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Alternate Perspective Helgen Mod 2.2

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About This Mod

Looking down.jpg

Alternate Perspective A Helgen Mod

Uploaded Seetruck-2000

I did not create this mod




Created by Scrab


Rewrite & Framework for the Vanilla Intro. Experience Helgens Destruction from a POV different than the Prisoners!




Alternate Perspective
Alternate Perspective (AP) is an Alternate Start Mod focusing on a dynamic entry into the Vanilla Mainquest whiteout killing off its integrity. To give a fluent start from whatever you were doing again into the Vanilla Mainquest without forcing you into the Position of the Prisoner.
When starting a new Game, you will find yourself in a small Room resembling a part of Helgens Inn. In it, a little Dragon awaits you. When talking the him, he will ask you who you are and answering his Question can alter what exactly happens when you leave this room and stepping into the Void

Once you stepped into the Void, you're free to go and do whatever you want

  • Start the Mainquest*
  • Explore Helgen
  • Become an Assassin of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Travel to Solstheim
  • etcpp

*Until the Intro is completed, you cannot join the Civil War Factions as the Civil War Questline builds up on the expectation that Helgen is already destroyed. The Civil War Questline has custom Dialogue to express your Position as a Civilian rather than the Prisoner

To start the Mainquest:
Talk to Matlara (Innkeeper of the Resting Pilgrim, Helgen Inn) and select the Option: "I'd like to stay for a while. (Start Intro (XX gold))"
This will rent the Room as normally, Matlara shows you to the Bed in which you can fall asleep in. When you do so, a short Cutscene will start: Haming will run towards his father and tell him that General Tullius is outside. If you leave the Inn to see what's up, you will see 2 Prisoner Carriages being pulled into the Town

For an Overview of the Dragon's Options, see the Sticky (Forum)

Until you completed Unbound, Helgen will be a proper town with regular Civilians and some Soldiers living their live. All buildings inside Helgen have been reconstructed and have Interiors where the Helgen Townsfolk will be living in. Note that my intention is not to make Helgen a massive Town like no other but to make it a Town that is seamlessly integrated into Skyrims Vanilla Design
I intend Helgen to become a Town worth losing

I want Helgen to have an Identity more than just "the place that gets burned down in the Intro". For that there will be Quests and Dialogue to properly interact with the people in and around Helgen. The townsfolk with have their own lives, schedules and also issues. Furthermore something I would call a primary Feature of Helgen has always been the gigantic Keep right next to the settlement. I want to make sure that Helgen isnt just a Town for Civilians but also a Town where Soldiers live next to Townsfolk and arent just the guys running after you when you fail to pickpocket someone
Hence Helgens Soldiers will have a (compared to Vanilla Guards) improved AI, which will allow them to properly sandbox and interact with the people in Town and just like Townsfolk, you will find some Soldiers with their own wishes and ideals. They arent robots after all!

(An Imperial Soldier in Helgen Inn)

In the Vanilla Game, when we go through Helgen we see only a couple of Townspeople around: The old man Gunnar at the Gate, who is now Helgens Blacksmith, the little Family consisting of Matlara, Torolf and Haming who are living in the Inn and Vilod, who now has a small Brewery in his Basement and lives with Wife Ingrid in the far West of Town.
Though next to those there are still 3 Houses which seem empty during the Intro. Alternate Perspective introduces two new NPC which will be living in 2 of those 3 Houses: Jacob, a Farmer living in the House next to the Inn with a small Farm and Skalei, a Shopkeeper living in the large House in the middle of Town, next to Gunnar.
The Final House is intended to be used as Modders Ressource and is locked for that purpose, in case anyone would ever want to build a House near Helgen for a mod building up on AP, so they dont have to edit Helgen itself

Dialogue I add will mostly be voiced, either using Vanilla Voicelines or Synthesized Voices using xVASynth
Dialogue missing Voices is missing them either due lack of polishing or their Voicetype has not yet released for xVASynth


