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Urielle the Auroran Follower Remastered SE 1.0.0

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About This Mod

The original Urielle the Archangel has returned!

Remastered for Skyrim Special Edition with a unique look!




  • Based on dadadacool's classic mod Urielle the Archangel Follower Redone SSE , Urielle the Auroran Remastered SE is a custom made, semi-stand-alone replacer using custom textures and meshes; including  KouLeiFoh's High Poly Head 1.4 and Diamond Skin.
  • Featuring a customized version of Big & Strong CBBE preset body by ousnius & a custom BHUNP body based on Sensual Lady by bacetrica
  • Glow-in-the-dark eye textures from Loks Eyes by Magus80!!!
  • Two different wing types, including the original ethereal wing model from Urielle The Archangel and Vindictus Valkyrie Wings
  • Spells and AI package ported from Urielle the Archangel Redone SSE. 
  • She carries a spell tome to summon her anytime by your side!
  • Designed to work using BHUNP & CBBE 3BA type base bodies, physics or non physics.

  • Requirements:
    High Poly Head 1.4 or above.

  • All follower versions come in ESP-FE format. Will not take up a slot in your load order!
  • Post your Screenshots!!!

Name: Urielle the Auroran
Location: Meridia's Shrine, Mount Kilkreath, Haafingar
Race: Auroran (Nord)

Class : Spellsword

Level : 1 - 150 (Levels with Player)

Flags : Essential, Marriageable, Doesn't Affect Stealth Meter


1. Dismiss her from your followers in-game. Travel to a different cell. Save your game and quit.
2. Uninstall and delete files


Vector Plexus for High Poly Head 1.4 and High Poly Brows

Diamond Skin by r1Goodwin

Urielle the Archangel Follower by dadadacool

BDO Vindictus Valkyrie Armor Port

KS Hairdos

Loks Eyes Standalone



Schaken (SE Tutorials and General Support),

Nox (High Poly Head, Creation Kit Support),

The Mighty Nine (Jon) (Follower Creation, Creation Kit, RaceMenu, NifSkope, SSE NifOptimizer, NifMerge Tutorials)

Schaken Scholarship (NPC Creation), Jim for FOMOD testing and creation




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