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Skyrim Sewers SSE 4.15 by Viltuska 4.15

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About This Mod

This is not my mod, I just distribute it by open permissions granted.

All credits goto Viltuska therefore.

I always loved that mod, glad to provide it to you too.


The mod adds accessible sewer systems to the town of Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth plus small sewage tunnels to Fort Sungard and Greenwall. The Solitude system has three exits to the outskirts of the city and several others into dungeons and other buildings. Windhelm has also two main exits and connections to other dungeons. Whiterun has three main exits outside the town walls. Markarth Sewers, which is the smallest one, has one exit into Left-Hand Mine. This mod also includes 4 custom weapons and some unique books.




Normal installation of the main file via a your mod manager.


To make the NPC high poly add the high poly file, normal install too.

(High poly NPCs is made by katattax and published under Cathedral License.)


If you use the Capital Whiterun Expansion mod you'll want to overwrite the esp from the main file

with the patched esp from additional files download. Main file is still needed,

so install main file first, then put the altered esp replacing the other.

- The pit exit to the Pit of Bzarhk does not always work (should work 90% time though). Just ~ + TCL up until you get back to the auto-load door or reload a save above the pit and leap again. Or type in "coc ssewersMRKpit" to the console.
- Sometimes the Skeevers start "jumping around" in narrow walkways. Nothing game breaking, just looks stupid.

I (Viltuska) am trying to apply my modding philosophy on this one as good as I can. That is to create content that fits Skyrim rather than contradicting it. In other words complementary stuff that tries to make the game experience better rather than different.

ESM is still valid if Skyrim's memory limit for esps causes problems on your installation.

Apart from some potential minor bugs, this mod should not break your game or make your computer explode so I (Viltuska) would say it should very safe to use. There might some unknown conflicts though.

I (Viltuska) would mostly recommend this mod to people who know what they get into when installing a mod. I hope downloaders will accept the very minor risks involved in playing this mod (which should be insignificant though since no scripts are included or edited).





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