  1. Creating an Alternate Start Mod that doesnt just Skip the Intro but confronts it and offers the Player a way to be properly introduced to it, through a proper Intro, instead of just being thrown into it by starting somewhere in the middle
  2. Allowing the Player to understand that Helgen was once a Town, that its not just a Ruin somewhere in Falkreath but was actually some place where people used to live. The Vanilla Game always failed to properly emphasize that
  3. Hearing "Hey youre finally awake" 500 times can be very draining, AP wants to offer a new, refreshing way to experience Helgens destruction
  4. As an Author, I often need to start new Games and I want to get into my Games quickly. Existing LAL mods may be faster than the Vanilla Intro but compared to AP still boringly slow


AP should have Priority over all conflicts. If you don't know how to do conflict resolution on your own, the easiest way to achieve this is by loading AP at the very bottom of your Load Order
Remember that even with APs changes, you are still playing the Vanilla Intro and this one is fragile

For Mod-Authors
Its possible to hook into Alternate Perspective to create your own Starting Scenarios. This Integration does not require a hard dependency on AP whatsoever so you can fluently integrate it into your own mod without forcing Users of your mod to also get AP for further usage of AP.

If you want to work more InDepth with AP
Feel invited to completely redo the Abandoned House if you need some sort of building in Helgen, alongside the small patch of land next to it. I'd also recommend you try to keep those few rules:

  • Dont edit any Objects with "MQ101" in their Name
  • Dont edit my Scripts
  • Avoid doing any larger edits to Helgens Exterior Cells (other than the above mentioned Area)
  • Dont add Locations to "HelgenLocation", this is known to break the Intro


  1. Is this lore friendly?
  2. With the exception that the Dragonborn isnt the Prisoner anymore and that the Execution may not happen on the 17th of Last Seed, 4E 201 but on whatever day you want to start the Intro, yes but also no:
    There is very little information on what Helgen would have been if it wasnt destroyed in the Intro, most of the Info we do have are leftovers in the Creation Kit which I dont consider "lore" as a lot of this is in itself contradicting and makes more the impression of the original Devs testing out the CK - and of course, what we see in the Vanilla Intro. I respect the Info we get in the Vanilla Intro (e.g. Vilod is brewing Juniper Mead and the Inn is an Inn) but apart from that, the mod is written in a grey zone, not being backed up by Lore but also not being denied by it
  3. There is unvoiced Dialogue in the mod, will you voice it?
  4. Yes, once xVASynth has improved the Quality of the missing Voices and/or added the missing Voice Models
  5. What is the Abandoned House about?
  6. Its empty and stays empty. Its intended to be used by other Authors in case someone wants to create something inside Helgen. The Intro breaks easily and I discourage anyone to make structural changes to Helgen, so if someone wants to create something in Helgen, they can and should use this Abandoned House
  7. What is inside the Helgen Inn's Cellar?
  8. My personal testing area. There is nothing in there that would be of interest. As with the Abandoned House, a modder can use it in any way they see fitting, including making it a proper cellar.
  9. Your NPC are ugly, can I improve them?
  10. Yes, but remember that I may edit those NPC as I add new Quests and Dialogue for them which will require you to patch your mod (I wont edit their appearance)
  11. Your Helgen looks ugly, can I improve it?
  12. You can improve the interior cells (with the exception of Helgen Keep), the exterior cells however; Unless youre 100% certain on what youre doing, I dont recommend it. Helgen is a very complicated town with a lot of Markers & Triggerboxes scattered around everywhere. If you accidentally delete, move or edit them, you may break the Intro and/or part of AP, this includes the entire path from Helgen to "CharGenStart"



  • AP isnt compatible with any mod that edits Helgen and any mod that heavily alters a Cell from Helgen to "CharGenStart"
  • AP isnt compatible with any mod that edits MQ101 (Unbound)
  • AP does edit Dialogue in CW00A (Civil War Entry Quest, Imperials), CW00B (Civil War Entry Quest, Stormcloaks) and MQ102 (Before the Storm), those Dialogue edits have no impact on Gameplay and are QoL changes to avoid Ulfric/Tullius/Balgruf to adressing the Player as the "Prisoner"







Fuz ro D-oh

PapyrusUtil SE - Scripting Utility Functions






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