility to other map mods is not guaranteed, in many cases they do the same thing, replacing textures, and of course you can only use one set. Mine should be superior compared to others. Whatever plugin edits
WorldMapWeather is NOT compatible too.


If you are disturbed anyhow by the cloud system you may try out the "fix" for that from optional files, providing another mesh. Minus for that is that you'll have free view of some ugly meshes in the rim regions of the map.

If you are disturbed somehow by the mapsound you may want to overwrite the mainfile with the silence file in optional files section.

There is no optional files anymore for maps without crossroads since version 2.0. Maybe I'll add that later again, right now it's not available. Roads in this version should be all well visible covering about 97% of the roads. Some, I know, are still hidden due texture edition, for example there is a bigger one in the Reach. This is known issue.

Also I strongly recommend using HD LODS Textures SE running alongside my mod to improve the general imression viewing the worldmap.
See screenshots (cities) how nice this fits.

making of:

I quitted my job some time ago from one day to another due my boss is a liar and miser and the girl I liked there offended and denied.

Since that I'm more ill than ever. To be honest I made this map in status of serious insanity and mental instability. So don't be surprised or harsh if you should find some failures. Don't worry, I got better and the mod is the best map mod out there without any doubt.

I had problems to figure out stuff and started several projects at once, struggled to concentrate correctly. Ran from one doctor to another, taking meds.

It took me months to do this, but hey, since 2015 nothing happened with the map itself and someone had to do that. About time.


After users feedbacks I did further heavy improvements on it, became quiet a lot so it came it's the 3rd main version now.


Latest changes is the esp, which provides all the weather stuff by system and, finally, a fixed snow shader.




There is a strange sound on the map. Is this a bug?

This is a map rollover sound everytime playing when your mouse hoovers over a mapmarker.

It's inteded that sound of footsteps represent your travelling activity.

If you do not like it there are several little files to download to replace that with other sound or silence.

Just override the main file with that.

Or simply rename/delete the only wav file in the main package, that works too.


Solstheim map looks very disgusting, is this intended or a bug?

Unfortunately the basis materials for Solstheim map were not so good, also the meshes for Solstheim.

Another point is that most players anyways rarely visit it.

Since the mapmaking is very time consuming I decided

to put my energies more in the main map and other modding projects/work gerneral.

You'll have to live with that the DLC2 map is not so fine.

Also did you know that with DLC2 map came some ini file changes into the game

disabling some former possible actions? For example you could achieve much better zoom levels via ini tweaking before.

This plus the Solstheim map was not a very pretty one let's me

sacastically say DLC2 map was versus good map stuff from the beginning and I keep that.


About the roads?

I worked on that before and some time in the future I intend to do that again based on further

feedback and own thoughts I'll have. For now it's a not so bad but still not perfect solution.

On the other hand I have some other important tasks to do, so that is on ice for the time being.


I have other questions, what should I do?

Come to Schaken discord and ask there please, you are welcome.


Why did you goto Schaken-Mods.com with this?

The new website, Schaken-Mods.com is simply better in many aspects,

for example there is zero advertising here. Which website can tell that nowadays?

The website I provided this to users before contrasting this changed terms of policy.

Other changes on cost of free modding community will overcome on that reactionary site,

there are severe signs for that. I understand that many users will have circumstances with that I changed publishing place

and some probably won't find this mod anymore. But sry, I made my decision not supporting that old site anymore since it

stopped supporting us in a way I call betrayal. We could discuss that very broad,

please just accept that I for me considered this being righteous.


How is your health today, you told being very damaged?

Well I had problems not just since yesterday and they won't begone just tomorrow.

But I'm used to this and my nature is the hard way. Care for yourself too, mine is beyond over the limits and

going forward with eyes to the horizon. I'll be alright. There are greater entities too helping me out, bless you.







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