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Waystation of Skyrim - The Master Plan + Modder's Resources

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About This Mod

This mod actually does nothing on it's own except provide resources.

Remember to read the Changelog with every update!


To clear up any confusion (Important Please Read):

If downloading the mod as a the required master for one of my player homes get the Master Plan. The (Resources Version) is posted mainly for Mod Authors who wish to use it in their own mods.


It is a HARD REQUIREMENT for all of my upcoming Waystations of Skyrim Player Homes, and other player homes I will release in the future. It is subject to update if (and when) I make new resources and as such the file size may increase.


This mod is an ESP flagged as a Master File, and has been cleaned with SSEdit Quick Clean numerous times.


Project Use Permissions & Information:

You are allowed to use this mod in your own projects. The process is fairly simple.

  1. Pledge your first born child to the Mighty Nine (no really... I need minions for Eternity)
  2. Download the latest Resource Version & unpack the contents of the archive and place those in your Skyrim Data Folder
  3. Create your mod using WOS_4Ever.esp as a Master File.
  4. To test and/or use your mod you must have the main mod (The Master Plan - latest version) installed in your game


~Do not make changes to the WOS_4Ever.esp~


This mod also when used for your own projects will enable you to place Frostfall protections on your custom armor/clothing sets. Add keywords to your armor/clothing records.

Type Frost into the filter, and the keywords will appear in the form list. Each set requires the FrostfallEnableProtectionKeyword, a coverage keyword and a warmth keyword (all those are provided). Also add the keywords for Survival such as Survival_warm etc.

This mod provides Warehouses filled with my resources and set ups as well as all of the custom House models I have made. It technically is an update of the original T.AP. Gaming Warehouse mod but will all the issues fixed that mod had with it.
Some of the set ups included are Armor mannequins, Weapons/Shield plaques, and Weapon Racks as well as custom Smelter Tables, Custom Alchemy tables and custom Enchanter Workbenches.  In the newest version Large Custom Bookcases have been added.


This mod now also includes resources for building Standalone Followers with High Poly Heads



You are allowed to use the resources from the WOS folder in Resources for your own projects provided you give credit to The Mighty Nine.


The assets contained within this mod are drawn from numerous sources with Open Source Permissions by the various authors, including Insanity, Oaristys, Elinora, Lor, Jokerine, Liam, Hana, Incaendo, and JFresh. Those assets remain the intellectual property of the respective authors. Any custom assets created by The Mighty Nine remain the intellectual property of Jon Houlden.

This mod is a Schaken Mods Exclusive and may not in whole or part be posted to other mod sites such as Lovers Lab or The Nexus. 




The Mighty Nine#9485's Other Mods

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