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Jeri Frostwind - CBBE/3BA + Bodyslide 1.0.0

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About This Mod

Hey guys thanks for checking out this mod!

It would be awesome if you guys checked out the Youtube video (see Video Section) and watched it all the way through as it really helps out The Channel. Pretty everything important you need to know is in the video.



This is a Commissioned Follower I did for Tirronan in conjunction with our Most Esteemed Leader Schaken (Da Man). I built the follower  and its CBBE version and Schaken tweaked it up and made the conversion files for the 3BA body as I use strictly CBBE in my work. Tirronan provided the Racemenu Facegen files. I'll be available to do Commissions for Followers, Player Homes or a combination of both. Take a look at my latest Player Home/Follower combo by watching this video 
Just post a request in The Request Center and ask for The Mighty Nine and/or hit Me up on Discord - The Mighty Nine#9485 or tag me in the Schaken Mods Discord.






  • Name: Jeri Frostwind (aka The Farm Girl of DOOM)
  • Weight: 50 weight
  • Eyes: Green Hazel
  • Where Found: The Bannered Mare, Whiterun 
  • Morality: Any Crime
  • Aggressiveness: Aggressive Foolhardy
  • AI Packages: Default Eat (morning) Default Sleep, Default Sandbox 1024
  • Skills: Dual Wielding, Block, Light Armor, Archery, Ranger, Block Runner, Sneak and Lightfoot and talking shit.
  • Combat Style: 1h Boss
  • Voice: Female Young Eager
  • Body Type: CBBE as Default with Bodyslide files to build her body as 3BA
  • High Poly Head: Yes
  • Skin Type: 4K Divine 9 (available here)
  • Hair: KS Hair style "Courage"
  • Default Outfit: Farm Dress
  • Armor: Comes equipped with vanilla Glass Armor and Weapons
  • Doesn't affect Stealth Meter
  • Essential: Yes
  • Marriage: Yes
  • Special Ability: Traveling Merchant which will buy/sell anywhere in game. Merchant Chest refreshes every 24 hours.
  • BSAs: Yes
  • ESL Flagged ESP: Yes





You might run into a face texture mismatch if you put her in a Modded Skimpy outfit and you are not using my Divine 9 skin as the modded armor will point to the default female skin. Any armor replacers mods such as Spice Gear should work correctly however.

I am not into making patches for my mods of armors/outfits I may not use but if you wish to make a patch for (insert outfit name) please feel free. Send the patch file to me or let me know you have posted a patch for it and I will update the page with a link to your patch.




This mod is a Schaken Mods Exclusive. I do not give permission for it to be uploaded to any other modding website. If someone wants to port this follower to Xbox, you must first seek the permission of Tirronan









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