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Ichirou's Inari Race 1.1

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About This Mod




Ichirou's Inari Race


Demi-god that acts as a messenger to the people and can act on the will of their sender on the mortal plane.


This will be my last Race I make for Skyrim outside of commissions.


Mage Class Stats:

  1. Restoration - 5
  2. Illusion     - 5
  3. Conjuration - 10
  4. Alteration  - 5
  5. Speech     - 5
  6. Sneak      - 5


Destruction is included but has no boost since most Foxfire Spells are this magic class and it can be leveled up quickly


But also includes a Custom Crystal Bow and Arrows, and 2 Katana's from my Sakura Katanas Pack all textures included.


Includes Several Foxfire Spells with blue flames, a Curing and Healing Spell, High Power Ward, and a Few Lighting based attacks as well as Psychokinesis (should pull both objects and living things to you without causing them damage)


Racial Perks

  1. Permanent Increase to Melee Damage +10 (Hidden)
  2. Demi-God Blood - High Resistance to Poison and Disease
  3. Demi-God Bubble - Waterbeathing - Won't Drown No Time limit


Comes with my True Skin v5 8K Light Oil Option.  There will be a True Skin installer for the other options soon. Check here for it.  Best Used with the Base True Skin Installer as well since it includes the RaceMenu Overlays for Pubic Hairs.  Also has Custom Warpaints (15) and new Lip makeup map


Comes in 3 Races due to limitation on headparts.

  • The Inari - Single Tail version with options of Normal or Long Tail and With or without Whiskers
  •  The 5-Tail - also comes with optional Whiskers
  •  The 9-Tail - also comes with optional Whiskers

All Playable Race Tails, Ears, and Whiskers are set to use your Hair color.

Ears for all versions are under the Facial Hair slider.  The default Inari will have 4 versions in the Facial Hair slider one with or with out whiskers and 2 tail types Normal and Long


If you have not used my Cutiepie Race, please Watch the RaceMenu tutorial as my Races have a Custom head Created by me with custom RaceMenu sliders, if you are confused on what sliders do what. In the Video for the Cutiepie Slider In this Race it should Show as Inari or if translator issues $Ichirou_Inari in the same section or RaceMenu.


Note: This is still in Beta and not all features fully tested - you can post bugs here or the Beta chat section of the Discord. DO NOT USE THIS RACE WITH TMPHEONIX'S RACE COMPATIBILITY WILL CAUSE ISSUES WITH VAMPIRE VERSION OF RACE.  Use Himika's Racial Compatibility Located on the Cutiepie Download Page Use link above.


Note2: Added Patch to let the Inari Race Use the Dint Ears With The Tails.  Requires Both the Full Inari Race and Dint999_FacePartMod_SSE_v0.5c from his Patreon Installed. Dint's Plugin Not Required just the files used his plugin.  if you want the Eyelashes though Activate his plug-in as well in race menu the Inari Versions are named as such.


Thanks @Jim Nobody For testing and finding the Scar issues and testing the fix







Disclaimer (Click Here)

My favorite part about having a Video Game. ITS NOT REAL! If this mod offends you and makes you panic and hate me forever, then simply pretend it doesnt exist, and dont download it. I do not force anyone to download these mods. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not. If you do want this mod, then click the download, and install. Please forward your complaints and hate mail to: [email protected] We will be glad to file these complaints in the proper trash can with all the others.



Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam




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