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PAINT.NET extensions #3 - Pyrochild Plugins 2020-11-21

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About This Mod

This is a plugin pack for PAINT.NET

adding several effects and tools

to apply in program.


One of the best features is the possiblity to script a row of

processes and save them for later purpose.

If you use the program a lot this will literally save your life.


INSTALL: There are two insallers.

USE THE 4.2+ VERSION if your PAINT.NET version is high enough.

If you follow my series it should be.


Run the installer leading you through.


In detail the features are:


Adjustments > Curves+

Like Paint.NET's own Curves adjustment, but better.


Effects > Render > Borders N' Shapes

Draw rectangles, ellipses, arcs, and pies, all with configurable styles like solid, dashed and dotted.


Effects > Render > Gradient Bars

Bars. Bars of gradients. Gradient bars.


Effects > Photo > Film

Make your photo look more like film, with adjustable settings like grain and Hollywood-style zoom factor.


Effects > Distort > Jitter

Shake up your image.


Effects > Object > Outline Object

Outline text, add a glow to a lightsaber, or put a border around a picture or drawing.


Effects > Distort > Stitch

Makes your photo look stitched.


Effects > Advanced > ScriptLab

Automate repetitive tasks in Paint.NET.


Adjustments > Gradient Mapping

Make multicolored gradients, or recolor an image.


Effects > Artistic > Splatter

Make a Jackson Pollock style splatter-paintings.


Effects > Blurs > Pixelate+

Like Paint.NET's Pixelate effect, but with better results and adjustable width and height. Also known as Mosaic.


Adjustments > Color Match

Improve your photography with classical art. Or make it worse. Makes your photo follow another's color scheme.


Effects > Random Effect

Lacking inspiration? Use this to fire up a random effect with random settings.


Effects > Render > Random Shape Fill

Draws tons of shapes - from circles to hearts to stars - with various color settings, transparency, etc.


Effects > Tools > Smudge

Does this need any more explanation than the name? SMUDGE!


Effects > Object > Trail

Gives an object a trail, like the cursor trails on old laptops.


Effects > Blurs > Gradient Blocks

Blurs an image into 4-point gradients.


Effects > Tools > Twist

Twisting tool.


Effects > Tools > Liquify

Interactive distortion tool, like Photoshop's Liquify or GIMP's IWarp.


Effects > Tools > Grid Warp

Interactive distortion tool, like Paint Shop Pro's Mesh Warp.


Effects > Render > Gradient Grid

Renders a bunch of gradients in a grid pattern.



Stay tuned.

Remember to give this one a like and even tip me a coffee/send nudes.



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