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Ichirou's Cutiepie Followers 1.1

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About This Mod





People BEGGED me for them so here they are!

5 Inari (Japanese Myth, Inari Ōkami )Followers all with unique classes. Found in the Riverwood Giant's Inn.  These 5 are Powerful, so on new games best to take only one with you and leave the others at your home.  Example is Senko and Lizzy can take care of Bleak Falls Barrow alone you don't even have to fight at all.  Cutiepie Race was a Demi-God race so expect Demi-God abilities.


The Floof Squad -

Rina - Thief

Dual Daggers with Poison Effects, Can unlock all Chests for you and has ability to make the keys for you too. Marriage Able.


Senko - Reaper

Custom Scythe with Soul Reaping Enchantment - Marriage Able


Kuna - Sword Master

Dual Swords - Tank Build - Marriage Able


Lizzy - Great Mage

has Custom Magic Spells that are powerful but will not harm her allies due to her extreme mastery and Control of mana - Non-Nude body, Not able to Marry


Lumia - Ranger

Has custom Bow and Arrows - Can also use Sword up close - Non-Nude body, Not able to Marry


Outfits provided are premade for their bodies if you want to change the body you must download the original outfits most can be found here by or converter by Me with the exception of the DX Leotard on Lumia and the Armor on Kuna (SunJeong)






Disclaimer (Click Here)

My favorite part about having a Video Game. ITS NOT REAL! If this mod offends you and makes you panic and hate me forever, then simply pretend it doesnt exist, and dont download it. I do not force anyone to download these mods. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not. If you do want this mod, then click the download, and install. Please forward your complaints and hate mail to: [email protected] We will be glad to file these complaints in the proper trash can with all the others.



Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam




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