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Gimme Back My Damn FPS 1.0.0

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About This Mod

What this mod does:


Well its really kinda simple. It replaces the falling pine needles in the Pine Forest (Falkreath) and the falling aspen leaves in the Aspen Forest (Riften) with blank meshes. That's it. A tiny change but it has a huge impact on the game especially if you are running a 4GB or other mid level GPU.

I run a rather beastly GTX 1080 TI 11 GB GPU. It can handle just about anything the game throws at it, but the other night on my live stream I was in the city of Falkreath and it really started lagging. I went from my beautiful 55 to 60 FPS to a stuttering and choppy 35 to 40 FPS.
My eyes literally bled after being so used to my smooth game for so long. Then I remembered this mod I had made back in the days of Skyrim LE on my old potato and that I had ported it up to SE. Searching my Archives I found it! 

My beautiful FPS returned after installing.


This in combination with Skyrim Project Optimization SEOcclusioned Skyrim will increase your performance greatly!
Take note of the FPS counter in the upper left hand corner of this image:




Thanks for stopping in guys and if you like the mod don't forget to leave an endorse and review!

Please feel FREE to post images with your FPS counter in the images section! I would love to see how it reacts with different rigs and mod lists.


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